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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 185 Is Love Coming To Her

“Are you a human or a ghost? Running out in the middle of the night to scare people.” She was never a coward, but she was really scared by him just now.

“You can touch my face. If it’s hot, then it’s a person. If it’s cold, it’s a ghost.”

Janice gave him a disdainful look, “Whether who you are, please stay away from me.”

Dan Trump followed her all the way. She did not want to say to him. And he patiently followed her along the way.

Janice always knew that he was behind her and turned back, “Can’t you just stop following me?”

He had to make sure that she was safe. He shook his head firmly, “No.”

“Are you insane? If you follow me again, I will call for help and the passers-by will watch you.” This was a threat, but she didn’t want him to follow her.

She remembered the woman who answered the phone in the morning.

Dan Trump shrugged, meaning that if she really wanted to shout, she could shout.

She could not do anything to him.

She might just walked to him, and she took the initiative to hug Dan, who was standing in front of her.

Her sudden hug made Dan Trump unprepared. Her arms held around his shoulders, and her low-pitched voice mixed with her anger, “Dan Trump, what do you want? Do you think you can move me by sending me flowers every day, and then I will sleep with you? ”

He raised his hand to remove her arms around his neck, slightly twisted his brows, looked at her, and treated her very seriously and sincerely, “I admit that I want to be with you. But if I can only get one, your heart or sleeping with you, I prefer the former.”

If she didn’t call him in the morning, would she be moved by him? But now, in her eyes, he was a hypocrite.

Janice smiled coldly, sarcastically, “You just want to sleep with me.”

Dan Trump raised his eyebrows and told the truth, “I don’t deny that.”

Janice smiled coldly. Now that she knew who he was, and looks at him indifferently, “Okay. At 7 o’clock tomorrow night, Room 1212 of Imperial Hotel.”

Janice turned around and left. She felt hurt. She thought her heart had died a long time ago, and there would be no pain anymore. But tonight, what the hell was she suffering?

A powerful hand clasped her wrist. Was he angry? It turned out that he would be angry.

But what was he mad at? Did she agree to give him that he wanted?

His low voice came out with inexplicable anger, “You are not allowed to say that thing again.”

Janice’s heart froze. His seriousness, his anger… his acting skills were really good. It took him a lot of effort to get a girl. She was really moved by him.

“Dan, why did you go so far alone? I have been looking for you for a long time.” Janice was familiar with the voice, which was from the woman who answered the phone in the morning.

She wondered why she could meet him here. It turned out that he was accompanying someone.

Janice didn’t have time and mood to talk nonsense with him, looked at him coldly, “That’s what I am.” After speaking, she left without hesitation.

Dan Trump wanted to chase her. It was so late that she was very unsafe.

The secretary came to stop him, “President, Zedd and your friend are still waiting for you. Sarah had already drunk too much.”

Dan Trump’s gaze followed Janice all the time, and he kept looking at her until she got in the car.

His said to the secretary, “Don’t call me like that in front of her.” He seemed to be calm on the surface, but actually, he was not happy with his secretary.

The secretary pretended to be innocent, “I’m sorry. I just thought that woman was the one who want to accost you.”

In fact, she did it on purpose. She always secretly vowed in her heart she must get this man. So she forbade any woman to approach he.

Playing tricks under the eyelids of Dan Trump, she was still not qualified, “Since you are so stupid. I think you can submit a resignation letter.”

“President, I’m sorry, I…” The young secretary was in a terrible mood. What would she do if she was fired?

“And you deleted my call in the morning. I can ignore it, but it didn’t mean I don’t know it.” He said indifferently and imposingly, expressionless.

He had wanted to explain to Janice just now, but she seemed really angry. He didn’t find a chance because he didn’t know why she was angry.

Why come to the bar alone? Her grief was all because of that Jim? He allowed her to lose her temper at him, but he did not allow her to behave like that.

What kind of person she was. He knew well all those gossips.

The next morning, Janice did not receive the roses on time, as she did a few days ago. She thought that he should felt that there was no need to waste any time or energy on her. Anyway, she can belong to him tonight.

At seven o’clock in the evening, Janice arrived on time at the couple’s suite 1212 in Hotel on time. She had only heard of this room before, and it was not really… romantic and warm.

Sitting on the round large bed in the bedroom, the red rose petals on it were fragrant and charming, and the glass bathroom in front of her made her felt awkward sitting here alone.

She glanced at the time. This person’s concept of time was really bad. He was absolutely punctual before.

At ten o’clock, he still didn’t show up. Janice couldn’t help but smiled. It seemed that she still overestimated herself. How could he be interested in a woman with a bad reputation like her?

Put on the coat thrown on the sofa, she picked up her handbag, and left the room.

Since he didn’t come, she didn’t have to wait for him.

Holding the room card, she opened the door, and when she was about to close the door, a tall man had leaned beside the door.

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