Chapter 98 The Bloodlust Puppet

Glenn got back to Norris’ laboratory seven days later.

“The Bloodlust Puppet?” Glenn listened attentively to Norris who was introducing the new sorcery.

The Puppet reminded Glenn of the students back on the ship who could pull strings to control a puppet and kill.

In retrospect, Glenn believed that the reason that student got killed without an apparent reason was probably that some student in the group desired the magical tool which could conjure up the puppet. The incident caused a stir back then since the puppet girl was known for her ruthless character.

Norris laughed. “That’s right. The Bloodlust Puppet. Here is some of the materials needed to make the Puppet. What’s more, there is the short-distance Teleporter coordinates, and a few radioactive stones. Use your special blood to manufacture a Puppet and it’ll become immortal. At least against students. The production involves Occult, energy conservatism, and “Soulogy”, which I’m sure is beyond the comprehension of any ordinary student. But you can. Once you encounter a stronger enemy during the Tryout, escape by using the Teleporter coordinates, and send the Puppet to chase the attacker, and make sure the Puppet carries the radioactive stones…”

Glenn took over the materials. “No wonder Norris was so sure about my prospects of becoming a Demon-Hunting Sorcerer. The Puppet and the stones wouldn’t even be eclipsed by Sam’s poison beast in terms of attack power. Besides, I must be strong back then in his opinion.”

However, the objects had to be stored sound and safe, and if they were lost, Glenn would then be held accountable. Besides, it would also reduce the power of this way of attack.

Glenn had tasted the sweetness of studying under a master. Wasn’t it a truth that the seven Desperators crushed all of the students who dared to stand in their way, and wasn’t it largely due to the fact that they had masters? And privately the schools had asked the seven of them to kill less than 100 students to maintain the balance between the students…

He seemed to have become a Desperator of the Tryout or even a Desperator of the Desperators.

The Bloodlust Puppet sorcery wouldn’t be instructed by Norris himself. He was just offering Glenn the scroll because he didn’t cultivate the sorcery. The puppet was immortal against students but they couldn’t pose a threat to sorcerers.

The scroll was titled Occultism and Energy Conservation–The Bloodlust Puppet. This sorcery would be studied on a temporary basis to guarantee Glenn not be killed tragically.

Occult was not a systematic knowledge itself which made the achievement of the practitioners uncertain. Thus a student as rational as Glenn wouldn’t fall deeply into its study.

Glenn performed the bow courtesy, left the laboratory and started collecting the crucial materials.

The first raw material was three litres of the practitioner’s special blood. Glenn’s blood contained toxins so it met this pre-requirement.

The second was a high-rise dais to perform the cursing. The higher grade the dais was, the more times the puppet could be reborn. The dais seemed to be a way of gleaning and transferring a certain kind of energy. Glenn believed that if Norris agreed to take him to the highest floor of the Black Tower, he could use the classiest dais of the school.

The rest would be some weird stuff he had to get himself.

“Three litres of the practitioner’s blood…then it must be drained for multiple times. I may need to make some medicine for blood regeneration and metabolism acceleration.” Glenn signed. “And Varo must have the weird stuff on sale.”

Varo’s display cabinets had at least doubled in numbers and half of them were selling Glenn’s invention–the Love Vial. Many of the students would save up for some time and buy one as a luxury, and he had caught the smell when students, male and female, passed by.

Beside Varo, there were two more people working behind the cashier desk. Two helping hands he recruited from the school’s newly enrolled students.

“Wow, it’s Glenn.” Varo got off the chair swiftly upon seeing Glenn, the flab in his belly wobbling. The excessive granulation tissue on his face made his small eyes smaller. His size reminded Glenn of Bethany whose figure was a ball. But that cruel, serious woman didn’t have the excess fat.

Glenn smiled back. He had obtained a huge amount of magical stones from this partner and he also knew that Varo was well-connected in the Holy Tower.

Despite the fact that Varo was helping Glenn by starting a partnership, the possibility that the people behind Varo had wanted Glenn dead in the First-years Trial couldn’t be ruled out. This way, they could have raked in the whole profits from the sale of Love Vials. What was worse, the Pact of Seven Rings was signed by Glenn and an organization named Hanadaikon. Glenn would die several hundred years later while the other signer might far outlive Glenn.

