Chapter 384 Let’s break up

At that moment, I was stunned!

I tried to reach for her, but I only caught her clothes. Soon I couldn’t hold it because of her gravity!

I saw her lying on the ground.

And the black car didn’t stop. I immediately turned to look at it. I found its license plate covered.

There wouldn’t be such a coincidence in the world.

Coincidence was the best proof of conspiracy!

It had been proven many times before.

I watched Cindy lie there with her eyes closed. This was a relatively remote place. There were no people around.

But a few pedestrians came round immediately after the accident.

I hesitated and made an emergency call.

My brain was in a mess. I called Sean directly.

Soon the ambulance arrived. I went to the hospital with her.

She was sent to Sacred Heart Hospital.

After all, she was a celebrity in York. They recognized the technology of the hospital.

I was used to wearing masks and sunglasses when I went out.

I wore sunglasses and followed the doctor into the emergency room. I watched the doctor push her straight into the emergency room.

The nurse arranged for me to pay for Cindy.

When everything was done, I sat alone in the corridor and felt helpless.

I didn’t want anything. I just wanted to be a designer and be with Lester.

I really didn’t want anything else.

But why was I repeatedly involved?

What did I do wrong?

Ming’s last exposure just ended. Now there was an accident. I really didn’t know what was waiting for me next.

“Becky.” I heard Sean’s voice over my head.

I didn’t look up and said, “I was framed by her. The license plate number of the car involved was covered. She must have done it on purpose.”

When I was talking, I was really full of anger!

Why me?

Couldn’t I just stay in peace?

“I know.” Sean reached out to me, “I believe you. Let’s go first. The hospital has informed Lewis Group. They will come soon.”

I knew that if people in Lewis Group saw me now, they would not listen to me.

I nodded and obediently followed Sean into the car.

I was upset in the car. I lowered my head and my tears kept falling.

Sean leaned over and held me in his arms. “Cry if you want.”

I hugged Sean and cried, “why do they do this? I really didn’t do anything.”

When I finished, I realized.

In fact, I did a wrong thing.

I shouldn’t be with Sean.

Sean patted me on the back. “It’s my fault. From the beginning, I shouldn’t compromise.”

“Let’s break up.” I said, “are they going to let me go if we break up?”

I was really fed up with it!

“No way.” Sean refused, “you just need to calm down. I’ll take care of everything. You just need to be yourself.”

I said nothing.

I got out of his arms and dried my tears. “Let’s go home.”

I wanted to go home.

Sean took me home. He was busy, so he left first.

Sean’s house in York No.1 had a French window. I sat on the big sofa and looked out at York.

I gradually calmed down.

At that moment, I looked out of the window and realized that I had done so many things before because I wanted to leave Ming and be with Sean.

But when it really became a reality, I found that I couldn’t bear the consequences.

Including Erin’s revenge and Ming’s crazy revelations and Cindy’s traps.

I couldn’t bear any result.

The most important thing was that these things hurt my family.

Margaret and Lester.

They were the only two families I had in the world.

I suddenly felt like I didn’t want to be with Sean at all because I didn’t want to put up with them at all.

Or I’d better go back to sceaux.

I had a great time the last five years. Now I was in York but I never seemed to be really happy.

I picked up my phone and called Linda. It was a long time before she answered, “hello, where are you? Didn’t you go back to the studio?”

Linda’s voice was the same.

I suddenly envied her. I licked my lips and hesitated and said, “sorry, I may not be able to go back.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. You can have a good rest and come tomorrow.”

Linda seemed to be working. She didn’t realize what was wrong with my tone at all.

I held on to my cell phone, “I’m sorry. I may really give up.”

When I said that, Linda was silent for a while and asked, “what happened?”

“I went to you and met Cindy. When a car approached us, she suddenly gave me a pull and fell back…”

Linda understood, “anyway, I used to be alone. I can work overtime and wait for you to come back.”

Linda didn’t complain at all.

I felt very guilty at once.

Linda continued, “don’t be upset. Don’t worry. As long as I’m alive, I’ll take care of the studio! You can handle your own business.”


I hung up and was a bit confused.

It took me five years to change from June to Becky. Didn’t I just want to support myself?

Was I going to give up?

I suddenly felt sorry for Linda. Since I started, I couldn’t give up at will.

Even if there was news tomorrow that I killed my sister, I was not afraid!

I thought so. I put on my clothes and took a taxi to the studio.

When I got to the studio, Linda and Chloe were working overtime.

They saw me and froze.

I smiled. “I figured it out. It wasn’t me who was hit by the car. Why should I be discouraged? Of course I have to work!”

“Great.” Linda was very moved. “Do the design quickly. I said that to you, but if I work alone, I can only live for a few months.”

I turned on the computer and started working.

I worked till night. I wanted to work overtime after supper, but my cell phone rang.

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