Chapter 182 He didn’t seem to give a straight answer

He didn’t expect that she and Chris had not yet had sex, and it seemed that their relationship was not as good as he thought.

There was a flash of light in his eyes, and when he spoke, his voice was a little softer than usual. “Well.”

Worried that she would see what he was thinking, he said coolly, “If there is nothing else, you can go home now.”

“OK, then I’ll go. Don’t just focus on work, take care of your health.” She was right. Ryan was more conservative about sex, and he seemed satisfied with her answer.

Jessica waved her hand to him with a smile, then went out of the office happily and closed the door thoughtfully.

The moment the door closed, she suddenly realized.

She asked Ryan whether the explosion accident had anything to do with him, but he didn’t seem to give a straight answer…

Anyway, he meant that he hadn’t done it. And though he was usually unpleasant to her, he had never lied, and she believed him!

When Jessica thought it over, she was greatly relieved. She was on her phone while waiting for the elevator.


Jessica looked up when she heard a gorgeous and tempting voice and saw Jeffrey’s face in the elevator. “Jeffrey, why are you here?”

“Of course it’s because our sweet and lovable sweetheart is here.” He smiled, walked out of the elevator, and pinched her cheek favorably.

He had a shrewd tongue and he was good at sweet talk, so Jessica didn’t believe him at all. She patted his hand away, muttering, “Don’t do it, it makes my face fat.”

“It doesn’t matter, our sweetheart is still a fairy even if she gets fat.”

“…” Jessica rolled her eyes upwards. “What on earth are you doing here?”

He told the truth, but she didn’t believe him. Jeffrey chuckled and held up the briefcase in his hand. “Get Ryan something.”

“OK, I’ll leave now. Bye.”

Jessica waved her hand very perfunctorily and started to go into the elevator. But after she took a step, Jeffrey grabbed her neck and dragged her back to his arms.

“…Jeffrey, how much perfume did you put on?” Jessica was forced to lie in his arms, holding her breath hard. “Stop! Are you trying to murder me?”

Was he disgusted by her?

The smile on Jeffrey’s face froze for a moment, and then there was a hint of helplessness. He patted her grumpily on the head.

“Your Jeffrey brother is casual and elegant bearing, handsome and natural, rich and brilliant. So many women have spent their fortunes just to see me. There are numerous women envy that you can lie in my arms.”

“…” Shameless!

Jeffrey scraped her nose with his finger and said temptingly, “Wait for me. I’ll give the papers to Ryan, and then send our sweetheart back to the set.”

Jessica was pleased to accept his offer of a ride.

“Great!” Said Jessica briskly.

“Wicked girl.” With a smile, Jeffrey tapped his finger on her forehead and then entered the President’s office. Before closing the door, he looked at the corner of her clothes outside the door and his lips curved.

Sweetheart liked to wait at the door. It was a habit she probably didn’t even know.

“What are you doing here?” Ryan dropped his pen and leaned back in his seat to look at him.

Jeffrey smiled, his eyes glinting. “Well, this.”

He took two contracts with the Howard group out of his briefcase and put them on the table.

The title of the contract stood out so well that Ryan saw it clearly just at a glance. He raised his eyebrows slightly and straightened up. “Why do you come in person for such a trifle?”

“My new babe’s company is nearby, so I stopped by to drop it off.”

His eyes glistened and he took out a cigarette. Ryan’s cold eyes fell on him before he could light it. He smiled and threw the cigarette into the trash can.

Ryan withdrew his eyes after that.

“By the way, how’s going on with sweetheart?” Jeffrey walked a few steps to the sofa and asked lazily, “How come all the gossip media say sweetheart is in a relationship with that Chris?”

Ryan frowned imperceptibly and his handsome face fell. “You know all about it. Why do you ask?”

“I can say nothing more.” He took a glance at the door casually and sighed, “You haven’t expressed your love to sweetheart since that confession a year and a half ago?”

Ryan’s eyes became sullen gradually when he heard that.

She was scared and went abroad because of his last confession. Then she somehow forgot about it and came back. How did he dare to say such a thing again?

Even when he uncontrollably kissed her some time ago, his excuse for it was that drugs made him hallucinate because he was afraid to irritate her.

Jessica was on her phone in front of the president’s office.

Considering privacy, the office was well insulated. No one knew if it was because Jeffrey wasn’t on guard against her or some other reason, the door wasn’t closed tight, so their conversation drifted out along the crack.

Hearing what Jeffrey said, Jessica was stunned. She loosened her hand and her phone almost fell to the ground.

Con-confession? What did Jeffrey just say? Her brother had confessed to her?

Crazy! How could her brother confess to her?

That was her brother!

Jessica held the phone with trembling hands, whose head was buzzing, hoping she had misheard it. But the next moment she heard Jeffrey talking to her brother about the explosion accident.

Basically, her brother had rigged the explosive device so he could save her and make her have good vibes about him…

What the hell? Was this a joke?

Jessica swallowed hard, feeling her brain was about to explode, and her mind was in a turmoil.

She did not hear what the two of them said next, and stood in the doorway like a wooden statue, unable to digest what she had just heard.

Until footsteps in the office approached the door, Jessica realized someone was coming out and quickly moved a few steps away from the door with a pale face.

Though she didn’t even know why she did that.

Jeffrey opened the door and walked out. After closing the door, he smiled at her. “Tired of waiting? Why do you look so pale?”

“No, no, the comments of some brainless netizens made me angry.”

“They are fence sitters. Don’t mind them.”


The two of them got on the elevator. Jessica bowed her head and kept silent throughout, uncharacteristically.

Jeffrey looked down at her. The sympathy in his eyes was fleeting and soon returned to his usual look. He flipped her on the head and laughed. “Still angry about what those people said online? Shall I find them and take your frustrations out on them?”

The elevator arrived. They got out of the elevator side by side and walked out together.

“No, just leave me alone!” She was a little upset. She shouldn’t have wait for him. If she hadn’t waited for him, she wouldn’t have heard that, and wouldn’t have felt so bad now.

She did not ask what had happened a year before, but Jeffrey was not worried. He merely curled his lips, and a faint indifference showed between his delicate brows and eyes.

She shouldn’t have been involved in his act of revenge. He could only keep her out of it as much as he could. He was sorry for doing that to her, but he would make it up to her in future.

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