Chapter 385 Dad things happened one after another

It was a strange number. I hesitated and answered the phone.

“Hello, is it Becky?”

It was the voice of a middle-aged old man. It was a little hoarse.

It was strange.

I took my phone and hesitated and said, “yes, who are you?”

“Hello, my name is Nelson.”

As soon as I heard the name, I got nervous.

Nelson was Cindy’s father.

He may also be my father.

I was silent for a few seconds and said, “Mr. Lewis, what can I do for you?”

“I heard you sent Cindy to the hospital today and paid for her. Thank you very much.”

Nelson said politely.

“It’s OK. I have anything else to do. I’ll hang up first.”

I wanted to hang up.

I really didn’t want to deal with Nelson.

When I was about to hang up, I heard him say, “wait a minute!”

I stopped. I put the phone next to my ear and asked him coldly, “is there anything else?”

“I want to ask you why Cindy went there. Did you ask her out? That car accident…”

“No, we have a project there. I thought my partner was there so I went there. But my partner has left. I wanted to take a taxi back, but I didn’t expect I met her. ” Now that Nelson asked me, I had to make it all clear, “she wanted to treat me to coffee in that remote place. I disagreed. A car came. She gave me a pull and fell back and was hit by the car.”

I said it all.

Nelson seemed stunned. “So…”

“So if someone says I hurt her, I’ll find the camera there. I think she had figured out how to frame me when she did that.” I added, “and I’m not interested in whether you’re my own father or not. I will not do paternity test with you and recognize you. If Cindy wakes up, please tell her she doesn’t have to be so alert.”

Nelson didn’t seem to expect me to say that.

But in my opinion, they were afraid of it.

He suddenly had a daughter. She must want his property.

But Nelson chuckled over the phone, “no, I don’t mean that. I’m sorry for you all these years. I want to make it up to you.”

“No, as long as you Lewis Group, including Cindy, don’t have any relationship with me, it’s the best compensation.”

I said decisively.

I just wanted to live in peace. I didn’t want to get involved in any property disputes.


“I’m going to hang up. Mr. Lewis, goodbye.”

I hung up as soon as I finished.

Linda and Chloe were looking at me and clapping.

Chloe said, “you see money as dirt. I’m so moved that I want to cry.”

“Don’t cry. Get back to work!” I patted Chloe.

Actually, the studio was very busy now.

I had to make money.

Linda and I could design interior landscapes.

It turned out I was naive.

Cindy was in a coma for nearly 12 hours after being hit by a car that day. She was said to have a slight concussion, but it was not particularly serious.

But Cindy held a press conference and said in public that I pushed her!

I was scolded by everyone.

When I got the news in the studio, my head was in a daze.

I turned on my computer and watched the video of the press conference. I watched Cindy cry in front of the cameras and said what happened.

Nelson was next to her!

Nelson said he did something wrong and I resented him. He said I could get back at him. He told me not to hurt Cindy.

Cindy said, “I understand Becky. She’s been miserable all her life because of my parents’ mistakes…”

I looked at Cindy and I seemed to see another Molly.

But Cindy was smarter than Molly. Lewis Group was stronger than Carter Family.

Many netizens on social network scolded me.

Because of Ming’s news, everyone knew that I was June. At this time, all the people became detectives.

They knew what happened to Molly.

When I thought it was the worst, there was even worse news.

Inez and Marlin were in court.

I was the victim, but in the media’s false reports, I had changed from victim to perpetrator.

Some people said I kept poor Inez and Marlin in the house and beat them.

Finally, I used my power to send them to prison.

I understood that netizens didn’t want to see the truth at all. They just wanted to know what they wanted to know.

I was a complete villain on the Internet.

I tried not to read comments.

In order to escape and persist, I ended up living in the studio and working in addition to sleeping and eating.

I finished a design ten days in advance.

When the first ray of sunshine came into the studio in the morning, the design 3D renderings of the incubation center were also rendered.

I stared at the renderings and suddenly felt black.

I fell back.

I woke up in the hospital.

There were two people next to me. I took a look. It was Linda and daisy.

I moved my fingers a little, and both came together.

Daisy said first, “June, how dare you not tell me about it. If I don’t come back, I’m afraid I’ll see your body next time I come back.”

Daisy was actually kind.

I listened to her and smiled.

Linda also came up. “If you die, I’ll take Lester away and make him my son-in-law.”

“How can I faint?” I didn’t understand.

I just stayed up all night.

I slept before.

Linda listened to me and said, “you’re more than thirty. Do you still think of yourself as a little girl? The doctor said you were overworked.”


I knew.

Yes, I was over thirty.

But these days, I was only busy with my work. Actually. It was really good. I could escape from the online criticism and concentrate on my work.

I had been busy for a week and a half. I stayed up almost every day and didn’t even come home.

I didn’t know how Sean was doing.

Maybe it was telepathy.

When I thought of him, the door of the ward was opened and Sean was standing at the door. He saw me lying in bed and he came up and frowned, “do you have to be sick to stop?”

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