Chapter 181 Ask Ryan about it

Jessica’s mind was in a turmoil, so she kept making mistakes all afternoon.

“Cut,cut,cut!” The director couldn’t stand it any more, and pointed at her angrily with the rolled up script. “Jessica, what’s the matter with you? Are you out of your mind? Or a soul that can’t act took control of your body? How many times did you get that line wrong? Are you stupid?”

How much time had been delayed since the shooting of “Coloured Glaze”?

Even though Mr. Howard, the biggest investor, didn’t care about the cost, he couldn’t stand the shooting progress!

“I’m sorry. Something has happened to me. I’m not in a good state.” Jessica had tried hard not to think about those messy things, but the idea that her brother may want to kill her was on her mind and she just couldn’t get it out of her mind.

Mr. Burwell was angry, but there was nothing he could do. He arranged to shoot the scenes of the leading actor and actress and the supporting actor first, and let the deputy director supervise them. Then he called Jessica aside.

“Say it, what’s the matter? Even if your family is the biggest investor, you can’t mess around like that, can you? The shooting had already been delayed for such a long time because of you.” Mr. Burwell stood with arms akimbo, who was angry with her.

The director was so angry that if she told a lie, it would seem too perfunctory and the director would be even angrier. But in this case, telling the truth wouldn’t do either.

With her head down, Jessica said in a low voice. “I almost died in the last explosion scene of ‘Spy’. You know that, right? The man has been tracked down.”

At the time, her brother said it was Carol who had done it, but it was not widely publicized and almost no one knew about it.

The director was surprised and his anger subsided a little. It was not difficult to guess the reason for Jessica’s absent-mindedness. He was curious about who was behind the explosion accident, but he also understood that the rich and powerful family was complicated and knowing too much was not good for him.

He gave a loud snort. “How long do you need to deal with this before you can act properly?”

“Half a day!” Jessica was happy to hear that. She hugged the director’s arm ingratiatingly and said, “I promise, when it’s sorted out, I’ll concentrate on shooting!”

“Behave yourself. I don’t want people to say I’m having an affair with you!” The director brushed her off without pity.

Jessica was not angry, smiling, “Don’t worry. Those who are said to have affairs with me are handsome men. Your appearance is not up to standard!”

Before the director swore, she grimaced and ran away wisely.

After Jessica got her bag from Clara, she changed into her own clothes and took a taxi to the Howard group’s headquarters. Better to ask her brother directly than to make such wild guesses.

After the tempest before, all the people of the Howard group knew who she was. Soon after seeing her, Ryan was informed and she was taken to the president’s office.

When Jessica went in, she saw Ryan sitting in a chair, looking intently at his official duties. His eyes were drooping, his eyelashes were long, and his profile was handsome.

His face was familiar to her, but she was still distracted at the moment.

No wonder people said that the men at work were the most charming. Few women could resist such a man!

Jessica sighed inwardly.

“What’s up?” Ryan closed the file and threw it aside. He crossed his arms, rested his elbows on the table and stared at her.

He had guessed why she had come, but he was not going to bring it up.

she had already thought of the wording on the way, but when she met his eyes now, she had a guilty conscience.

Ryan had helped her so much, but she wanted to ask him if he had tried to kill her. Was this too much?

But he treated Carol in a very suspicious manner at that time. And Carol was thrown out of the crew so quickly. It must have something to do with Ryan. She did not believe that he had nothing to do with the accident.

“Speak.” Ryan frowned.

Jessica’s heart missed a beat as he spoke. She gritted her teeth and said, “It… It’s the explosion accident. I… I have something to ask you.”

It was about that as expected. Ryan’s face remained the same, but his dark eyes stared at her.

He didn’t look like he had a guilty conscience at all. Jessica was less suspicious of him. Was it really her suspicion that was wrong?

But now that she had mentioned that, if she didn’t ask him, she couldn’t get the question out of her mind.

Jessica bowed her head and asked weakly, “Ryan, did you arrange that accident?”

Ryan gave a sneer, which made her get goose bumps all over her body and made her head lower and lower.

“You think I want to kill you?” Ryan stood up, walked up to her and raised her chin.

If others were more positive, she would doubt her own judgment. Her character hadn’t changed a bit over the years.

“… No.”

“Then why did you ask me such a stupid question?” Ryan looked down at her, and he swallowed when his eyes shifting from her thick curling lashes to her red lips.

Jessica didn’t notice his unconspicuous gaze. She blushed gradually and was ashamed to look up.

“If I wanted to kill you, would I hold you to avoid it? Would I block it when someone hit you? Would I stand in front of you when someone stabbed you? Huh?” Ryan’s cool voice was a little mesmerizing.

Jessica felt more guilty with every word he said. He had almost died last time because of shielding her from being stabbed, but she still suspected him maliciously. It was so impersonal!

“I’m sorry, Ryan. I’m mistaken about it. I’m sorry.”

For fear that he would be angry with her, she hurriedly said, “Ryan, it is all my fault. I will never lie to you again. And I won’t take anything from anyone again. Will you forgive me this time?”

She looked up at Ryan piteously, like a fawning puppy. His heart softened, and he raised his hand and wanted to squeeze her face. But as soon as he raised it, he put it down.

He smiled sarcastically, “What about Chris?”

“Of course he’s somebody else! I won’t accept anything more than a hundred dollars from him!” Jessica was anxious to show her loyalty and she had forgotten what Chris had analysed with her.

Her immediate reply made his lips curl slightly. The gloom because of seeing her enter Chris’s room the night before had subsided a little.

He returned to his seat and said, as if carelessly, “People are open-minded now, but it’s better not to have children before marriage.”

As long as there was no child as a bond, Jessica and Chris’s relationship may not be able to last long.

Jessica had no idea what he was thinking. She felt very guilty now because she had misunderstood him. And she was afraid he would be angry, so she was anxious to win favour with him.

So she replied without thinking, “Don’t worry. I’m in a platonic relationship with Little Bully. We haven’t slept together, so we won’t have baby!”

According to what Ryan said, he ought to disapprove of premarital sex, so if she said truthfully, he would be happy.

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