Chapter 182 Are You Afraid To Fall in Love with Me

Ben lied, “That’s because mother will not open her eyes until dawn every night. Mother never wanted to cry in the middle of the night, so she doesn’t see the terrible strange people in the night.”

“Pippi won’t cry anymore at night.” Innocent Pippi was really scared.

“Well, that’s right, Dad believes you. You are a brave man.”

Alice took away his son, and blaming Ben why was not he afraid to scare the child, “Baby, don’t listen to father. There are no strange people.”

Pippi didn’t know whether to believe Dad or Mom. Anyway, when he went to sleep at night, he didn’t dare to cry because his mother was absent for a while.

Ben leaned on the sofa, with hands around his chest, expressing her pride in convincing his son.

The next day, Alice was holding Pippi at Molly’s house, and it was almost noon.

Alice said, “I’ll persuade Janice not to get married. Look at me and Ben, we have to wake up early in morning every day. I tell you. Sometimes I would go out without washing my face.”

Molly nodded, agreeing with Alice very much, “Me too. When Chuck is not at home, I basically stand to eat.”

The two married women sat together, chatting endlessly.

Janice came down from upstairs, “Hey, hey, the two of you shut up. Are you showing off that you have married and have kids? I tell you, do not talk about what kids should wear, or drink in the group chat anymore. I am jealous, extremely jealous!”

After finishing speaking, she poured herself a glass of water, sat on the sofa not like a lady.

Alice looked at Janice, and could not help shaking her head and sighed, “I really doubt why Dan Trump would love you?”

Janice didn’t like to listen to this. She justified her excellence, “Alice, what do you mean? What happens to me? Molly also said last night that it is because I am excellent that he loves me.”

Molly laughed. Last night, her original words were not the same, but were similar.

Alice flattered the young lady, “Yes, you are the star, the brightest star in the night sky. Then you should date with Dan Trump.”

Janice squinted at Alice, and now she understood that why Alice came.

Indeed, she also needed her suggestions, “Do you know Dan Trump?”

Alice nodded, “We have met a few times at work. He is very handsome, and easy to get along with.”

“So, why the guy would love me?”

Molly spoke quickly and said, “Well, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. He had his own reason for loving you.”

Alice also nodded, and the three looked at each other and smiled.

Janice said, “Are you still my sister-in-law?”

Molly nodded, “Sure.”

The three talked a lot. But Janice got up and sighed, “You still don’t understand me. I have to get some changed and go to work.”

After talking a lot. they still didn’t hit the point in her heart. Not because they didn’t understand her, but because they didn’t want to mention Jim in front of her.

Janice was wearing stylish business attire, and she was preparing to go out with a simple pony tail. Molly called her, “Have lunch and go to the company.”

Janice refused, “I’m not hungry.”

Alice asked Molly to look at the children. She went after Janice and asked her something.

“What do you think?” The two stood in front of the car and Alice asked Janice.

Janice looked completely indifferent, shrugging, “I don’t know.”

“We don’t want you to miss such a good man, but if you really don’t have feeling for him, you can’t force yourself. We all want you to be happy.”

Janice hugged Alice, “I know, I’ll think about it.”

When she came to the company, Janice met the person she didn’t want to see the most.

Just like Alice’s evaluation of this man, he is handsome, masculine, loves to smile, and gives people a feeling of being easy to get along with.

When she was absent-minded, Dan Trump had approached her, smiling so nicely, “Am I pretty?”

This time, Janice realized that she was so embarrassed at staring at him for a long time. In order not to lose face, she gave him an indifferent look, “What are you doing here?”

Dan Trump still smiled, “Of course I came to you. If you were one minute late, we might miss each other.”

“It’s nothing, just want to see my future wife, and by the way, if she had time, we can have lunch together.” he continued.

Janice looked at him and sneered. Who was his wife? She hadn’t agreed at all.

“Then I will not delay the precious time of President Dan. Go to your future wife and never see you again.”

After speaking, Janice was going to enter the elevator, but was stopped by Dan Trump who took a step forward. Jun smiled and forced her to the wall, “What are you afraid of?”

Janice felt awkward and wanted to push him away, “I have nothing to fear.”

“I thought you are afraid of falling in love with me.”

Janice smiled dryly, “How confident you are? Or, have you always been so arrogant?”

Dan Trump smiled.

“You tell me, what do you want to do?” Janice turned her head and didn’t want to look at him. He smiled, and she always looked really uncomfortable, always feeling strange.

“Just for lunch together.”

Janice refused, “I ate lunch with you yesterday. And I am comfortable now. So I won’t go with you.”

Dan Trump laughed and stopped talking.

Janice was uncomfortable with his smile, “What the hell are you laughing at?” She didn’t do anything, and she really didn’t understand why he kept laughing all the time?

“Laughing at how cute you are. How can such a good girl meet Jim, that bastard?”

Janice glanced at him, “Are you deliberately trying to block me? What the hell did I do so you are pestering me all the time?”

When it came to Jim, she will become irritable. Dan Trump thought that Jim was the gut she didn’t let go.

Dan Trump bowed and looked at her, “What are you angry at?”

“Let go of me quickly, I have no time to waste with you.” Janice said impatiently.

In order not to hang around with him here, she decided to compromise and turned her head away without looking at him, screaming, “Dan Trump, please let me go.”

Dan Trump pouted with a smile. Before he let go of her, he had to do one more thing. His big hand suddenly pinched her delicate chin, and kissed her hard.”

Janice stared at him with a grimace. How dare him!

“Dan you… you…”

Dan Trump smiled and interrupted her stuttering words, “Softer than I thought.”

Janice was furious!

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