Chapter 280 Let’s do something

James Grayson didn’t understand what Bella meant.

Whether she didn’t want to answer his questions directly or she was just casually showing this to him.

He frowned slightly and kissed her on the lips.

Bella retreated. “I didn’t mean that.”

“Then what do you mean?” James Grayson asked.

“Just for general knowledge, do you know why college students are more likely to act that others presence doesn’t affect them and they easy cuddle and be intimate in public places?” Bella asked.

She was deliberately avoiding him. James Grayson’s eyes were cold. “Say.”

He uttered a simple word, full of acrimony, he seemed unhappy.

Bella ignored it and shared her professional point of view, she said, “first of all, it’s the effect of the environment. This kind of cuddling and kissing isn’t very strange in universities. No one thinks it is embarrassing or special.

Second, this age is the most impulsive age. Hormones are easy to get up and controlled by some primitive impulses.

Third, they haven’t come to the real world. They have less experience and haven’t faced setbacks, so they think less, they don’t care about other people’s eyes and do what they want to.”

“Do you think it has anything to do with me?” James Grayson was sulking and looked at her with his burning eyes.

Bella looked back at him, she didn’t hide.

James Grayson actually knew what she meant. “Bella, I think sometimes you like to say half of what you actually want to say, and then let the other guess the remaining part.”

Bella smiled. “You guessed it, right? I think euphemism may not hurt you so much.”

James Grayson pressed the back of her head and kissed her lips.

Bella didn’t push him away.

His red tongue entered her mouth, strongly, fiercely, no less than that of the students, devouring all her breath and pouring his own breath into her body.

When the waitress came to serve food, James Grayson let her go.

Bella’s face was red.

James Grayson smiled satisfactorily, “First of all, I agree that the atmosphere is really good. Secondly, the impulse is not about age, but about the person opposite to you. Third, I made the decision to kiss you after my careful deliberation.”

Bella stopped looking and her heartbeat was too fast. For a moment, it was really like a first love. She got rid of all distractions. She was still shy when she thought of the kiss in public.

The waitress wasn’t surprised by the kissing scene. She smiled at Bella and said, “Here is the drink. First, fried chicken and stir-fried pork with vegetables. You can wait another 20 minutes for the other two dishes. Soon it will be served.”

“Thank you.” Bella said softly.

James Grayson poured the drink for Bella. “How did you feel after the kiss?”

Bella had a weak heart. She has always been shy, and she couldn’t speak. She just took a sip of the drink.

“I felt great.” James Grayson said again, held the glass and took a sip.

Bella looked at him.

He was looking at her with burning eyes. His eyes seemed like a whirlpool. He can suck her in and never let her out again.

There was a loud sound of students cheering for the team.

Bella was embarrassed. She stopped looking into his eyes and looked at the TV.

Los Angeles Lakers scored.

“Do you like watching basketball?” James Grayson asked.

“I went to see several NBA while I was in America,” Bella said lightly and kept watching the game.

James Grayson said quietly, “Which team do you like?”

“There is no special preference. The game I watched was of Lakers and Clippers. The Lakers won. I just went to feel the atmosphere and observe the expression of the characters.” Bella explained.

“For your work?” James Grayson guessed, “Have you found anything after watching it?”

Bella smiled slightly and looked at James Grayson. “Yes, I wrote a paper and published it. Not only I get a good contribution. I was also praised by my tutor. Then, many companies came to me and I earned a lot of money.”

James Grayson liked the confident smile on her face. In self-confidence, she seemed gentler, which made his heart happy. “How did you earn money? I’m curious.”

“In fact, this is related to the culture and acceptance level of a country. In our country, there are not many people who accept psychology. Even if some people know that they have mental diseases, they will not go to see the doctor. Same for depression.

But in foreign countries, they see psychiatrists very commonly, so there are many psychological clinics.

When I published my paper, many companies asked me to teach their employees to understand their customers’ hearts and how their expressions reflect their real needs.

After being famous, the FBI also invited me to help. After breaking several outstanding cases, I often went to the newspaper and TV, and become famous in the industry.

After that, many successful people start coming to me.” Bella explained.

“You have this ability, and you deserve to enjoy this achievement.” James Grayson was a little upset. Because he didn’t go through such a wonderful process with her.

He took a bite of stir-fried pork with vegetables.

Bella observed his expression, but she could not tell whether he thought it was delicious or not.

Psychological research applies to most people, but there is a small part different from ordinary people, and it is very difficult to figure out their minds.

Bella bowed her head to eat. Maybe she hasn’t had a good meal for several days, or the food here was very delicious. Before the other two dishes have been served she finished her plate. When the other dishes were served, she ate another plate.

James Grayson saw that she ate a lot and was in a good mood. He also accompanied her to eat more.

“When I came, I saw a lot of hotels near the school. We will stay here tonight.” James Grayson said a declarative sentence.

Fortunately, Bella has finished her meal, otherwise, she would have spurt it out. “Live here?”

“I am tired.” James Grayson said a simple sentence.

“Then let me drive.” Bella said tentatively.

“Too tired to sit in the car.”

Bella, “…”

It wasn’t the weekend and many rooms were available near the University.

James Grayson took Bella to a hotel. He took out his ordinary ID card, not his officer’s card.

The front desk receptionist looked at James Grayson’s identity, and then looked at James Grayson. She looked at Bella’s ID card again, and then looked at Bella, with a strange expression, and handed the cards to them.

“Why the expressions on that woman’s face were so strange?” James Grayson asked.

“Our age is not like that of a student. Her expression was weird because she must have thought a lot of weird things.” Bella said with a smile.

“What kind of things?” James Grayson stared at Bella and asked. He looked calm and but he was a little guilty.

Are his intentions so obvious?

“For example, a love affair and so on,” Bella explained.

The door of the elevator was opened. Bella walked out of the elevator first.

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