However, so many years had passed and now Glenn had Norris as his mentor, he wouldn’t care about the little “tricks” at all.

After the brief greeting, Glenn uttered the whole idea of the puppet. “The cost can be deducted from my share of proceedings this month.”

Varo nodded. “That’s wonderful.”

“Yuri,” Varo turned his head back. “Take this customer to the warehouse. Give whatever he wants.”

Yuri was arranging the objects in the closet. She seemed to be afraid of Varo and upon the order, she replied yes in a low voice before she turned her yellow eyes at Glenn.

Yuri had noticed the arrival of this special customer. She had not seen the greedy, evil Varo this ingratiating even when the buyer was a sorcerer. But it was not the case for Glenn.

Since Glenn’s name was not on the Top Ten and not the Promising Students until very recently, she then became sure that Glenn was rich.

Soon Yuri had led Glenn to the warehouse. It was quiet and dim. An assortment of objects lay everywhere.

“One live Crow Chicken, No, make it two. 200 tongues of crows, 50 grams of corpse marrow, one kilo of rotten earth, 300 grams of shark’s bile, two White Fruits.

Minutes later, Yuri had put all of the asked materials before Glenn, and was double-checking to make sure there was nothing wrong.

Yuri gasped. The exertion of her efforts had made her breath heavier. She fanned herself using her hand, trying to make herself comfortable. Her brown yellow hair was brushed off with it. Sweat soaked her blouse around the collar and the blouse sank downwards along with her skin, revealing her pure white cleavage.

Yuri’s sultry eyes didn’t fail in catching Glenn’s attention. She was pretty and something delicate seemed to be sparking between them.

Yuri bit her wet lips lightly and said in a voice as if it was coming from her throat. “100 magical stones, and I’ll be yours.” She nudged her body towards Glenn as she continued talking, and a light floral fragrance diffused in the air. It was the Love Vial.

Glenn shook his head as if he was bored by this girl.

Glenn’s End Sound dagger came at Yuri’s chest, and then he threatened. “Haven’t you the newcomers tasted the bitterness of the cursing sorceries? How dare you come so near to me so readily? Not afraid your information has been taken?”

Yuri’s face became pale. She could tell from the calm voice that she had messed with someone tough.

Glenn retracted his dagger and said. “I’ve been meaning to say that your poor handle of water elements made you look stupid. Besides, your investment, the Love Vial, will be futile on me. Behave yourself and send the materials to this address.”

Yuri nodded hurriedly without uttering another word. She gathered all of Glenn’s stuff and left the warehouse.

Glenn would not be distracted by such trivialities. Many of Glenn’s schoolmates did such flirty things at their time even though they didn’t use the perfume, and the humble Glenn was not an object of their interest.


Glenn had collected two liters of his blood from his daily extractions and put them in the freezer. He would have the three minimum liters for making the puppet in a month.

But today he had another special task. He arrived at the cage which locked up the two Crow Chickens. The food Glenn fed them was: Blood Crow tongue mixed with corpse marrow; shark bile blended with rotten earth and urine from Brown pigs.

For the past two months the two chicks had been feeding on 1-2 Blood Crows mixed with corpse marrow and now they had evolved to the Jinx Crow Chicken described in the Occultism and Energy Conservation–The Bloodlust Puppet

He went on to coat the two Jinx Crow Chicken with rotten earth which were mixed with various weird materials.

As the packaging work was done, he threw the fluttering, crowing chicks into a huge ware. And a meat hammer fell down on them.

Deplorable chuckles filled the air while Glenn kept lifting and letting the hammer falling down for several times until the chicks were minced.

The minced meat was what were described as the Jinx Flesh.

Glenn spent an hour picking up the essence of the meat and went on to prepare for other materials which had to be collected by strictly following the steps.

Half a month later, Glenn arrived at a dais on the 95th floor of the Black Isotta. He threw a glance at Norris while sitting on the center of the dais. “It’s done.”

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