Chapter 389 Beauty before chaos (3)

I stepped forward and put my arms around Sean’s neck. I looked up at him and said, “I want you…”

I was surprised when I said it.

I looked at him and I was a little confused.

But I was a bit sober.

Daisy said something strange when he gave me that drink.

I frowned. “The first cocktail…”

“If you want, I’ll give it to you.” Sean interrupted me and picked me up. He kissed me as he walked into the room.

He also drank a lot in the evening. I could smell the light smell of wine mixed with the smell of tobacco.

I suddenly became greedy.

I kept asking him for the mixed taste.

He took me in his arms and walked to the big sofa for the sun. He threw me on it and pressed me.

I thought we had sex in the afternoon. I could not help blushing and asked him, “will you be exhausted after doing too many times a day?”

“Exhausted?” Sean listened to me and raised his eyebrows. He looked down at me discontentedly. “Do you know what men don’t want to hear?”


I put my arms around his neck and looked up close at Sean’s handsome face and thin pink lips.

I felt hotter.

I totally ignored his aggression.

He used his long fingers to play with the hair around my mouth and slowly said, “a man doesn’t want to hear his wife say he’s going to be exhausted.”

Then he kissed my lips and gave me everything I wanted.

It was a long night. It was morning when I woke up again.

I felt a pain in my leg when I got up. I thought of what happened last night and blushed.

At this point, Sean came out of the bathroom. He was wearing beach pants and a sleeveless T-shirt.

I saw a tooth print where his neck and shoulder met.

“It…” I pointed to the tooth print and was confused.

Sean approached me and asked, “don’t you remember it?”

I looked at the tooth print and searched my memory and blushed instantly.

We were going to bed last night, but Sean wanted to do it again upstairs. At last he held me and bullied me on the balcony.

I was afraid Lester would wake up and I wanted to get back at him. I opened my mouth and bit him directly.

“Sorry.” I blushed and said.

Sean didn’t care. He leaned over and kissed my lips. “It’s OK. If you’re happy, you can bite anywhere, but now we have to go.”

Today we were going fishing.

We took a medium yacht. It had a small bar, lounge and a large jacuzzi.

People who didn’t fish could enjoy themselves on it.

Less than half an hour after the yacht set out, I heard Chloe shouting, “look! There are dolphins!”

Everyone went to the front of the deck!

I saw dolphins jumping on the water not far in front of the boat!

“Mom, I want to see it!” Lester stood there and shouted!

I was about to pick him up when Sean reached out and put Lester on his shoulder.

“Wow! It’s so high!” Lester said excitedly. He looked into the distance. “Where are the dolphins?”


Sean showed him.

At this time, a crew member came up and said to Lester and Summer, “it’s a sign of luck to see dolphins here. You can make a wish!”

“Really?” Lester was excited! He said, “I want to make a wish!”

Lester put his hands in front of him and closed his eyes. He murmured and seemed to wish.

Summer looked at him and did the same thing.

They soon made a wish.

Summer opened his eyes and said happily, “I want to go to Disney!”

“It’s too childish.” Lester looked disgusted.

I immediately said, “Lester, you can’t say that about Summer’s wishes.”

Summer didn’t seem to mind. She turned and asked Lester, “what’s your wish?”

“I hope mom and dad are together forever and never separate!”

I was stunned by Lester’s wish.

I thought his wish had something to do with him. I didn’t expect it to be about me and Sean.

Sean reached out and hugged me. He raised his hand and patted Lester on the leg. “I will help you realize your wish.”

“Great!” Lester reached for Sean’s head.

After the dolphins, the yacht soon reached the deep sea and stopped.

All three men were fishing in the stern.

Lester and Summer were in the jacuzzi.

I, Linda, Chloe and Daisy sat on the sofa in the bow of the yacht and watched the endless sea and talked.

Linda said to me, “I think Sean is very good. He is better than Ming. He’s worth your effort to be with him.”

“I know.” I carried a coconut and looked far away.

I knew it certainly.

Sean was very good. If I could be with him all my life, I would be very happy.

I was very happy on the island, but I couldn’t forget a lot of things happened in York.

I didn’t know what they had become.

That was what scared me.

If I went back and nobody paid attention to me, that was good, but I was very upset. I always felt that everything was not so optimistic.

“Don’t be so gloomy.” Daisy was holding a cocktail. “No matter what the problem is, you have us. We will always support you.”

“Yes, and me!”

At this time, we heard Jack’s discordant voice.

The four of us looked at him.

Jack smiled bitterly. “Fishing is boring. I’m almost asleep. It’s interesting to stay with Daisy.”

“We are talking. You’d better stay away.” Daisy looked disgusted.

“You can think of me as the air!”

Jack was cheeky and sat next to her.

As soon as he came, the air was quiet.

None of us spoke.

Jack could only stand up. “You go on. I’ll go in and find something to drink.”

Although he left, the topic didn’t continue. I was a bit bored, and I planned to go to the stern to see what they got from fishing.

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