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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 183 You Are the First One

Janice felt so angry that she can’t think of a way to defend herself.

In a stalemate, a sweet voice came, “Good noon, Mr. Jim.”


Janice turned her head tightly and looked in the direction of the sound. Sure enough, the person standing not far away was Jim.

When did he stand there? But did it matter?

If he had been standing there for a long time and didn’t come here, then it proved that he was really indifferent to who she was with. If he just stood there and now looked at her indifferently, then it’s just proof that he really didn’t care about her.

Janice couldn’t help laughing at herself, what was she expecting?

She naturally held Dan’s strong arms and smiled at him slightly, “Let’s go and have lunch together.”

Dan Trump certainly understood why she suddenly changed like this. Since she needed him now, what reason did he not cooperate with her?

However, he didn’t let her go directly, but lead her to Jim.

The smile on the corner of Dan Trump’s mouth was still there. He politely greeted Jim, “Mr. Jim, thank you for letting go of such a good woman. To meet her is my greatest happiness and satisfaction for the rest of my life.”

After speaking, he did not wait for Jim to speak, and lowered his eyes to Janice standing beside him with a gentle smile, “Let’s go.”

Janice didn’t even know how they left Jim, or maybe Jim didn’t look at her at all.

Sitting in Dan Trump’s car, Janice couldn’t help smiling. What was she doing?

Dan Trump saw through Janice’s thoughts and sat in the car without starting the car. He said calmly, “If he wanted to keep you, he will come out and chased after you. I will only stay with you for three minutes. If he still didn’t come out for you, I will take you away.”

Janice smiled bitterly, “I don’t need to waste these three minutes. I have done this many times in front of him. He is already numb, and he won’t chase out. Let’s go now.”

Dan Trump asked her, “Are you sure?”

“Let’s go.” Janice didn’t hesitate because she once even sat on the side of the road like a fool and waited for him all night.

This time, of course, there will be no exceptions.

Dan Trump started the car and drove away. Before turning left, he glanced at the rear-view mirror. There was a man who chased out. It was Jim.

Dan Trump turned his head to look at Janice. She closed her eyes tiredly and leaned on the back of the car seat.

Within three minutes, Jim ran out, but she was so tired that she didn’t want to wait any longer.

It wasn’t until Dan Trump stopped that Janice opened her eyes. She opened the door and got out of the car. Without saying a word, she walked in the opposite direction of the restaurant.

“Where are you going?” Dan Trump caught up with Janice and held her wrist.

Janice turned back and looked at the man in front of her expressionlessly, “I’m sorry, I really have no mood to eat.”

Dan Trump gazed at her deeply. How deep did she love Jim? It seemed deeper than he thought.

Maybe he didn’t want to see her unhappy, so he told her, “He just came out to chased you. If you wait, you will see him appear in front of you.”

Janice smiled very bitterly. Such Dan Trump made her not knowing what to do. She looked at him and asked him, “So what? Even if I wait, he chased after me. Will I be with him? Will he love me?”

She shook her head with her own question, her eyes were hazy, “He didn’t love me. He never loves me. He always felts that I should be his, even if he didn’t love me. I want him to love me.”

Dan Trump involuntarily reached his arms and patted her on the back, comforting her, “It’s not what you think. If a man didn’t love you, why would he want to keep you by his side. He loves you, but he didn’t express it in the right way.”

Dan Trump did make her felt confused. Was there something wrong with his way of comforting her?

She pushed him away, grinning bitterly, “You are really a real big warm man. If he loves me, he won’t want me, so he did not love after all.”

“Since you know he didn’t love you, why can’t you let him go?” Dan Trump asked her seriously.

Janice shook her head, “I don’t know. If I know the answer, I must try to forget him. Maybe just a say goes, Woman only loves her first man, and man, the last woman.”

Dan Trump smiled, “Then I want you to be my last woman.”

“Forget it, Dan Trump, because I think you are so great, I don’t want to harm you. If you really marry a woman with a bad reputation like me, your family will drive you out of the house.”

What Janice said was true. A man so good as him was worth finding the best woman.

Dan Trump disagreed with Janice’s words, “If I get kicked out of the house, you must keep me. If I have nothing, it is because of you.”

“Dan, are you stupid?”

“Maybe, I actually think that it is worthwhile.”

Janice smiled, “How many times have you coaxed girls?”

“You are the first.” Dan Trump said sincerely, and she was indeed the first girl he coaxed.

“Come on. You told me yesterday that you had a girlfriend.” Janice obviously did not believe his words.

Dan Trump explained, “She and I grew up together. It was already destined to be together. So I don’t need to coax her. We all know this.”

“Have you been dating with other girlfriends?” Janice suddenly asked curiously.

Dan Trump smiled, “What? You want to know me?”

Janice was speechless, she just asked casually.

“If you don’t want to tell, then don’t say. I gotta go.”

“You really don’t have lunch?” Dan Trump asked.

“I don’t want to eat with you. I won’t date you. Don’t want to waste my time on something that doesn’t work.”

This time Dan Trump did not force her to stay, but the person he loved, he could not easily give up.

Janice, a strong but gentle woman, seemed to be a princess who had been raised since she was a child. She really attracted much attention.

Watching her take the taxi away, he got into the car and left.

In the next few days, Dan Trump suddenly disappeared into Janice’s life, she could not see him, and no one around her mentioned him anymore. Janice herself felt strange, as if there was no such man at all.

Just when Janice slowly adapted to the absence of Dan Trump in her life, he suddenly appeared again. It was a strange person.

Sitting opposite her was the partner she was going to cooperated wit this time, and the representative of the other party was the CEO of Shinny International. Their company didn’t pay much attention to this cooperation, just sent her the department manager to sign the contract.

Janice also didn’t waste time and asked directly, “The company we work with should not have much to do with your famous Shinny International?”

Dan Trump was neither arrogant nor impatient. His smile seemed to be embedded in the corner of his mouth. It was always there.

Janice smiled helplessly. It is good to have a wealth of money. You can buy a company in just one word, “Should this cooperation continue?”

Dan Trump nodded earnestly, “Of course, I originally bought this company just to see you and have a long-term relationship with you.”

He was really straightforward. Janice smiled at a loss, and really didn’t know how to answer this for a while. She would never do that.

Dan Trump asked her, “Aren’t you asking me, why I am doing this?”

Janice looked at him. She did want to ask, but seeing him want her to know, she didn’t even ask, “Because you are idle and bored.”

Dan Trump smiled happily, but he was not bored at all. He was very busy. He just want to see her today, he did a 12-hour flight, and he was also working on the plane without sleep, after landing he came to see her directly.

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