Chapter 388 Beauty before chaos (2)

By the time we got to the cocktail party, it was already over six.

It was sunset. The sun was in the west and not dazzling.

I saw everyone was here except us.

Lester and Summer built sand castles on the beach, and Chloe was there.

Daisy and Jack sat together and talked.

Linda and Scott stood there and looked at the children.

As soon as we got there, everyone came together except Lester and summer.

Chloe was the first.

“President Jessop!” She approached Sean and said excitedly, “I’m so close to you for the first time. You are so handsome. I have no regrets.”

“Chloe.” Linda called her.

Chloe seemed to realize something. She immediately said, “President Jessop and Becky are a good match.”

“Stop it.” I raised my hand and covered Chloe’s mouth.

Sean smiled, too. “Are you a former employee of the Giant group?”

“Yes!” Chloe nodded.

“Well, I saw you with Becky before.” Sean said.

“President Jessop, you have a great memory!” Chloe looked excited.

Everyone was at the door. I turned and asked Sean, “is the cocktail party ready? I’m hungry.”


Sean nodded and everyone went in.

The servants put all the tables together into a big table and placed the chairs.

We sat together and there were some salad and fruit on the table.

The bartender made all kinds of cocktails. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails were separated.

I’d like to have a non-alcoholic cocktail. After all, I had to take care of Lester in the evening.

But Daisy held my arm. “Are you a minor?”


“A non-alcoholic cocktail is juice. You have to drink this.” Daisy brought me a golden cocktail. “Martini is called the king of cocktails.”

I looked at the glass in front of me and nodded.

I didn’t know much about cocktails.

I picked up the cocktail. The bartender handed me a fruit plate.

Daisy helped me with the fruit plate, and I returned to my seat with my cocktail. Daisy stood by me and urged me, “taste it.”


I didn’t know why she was so eager, but I took a sip.

I found the taste of this cocktail a little complicated. At first I didn’t get used to it, but later I felt a lot better.

Daisy said, “it’s something I recommend for you. You have to finish it yourself. You are not allowed to give it to others.”

With that, she left.

I drank it, and Sean looked at me and smiled.

I put the glass down and looked at him. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, honey, you are beautiful.” Sean looked at me and smiled.

The atmosphere of this cocktail party was very good.

For the first time, I seemed to find the charm of cocktails. Even if the food was served, I had a few more drinks.

When I went to get another cocktail, the party was halfway through. I turned my head.

At this time, the sun just fell to the sea level. The sea beside us melted with the setting sun and turned golden. It was beautiful.

Lester and Summer were playing and laughing over there.

Jack sat next to Daisy and divided the dishes for her. Daisy looked cold, but she was smiling.

Linda and Scott were affectionate.

Chloe didn’t have a partner, but she had a good time. She took many photos with her mobile phone and uploaded them to the Internet.

Finally, when I looked at Sean, he was looking at me.

He was wearing a blue and white blazer and showing his muscles.

In the orange setting sun, his eyes are particularly gentle.

I stood there and felt that my life was full and beautiful. I wanted to slow down the time and make this beauty last a long time.

Towards the end of the cocktail party, I finally realized that good cocktails actually made me drunk.

By this time the sun had set completely. The lights on the beach lit up and lit the whole beach.

Lester and Summer played all the time. Now they were sleeping on the beach couch.

“Let’s have a rest early.” Sean stood up and said, “tomorrow morning, we’ll go fishing together. Good night.”


Chloe was the first to shout.

Everyone went back. I saw Jack follow Daisy and ask, “Daisy, shall we go to your room or my room tonight?”

“You go back to your room, and I go back to my room.”

“No, it’s not the first time…”

“Last time I was drunk. I am not this time.”


“Stop it!”

“Well, it’s too dark. Can I take you back?”

Their conversation made me feel interesting.

I might interfere before, but I didn’t want to do that now.

Daisy was two years older than me. She had been busy with her work and indifferent to men.

If Jack didn’t pester her, she may be single all her life.

Sean held Lester. We went back to the house together.

It had two floors. There were two bedrooms upstairs.

We put Lester in that little bedroom and went downstairs.

In the afternoon, I had sex with Sean, but in the evening, maybe because I had a drink, I felt very hot.

“I’ll take a bath.”

I went to the bathroom to take a bath.

But I felt hotter after my bath.

The heat came from my body.

I dried myself and came out of the bathroom. I didn’t see Sean. I looked around and finally saw him.

He was swimming in the pool on the first floor. When he saw me, he came out.

He only wore a pair of beach trousers. It clung to his body and his muscles were exposed.

The water dropped down his muscles.

I looked at him and couldn’t help swallowing. Every cell of mine was stimulated at the sight of this scene.

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