Chapter 277 Don’t hide from me

“How I came here?” Bella asked in surprise.

She remembered that Lieutenant Colonel Walker sent her to Moon international. Besides, he was with Scarlett Evan.

James Grayson looked at her questioning eyes and patiently explained, “I asked Lieutenant Colonel Walker to send you here. You had fever and you were unconscious. I called a doctor to examine you. The wound on your chest is still not healed. You are a doctor. How can you be so careless?”

The more James Grayson said this. The more distressed he was.

He realized that because Bella has always showed her strong side, she was enduring everything on her own. Even if she couldn’t bear it, she didn’t open her mouth.

Bella understood the process that how she came to the blue sky courtyard, but she didn’t understand, “Aren’t you in the military area? What about Scarlett and your parents?”

She asked very coldly, James Grayson’s eyes sank, he turned off the alarm clock on the mobile phone put the mobile phone on the table beside the bed, sat up, and looked at Bella with burning eyes, “I have a news to tell you.”

Bella looked at James Grayson suspiciously, “what’s the news?”

She wanted to sit up. James Grayson was afraid that she will hurt herself. He gave her a hand and put the pillow behind her waist.

“Thank you.” Bella said politely.

“There’s no need to say thank you between us.” James Grayson said.

Bella lowered her head and said nothing.

He didn’t like the feeling that she would disappear at any time.

“The director of the Civil Affairs Bureau called me and said that our information has been recorded into the computer. Now we can see our registered information on the Internet. You and I are legal husband and wife.” James Grayson said.

Bella looked at James Grayson incredulously, “You and I are legal husband and wife now? How is that possible? I tore up my marriage certificate.”

“Now all the information has been recorded into the computer. It doesn’t matter if the marriage certificate is torn up. We can print another copy. See, it is the same as before.” James Grayson opened the drawer of the bedside table, took out the marriage certificate and handed it to Bella.

Bella’s hands were shaking when she took the marriage certificate. She opened it.

In the picture both of them were smiling. They seemed very happy. She felt that the two people who were smiling in the picture were not them.

She tore it, David Wilson also said it if she will tear down the marriage certificate, the Civil Affairs Bureau cannot record, then how they can release a new certificate?

“James Grayson…” Bella looked at James Grayson.

“I disagree.” James Grayson refused. He knew that she didn’t want to stay in this marriage. “Bella, you can stay where you want. Even if you step back, it doesn’t matter. I will chase you. But don’t hide. I’m afraid I won’t find you.”

Bella tightened her eyebrows and turned her back.

“We are husband and wife. If we face any problems, we can solve them together.” James Grayson said softly.

Women are the most softhearted and stonehearted creature of this world.

If she love a man, as long as the man has a little good, she can give her complete world to him.

If the man has a little meaning of seeking peace, and if there is love she can forget every scar.

However, if she doesn’t love a man, even if the man gives her his life she will not go to his side.

Marriage, Scarlett Evan, and the illness has already afflicted her, and she had no strength to fight against fate.

She can’t decide a thing right away, so, she decided to give herself some more time. After all, life will not be going to end tomorrow. Time will make everything clear. So when she was worried, tangled and hesitant, she left it to the time to settle.

“Last time you said that Scarlett Evan had mental problems. If you trust me, I can help her in her treatment.” Bella said.

James Grayson smiled and held Bella’s hands tightly. “With your help, she will recover soon.”

“But last time you didn’t agree.” Bella blurted out.

James Grayson looked at her deeply. “It was different at that time. I have told Scarlett Evan that we are married.”

Bella lowered her eyes, took a deep breath and looked at James Grayson. “In fact, children’s emotions are easy to understand, their behavior and acts are not complicated, and it’s easy to guess their real thoughts.

For example, when they pass the ice cream shop, they want to eat ice cream. If you don’t give it to them, they will cry and even beat people up. What do you think, being a parent, how can you handle such a situation well?” Bella asked.

James Grayson thought seriously.

“If it’s a boy, and if I don’t buy it for him, he will create noise. If he cries, I will punish him. If he hit people, I will teach him a lesson. If it’s a girl, I have to pamper her.” James Grayson said frankly.

“Children are young, they cannot think of other ways to convince their parents to buy ice cream. Crying is their only strategy. That’s how they tell their parents that they want to buy, they are unhappy, and they use their parents’ love to achieve it. If once they get ice cream because of crying, the next crying will become more serious, because they know that this method is effective.” Bella said lightly.

James Grayson understood what she wanted to express.

Bella smiled, “You are the same with Scarlett Evan. As long as she cries and gets what she wants. Then, the next crying will be more severe.”

“What do you think about what I should do?” James Grayson looked at her deeply.

“Why do you think parents do not want to buy ice cream for their children?” Bella asked.

“Because the sugar content is too high. It’s not good for the body if it’s cold, or it maybe it is too expensive.” James Grayson guessed.

“Children are young, they don’t know much about the world, about life and society values. That’s why parents are there guardians, they protect them because they know what is good for children and what is bad for children. James, what do you think is good for Scarlett Evan?” Bella asked in a calm way.

“I want her to get back her old self-confidence, to live independently, to find the people she really needs.” James Grayson expressed.

Bella smiled.

If there was a strange family member of a patient, she would say it easily. But there was James Grayson, and the patient was his ex-girlfriend. So her current girlfriend was very careful n her words.

So, she didn’t say, “If Scarlett Evan refuse to get treatment from me, I can recommend someone to you. He is a famous man in our school. He is famous and very excellent…”

“I trust you.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella’s eyes were clear, and she continued speaking, “then I ask you not to take care of Scarlett Evan personally and don’t give her a little hope. Can you do it?

Only when you give her despair, she will find the people she really needs, in the pursuit and support of others she will become independent and confident.

You are putting her in a cage from that she will never get out. Your relationship with me will also deeply hurt her, and she will become more self-abased and dependent.”

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