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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 184 You’re Excellent

Dan Trump said, “I must be insane.”

Janice agreed with his mother, “I agree.”

Janice was uncomfortable with his smile, “What are you laughing at? Am I not right?”

Dan Trump nodded, “Yes, you are.”

Dan Trump signed the contract without hesitation, and Janice couldn’t tell what she was thinking in her head. She lowered her head and signed the name seriously. The two exchanged the contract, and signed it.

He reached out his hand voluntarily, and everything came in accordance with the rules, “Happy cooperation.”

Janice glanced at him. If she didn’t shake hands, she would look stingy. She always felt that his smile was mixed with something meaningful.

She finally reached out, “Happy cooperation.”

Her little hand had just put in his palm, and she was still thinking about how to withdraw it faster, but his speed was much faster than her. The big hand clasped her little hand tightly, and he smiled at her.

Janice withdrew her hand quickly. She didn’t even dare to look at him. She was uncomfortable.

Dan Trump was satisfied with her response, and asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Janice twisted her eyebrows slightly and glanced down at the watch on her wrist. It was only ten o’clock in the morning. Every time she saw him, he was so anxious to eat.

“What time is it? I’m not hungry.”

It meant she refused to eat with him. Dan Trump was very patient, “You still can eat with me. In order to catch up with you and sign the contract, I worked 24 hours continuously. I only slept for an hour and drank two cups of coffee on the plane.”

Was he complaining? Or showing her how busy he was?

“You can arrange someone else in your company to sign this contract with me.” Janice retorted him.

Dan Trump smiled and said very seriously, “But I really want to see you.”

Janice was speechless for a moment, “Can you stop talking about this again. Don’t waste time on me. You should be busy. If you have the time to waste with me, why not take a good rest.”

Dan Trump frowned slightly, “Can it be the same?”

Janice told him what she though in her heart, “I think it’s more worthwhile to sleep instead of wasting time on me.”

Dan Trump twitched his eyebrows. He felt that she seemed to felt pressure with his love and she wanted to hide from him.

“Janice, can you give me why you reject me?” Was he not good enough? Or, since she can’t get the one she loves the most, she still wanted to protect herself from loving?

Janice smiled indifferently. In front of him, she didn’t need to conceal anything. She just told him, “You’re perfect, and I do not deserve your love.”

Her answer made Dan Trump speechless, “Is this a reason?”

“That’s how I felt when I was sitting with you. Even when I was sitting here with you, I was a little scared. Will someone who knew you just happen to see me? They must think a woman like Janice doesn’t deserve the love of Dan Trump.”

Dan Trump stared at her quietly. What was this woman thinking? Why care about what others think?

He thought about it, and said, “I used to read such a sentence in a book. ‘The first feeling of falling in love with a person is that he/she felts that he/she does not deserve the love of the other one.’ Can I understand that you also have the same feelings for me?”

Janice smiled silently, “President Dan. That’s wrong.”

Dan Trump shrugged, “But didn’t you just praise me very well.”

“Yes, you’re perfect. You’re the best. You’re super-good.” Janice perfunctorily said. She really didn’t want to stay with him.

Then she didn’t know why she will accompany with him sitting there to eat, and he also ordered food for her, but she didn’t eat.

He asked, “Don’t you eat?”

“I try to lose weight.” Janice said.

Dan Trump, “You are skinny.”

Janice said with a sigh, “Because I always felt hungry.”

Dan Trump said for the first time that she didn’t like to listen, “But I really don’t see how beautiful you are.”

“You…” She wanted to retort him. But she thought, never mind. It doesn’t matter.

“Angry?” Dan Trump asked her.

“No.” She was not so stingy.

Dan Trump just laughed and feeling that having her accompanying him to eat, it was worth the fatigue the previous days.

For seven days in a row, Janice receives a bouquet of flowers every morning when she entered the office, and the color of each day is different.

Janice felt that she was a little tired of Dan Trump. She called him.

He answered the phone quickly, and Janice went straight to the subject, “Dan, what do you want to do? How can I make you understand that you and I are impossible?”

The other party had not seen anyone dare to speak to their president in such a tone, although their president had always been very kind.

The secretary asked sweetly, “Excuse me, who is that speaking? Is there anything important? Dan is having a meeting, and I can tell him after the meeting.”

Janice’s eyebrows tightened. It turned out that a woman answered the phone. Men were bastards. She thought he was very compassionate and never fooled her. It turned out that he was playing with her.

Janice was angry, and said, “No, I have nothing to say to him.”

Cutting of the call, the mobile phone was thrown on the big red desk. She was very irritated. What he said was always better than what he did.

The secretary heard that the other party was so angry, she felt happy. She just called him Dan deliberately.

She secretly deleted Janice’s caller ID, put the president’s phone back, and pretended that nothing had happened and went out to work.

Janice’s mental state was very bad all day. How could that person not call her to explain it now?

Janice kicked the table. She must be abnormal that she waited for his explanation. It was none of her business on who he was with.

She wanted to find someone to have fun. The regular life is not suitable to her.

She would not find Alice and Molly, the two housewives. Now when they were out for dinner, they always chose a children’s restaurant. And the two always cared about the children. They didn’t even have time to talk to her.

It’s more suitable to find single ones. She called a few female friends. But some said they were going to date, and some said they were about to get engaged, so they had to lose weight for beautiful wedding dresses Some people said they wanted to go on a blind date.

It didn’t matter if no one accompanied her. She had fun herself…

Under the flickering neon lights, the handsome bartender ordered the guests. And Janice sitting in front of the bar watching every wonderful action of the bartender.

The bartender saw her and smiled at her, “It’s been a long time not to see you.”

Right, even the bartender knew that she hadn’t been here for a long time, and Janice smiled, “A Blue Devils.”

The handsome bartender nodded as he mixed the wine.

She didn’t know why. Today, she thought it was very noisy here. Someone who wanted to accost her, she just refused. Even the Blue Devil she loved most had lost its charm.

Soon, she paid to bill and left the bar. She really felt that the air was fresh outside. She was old now, and was preparing to cleanse herself and become a new person.

Janice walked alone in the neon lights of the street. She didn’t rush to drive home. She wanted to walk alone and thought about herself now.

“Why did you come out so soon?” Suddenly, a male voice asked her from behind. Janice turned her head, and the beautiful face was in sight.

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