Chapter 276 He is sure that he loves Bella

If Scarlett Evan had come back when he didn’t know Bella, maybe he will let her stay and take care of her.

But in his life, Bella appeared.

If he kept her Bella will be angry and sad. He can’t turn a blind eye. He was concerned about Bella.

“Scarlett, this is not right for you.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“Why not? When I was locked up, I thought about you every day. One day, two days, three days, one year, two years, eight years have been passed. I thought that I would stay with you every hour and every minute in the future, and make up for the days that I haven’t spent with you for eight years. Are you going to get rid of me now?” Scarlett Evan was not calm again.

“James Grayson.” Oscar Grayson called him with his full name and in a domineering tone, he said, “Scarlett’s half of the body has been burned and she was captured by the enemy in order to protect you.

You know how vicious the means of those enemies are.

When she was rescued, there was no good in her whole body and her mental state was also disturbed. She was locked up for treatment. Every time she had skin grafting, she was in great pain. These things cannot be tolerated by ordinary people.

You come to know Scarlett Evan first. You were lovers before. There is nothing wrong with Scarlett Evan. If you abandon her, it will be merciless of you.

What is Bella? She is just a woman who overestimates her capabilities. When she was married, she seduced you. She was with you before her divorce. It can be seen how low her moral character is. She is a shameless slut. Even if she married you, she won’t settle down. I can’t afford to lose our family’s reputation because of her.

If you want to be with her, you will have no political prospects. Don’t get lost, think clearly what you should choose.”

“Jimmy, do you fall in love with someone else?” Scarlett Evan asked and her chest heaved violently.

“She and I are married. I’m sorry. I’ll send you back now.” James Grayson turned to the attendant and said, “Find someone to send her back.”

“She will stay here today. We are responsible for her.” Oscar Grayson ordered.

James Grayson walked out and didn’t turn back. There was fortitude in his cold expression.

He can take care of Scarlett Evan all his life and help her recover, but he was clear about his heart.

The shift has happened quietly.

His mind was full of Bella.

Every word and expression of her can affect his heart and change his mood.

He called Lieutenant Colonel Walker and asked, “Where did she ask you to send her?”

Lieutenant Colonel Walker looked at Bella, who was asleep in the back seat, “to Moon international.”

“Take her to the Blue Sky. I’ll come there now.” James Grayson ordered, hung up the phone and called the director. “Where are you now?”

“Chief, I’m on my way to the military region.” said director respectfully.

“You will pass the paddock on your way to the military area. Wait for me at the east gate of the paddock. I will be there in about half an hour.” James Grayson ordered, sat in the car and drove at the speed of 180.

Scarlett Evan looked at the direction of James Grayson’s departure. “Does Jimmy… abandon me?”

“Don’t worry, he can’t be with that bitch.” Oscar Grayson said definitely.

Scarlett Evan looked pitifully at Oscar Grayson.

“You will live here from now on.” Oscar Grayson said seriously.

Sierra Walker looked at Oscar Grayson and Scarlett Evan.

Scarlett Evan was arranged to rest in James Grayson’s room.

“Are we putting too much pressure on James?” Sierra Walker asked worriedly.

“No matter what, he can’t marry that bitch. She is Jessica Lewis’s daughter-in-law. She is already a pair of broken shoes. Jessica Lewis is George Wilson’s sister-in-law. I can’t afford to lose face.

She knew that we kidnapped her and threatened us. This kind of person can be my daughter-in-law.

Scarlett Evan is not the same. She has made too many contributions and fought for national honor. She is still a comrade in arms with James. She has been burned. If James still marries her, he can get sympathy and praise from the country. Maybe this time, James can elect as the president.” Oscar Grayson analyzed.

“Although I don’t like Bella, I also think Scarlett Evan is weird. She is not my favorite daughter-in-law. It’s a pity that Anna was my favorite. In fact, Anna is still my favorite.” Sierra Walker exclaimed.

“Your son can’t see Anna Wilson. What we can do! His marriage has been delayed and he also threatened us with his broken finger. Now it’s the Wilson family who proposes to terminate the engagement, not us. In addition, the love between men and women is not long-term, only interests are long-term. We will see it later,” Oscar Grayson said in a deep voice.

Sierra Walker felt that Oscar Grayson has other plans.

She had a sudden chill.

The love between men and women is not the long term. Is there any love between them?

So, she and Oscar Grayson were married due to interests, not love. She gave birth to a child for him and wasted all her youth.

Sierra Walker lowered her head and said, “I’ll stay here with Scarlett Evan. After all, it’s not convenient for the attendant, and it’s not convenient for you to stay here as well.”

“Since Scarlett Evan is going to live here for a long time, she must have another female attendant. I’ll ask someone to arrange it. You can come back with me. The company needs you. It’s overqualified for you to stay here and take care of a person.” Oscar Grayson said sternly.

“Should I thank you for praising me? Or should I thank myself for my strong strength and good background so that I can become the wife of vice president Oscar Grayson?” Sierra Walker laughed. Without looking at Oscar, she walked out of the room.

Oscar Grayson frowned. “I don’t know what you are thinking.”

“You don’t know, and you don’t want to know. Oscar Grayson, people’s deeds are mutual.” Sierra Walker said.

“I’m talking to you about James. What do you mean by mutual support? Are you in your senses?” Oscar Grayson said angrily.

Sierra Walker didn’t want to quarrel with him.

He was used to being superior and never gave room to others. Even if it was his own fault, in his eyes, it was the fault of others. He was strong, domineering and autocratic.

“I’ll go back now.” Sierra Walker lowered her eyes and walked out of the door.

Bella woke up and felt a hand on her waist. She turned around and saw James Grayson sleeping beside her.

There was an intravenous fluid bottle on her hand, and her mind was blank.

How could he sleep next to her, and why did she have this intravenous fluid bottle?

How did she come here?

When Bella moved, James Grayson also woke up. He looked at the potion in Bella’s hand that was half a bottle.

“Don’t move. Keep lying.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

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