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Chapter 181 Yes, My Queen

Molly talked with Janice in patience. Janice felt that Molly was different now, and she became special… Anyway, it was different, because Molly really cared about the family.

“Let me think about it, but one thing I need to emphasize is that Dan Trump and I haven’t fallen in love with each other.”

Molly told Alice on the phone about Janice and Dan Trump. Alice and Dan Trump had seen on several occasions. The man in her memory was particularly gentlemanly.

He was much better than Jim. If Jim was not a friend they grew up with, he would have been kicked out, and it was not because Jim was not good, but because his attitude towards love was not serious.

Alice said on the phone, “I’ll go to you tomorrow, and I’ll talk with her.”

When Benjamin entered the door, he heard his wife was in furious. What had happened that needed her to deal with in person?

“What’s the matter?” He came over with his shirt unbuttoned, and sitting at the table. Pippi saw his father come back, ran happily to ask for hug, “Daddy…”

“Son, who angered your mother?”

Pippi shook his head and didn’t know.

Alice looked at Benjamin, and thought of Jim. She can’t tell him what she was going to do now, in case he will tell Jim.

If Jim didn’t know anything about Dan Trump, it proved that even Chuck was unwilling to let Jim know. As Janice’s brother, Chuck also did not want Janice to be with Jim.

She pretended nothing had happened and shook her head, “Nothing happens. You’re hungry, I’ll cook for you.”

After speaking, she got up and went to the kitchen.

Benjamin was not in a hurry. He was concentrating on painting with his son. The posture of the little guy holding the paintbrush was wrong, but Pippi drew beautifully.

The one with long hair in the skirt should be his mother, and the little one must be Pippi, so who is this ugly guy next to him? Could it be him?

Benjamin patiently asked his son, “Pippi, is that dad?”

Sure enough, Pippi pointed at the ugly guy next to him, “This is Dad. Mom said, Dad is a big hero.”

This explanation was still very heartwarming. But it was too ugly.

The little guy is very smart. He didn’t need to be fed by an adult. He sat on a child’s seat and ate with a small spoon. Although it was full of mouth, and sometimes he grabbed the food with his little hand. But he was happy of eating alone.

Benjamin kicked Alice with his feet under the table, “Hey, was that call from Janice or Molly?”

Alice glanced at him, and asked him another question, “You also know Dan Trump, the CEO of Shinny International.”

Benjamin thought carefully, not thinking about that person, but thinking, why Alice suddenly asked that person, “So?”

“Dan is very good. He is considered a successful person among men and is the dream of many women, but I heard that he is still single.”

Benjamin nodded. Some things about that person were heard and his family was flourishing. His personal reputation was also good.

“So what?” He wanted to know what she meant.

Judging by his appearance, Alice thought that Ben might also think Dan Trump was a perfect man. Alice told the truth, “Dan is fond of Janice and wanted to marry her.”

“Oh…” Benjamin was almost choked by the food he hadn’t had time to swallow.

Although Janice was a good girl, in the eyes of their friends, she was really very good. But rumors said that Janice was troublesome.

Especially recently, she often wore sexy clothes to go to the places that she shouldn’t go.

Alice gave Benjamin a harsh look, but she took a tissue and handed it to him, “What is your reaction?”

Benjamin stopped coughing, took the water and drank, “Are you sure Janice wasn’t entangled with Dan Trump? Otherwise I really can’t out why Dan would want to marry Janice.”

Alice kicked him under the table angrily. Benjamin twisted his eyebrows, but he didn’t scream although his leg hurt.

“What do you mean by that? We all know how good Janice is. Those rumors are just rumors. Dan Trump is so clever. Of course, he won’t believe such messy rumors.”

Benjamin laughed, “The point is not whether he believes in Janice, but if he really marries her, someone else will talk about them in the back.”

“I don’t agree with you. You are in control of your own happiness. Why care about what others say. By the way, you treated me so cold when I was selling wine in the bar. Is it because I make you felt embarrassed?”

Benjamin justified himself, “You knew why I was mad at you that time. And I apologize to you later. If you really make me embarrassed, will I be with you now?”

“Well… I think…”

“Mum, don’t quarrel, don’t get angry…”

They scared the little guy.

Alice quickly coaxed Pippi, “Mom and Dad didn’t quarrel. We are talking about things. Don’t cry, baby.”

Sure enough, when Alice helped Pippi wash, Benjamin went to the balcony and secretly called Jim.

He thought Alice hadn’t found it, but in fact Alice had seen through his thoughts.

In fact, Benjamin did not call Jim, but instead called Chuck. They could see that Jim could not let go of Janice, but some things were hard to let go.

“I can’t keep watching Janice feeling sad all the way. My parents worry about her, and do I. As an elder brother, I only want my sister to be happy. As for who is the one who gives her happiness, it really doesn’t t matter?”

“Does Jim know this?”


And Jim still didn’t stop it, which proved that he had decided to let go.

Pippi didn’t like to take a nap in the daytime recently. He went to bed early at night. Alice is brushing her teeth in the bathroom. Benjamin walked in silently.

He hugged her from behind, holding her around her waist, letting her back rest in his arms, his chin resting on the top of her hair, looking at themselves in the mirror, the two couldn’t help looking at each other and laughed.

There was toothpaste in her mouth, and the smile in his eyes was full of happiness, “Thank you for not giving me up.”

Alice bent and rinsed her mouth, turned around in his arms, and faced him. She knew why he said this all of a sudden. She raising her toes and kissed on his beautiful lips, “Then you have to coddle me in the future.”

Benjamin’s lowered eyes meant a deep pouting smile, hands on her armpit, a slight force, holding Alice on the glazed platform, hands fixed on her side, bowing and her sight looking up.

“How to coddle you?”

Alice proudly said, “You have to love me and don’t leave me for the rest of my life.”

Benjamin smiled sincerely and affectionately, stooped, and made a small gesture between her sexy collarbone, “Yes, my queen.”

“Ben, stop…”


Afterwards, Benjamin took a bath while singing a song. Alice rolled her eyes at the guy inside. And she suddenly realized why Pippi was so deep in sleep today?

Later, she discovered the secret by accident that Benjamin was instilling something messy in her son’s mind.

Although Pippi was small, he was dubious, “Dad, is that true?”

Benjamin nodded sincerely, “Of course, Dad never lied to you.”

The little guy was still a little skeptical, “But my mother said that there are no strange people in this world who will eat baby boy. Then I have to go to sleep and not wake up until dawn.”

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