Chapter 387 Beauty before chaos (1)

I blushed and pushed Sean away and said to Lester, “I’ll change your clothes.”

I pulled Lester into the room.

While changing his clothes, Lester said, “mom, I want to change my clothes and go to Summer.”

“Okay, I’ll take you there.”

I nodded.

When we came out, Sean sat alone on the sofa and looked at us. He seemed angry and asked me, “where are you going?”

“Lester says he wants to play with Summer.” I explained it to Sean.

He waved. “You don’t need to go there. I built a children’s playground on the island for Lester. You can call your friend and leave both children there to play.”

I called Linda.

She and her husband were planning to show Summer around the island. She knew what I meant and said, “you cna take Lester to the infinity pool. We’ll take him with us.”


I was a little embarrassed.

Linda laughed and said, “don’t mention it. Hurry up.”

I hung up and took Lester to the infinity pool in the middle of the island. Summer was playing in the pool with a swimming ring.

Linda and her husband were lying in a chair nearby.

When they saw us coming, they both got up.

When Lester saw Summer, he grabbed a nearby swimming ring and jumped into the pool.

Linda and my husband came over, and I said, “Linda, Scott, please help me take care of Lester.”

Linda formally introduced her husband to me on the way here.

Her husband’s name was Scott and he was the vice President of a new media company in York. He usually knew a lot about some new information on the Internet.

“Don’t mention it. We can take care of two children. The two of them can play together.” Linda said with a smile.

At this time, a waiter came up. “There is a beach cocktail party at restaurant three at six in the evening.”

“OK!” Linda nodded.

There were only a few people on the island who knew each other. Everyone had to go. If there were too few people, it was too boring.

After the waiter left, I walked in the direction of the room.

I happened to pass by the restaurant. I saw several waiters setting up the place for a beach cocktail party.

The restaurant was on the west. The cocktail party began just as the sun was setting. The view should be good.

I walked back to my room and didn’t see Sean. I thought he was out so I went upstairs and changed.

I got upstairs and suddenly I heard his voice on the balcony. “I know. We happen to have a friend from a media company. I will consult with him in detail.”

I was a little nervous.

He was referring to Scott. Since it was related to the media, was that my business?

I was just about to get closer when Sean came out of the balcony. He put his cell phone in his pocket and asked me, “did you send Lester?”

“No.” I shook my head. “Linda wanted to take a walk around the island, so she took Lester with her.”

Maybe I was guilty. I was afraid he would ask me if I had heard anything, so I turned and went into the locker room.

Here were a lot of clothes he prepared for me in advance.

I glanced at it briefly. Fortunately, they were not very exaggerated dresses and were very suitable to be worn on the island.

Which one shall I wear for the evening?

I took out an orange dress. I was about to put it on, and Sean just hugged me from behind and put his chin on my shoulder. His thin lips pressed against my ear and he whispered, “do you want to change? I’ll help you.”

His words tickled my nerves.

I was nervous.

To be honest, Sean and I hadn’t had formal sex for a long time. Last time we were in the lounge where we booked the wedding. I couldn’t stand his teasing, but my heart was full of guilt.

This time I had no bondage in my heart.

But I was a little scared.

Last time I could feel Sean’s depression. He knew the lounge was dangerous, so he didn’t get too involved.

This time it was different.

He felt my tension and nibbled at my earlobes. He exhaled and said, “are you afraid?”

I nodded.

I thought there was a real hungry wolf behind me. He would eat me later.

Sean chuckled and said, “I’m very proud. It shows that I’m physically good. You’re looking forward to it before we start.”

“Fear and expectation are different.”

I grabbed the long skirt, but my heart was itchy.

“Let me see if you’re afraid or looking forward to it.” He tested it with his fingers, then he put them in front of me and kissed me on the shoulder. “Look, your body is more honest than your mouth.”

I blushed.

Sean held my waist and kissed my back. He turned me around and pressed me in front of the huge dressing mirror in the dressing room.

He looked in the mirror and said to me, “honey, you are beautiful. In front of you, I just want to have sex with you.” He paused and turned me around and asked, “what about you?”

“I… I want you…”

I was shy but I said what I needed.

“OK, I’ll give it to you…”

Then he kissed my lips.

It was almost 4 o’clock when I went back to my room. The cocktail party would start at six. Sean let me go ten minutes in advance.

I stood alone in front of the mirror and looked at the masks on me and worried.

I took up the concealer and began to cover them up.

Sean took a bath and came out. When he saw me, he hugged me and wanted to kiss me on the back. I was scared and stopped him immediately, “no!”

He smiled smugly and touched my neck with his long fingers. He smiled and said, “there is a mask here. You can’t reach it. I’ll cover it for you.”

“Ah? OK.”

I gave him the concealer quickly.

In the mirror, I saw Sean lowering his head and holding the concealer and seriously covering up those marks for me.

When it was over, he looked up and frowned, “I won’t do that next time. It’s troublesome.”

“It’s all your fault!”

I said angrily.

Sean returned the concealer to me and said, “well, you don’t have to cover them. Anyway, it’s not a shameful thing.”

“No way!”

I stared and refused at once.

I didn’t have time to do anything else after I covered them. I put on my skirt. I was afraid of exposure so I put on a thin coat and went out.

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