Chapter 383 She was hit by a car in front of me

I sat up and had a headache. I touched it and it bled!

“Mom!” Lester saw me fall and ran right over.

Hearing Lester’s voice, Margaret suddenly stopped. She turned to see Lester and came up to Lester.

Lester ran to me. She looked up and saw Margaret coming to me. He opened his arms and said, “don’t come here. I won’t let you hurt my mom!”

Margaret looked at Lester and her eyes were crazy. I was terrified to see her like this.

I was afraid she would lose control and hurt Lester.

After all, she had great strength. I couldn’t resist the push just now.

If she hit Lester, he…

I quickly held Lester in my arms. I looked up at Margaret and said, “Aunt Moore, calm down! I’m your daughter. Lester is your grandson. You can’t hurt him!”

Hearing what I said, Margaret suddenly stopped.

She looked at us both and said, “daughter? Grandson?”

I regretted it when I finished. She may not accept what I said now.

Lester stood there and didn’t talk.

At this time, Murray finally came out of the house. He looked at us and frowned, “what’s the matter? I just took a nap.”

“Grandpa Moore! She hit my mother!” Lester immediately ran to Murray.

“What’s the matter?” Murray asked.

At this time, the servant who was chased by Margaret said, “I asked for leave to go home the other day. I saw two dolls when I got here today. I thought someone had misplaced them…”

When it came to the dolls, Murray understood, “where are the dolls?”

“They’re in Master Lester’s room.” The servant seemed to respond and immediately said, “I’m going to get them!”

After the servant left, Murray went to Margaret and said, “the servant did something wrong. She’ll bring them over for you later.”

But Margaret didn’t respond. She looked at me and said, “daughter.”

Murray looked at me.

I hesitated and took Margaret and said, “I’m Laura.”

“Laura?” Margaret looked at me and her eyes were dull.

I didn’t know if she believed or not.

“Yes, it’s me.” I hesitated and plucked up my courage and reached out. I hugged Margaret and said, “Mom, it’s really me. I’m Laura. I am your daughter.”

I didn’t have a mother when I was a child. Even though Margaret was delirious now, I would still like to call her Mom.

I hoped she would get better one day.

Margaret was staring at me. Her hands were in the air. I didn’t know what she was going to do.

After a long time, she suddenly said, “no, you’re not Laura. Laura and Lisa are dead.”

I didn’t expect Margaret to know!

I stood up straight and looked at Margaret. I was about to say something, but Margaret suddenly sat on the ground and muttered, “Laura and Lisa were taken and killed by them. They are bad people…”

Murray and I were standing there and didn’t know what to say.

Then Lester said, “no, my mother’s name is June. She’s Laura!”

Margaret looked up at Lester and shook her head. “No, she’s not Laura. Laura is dead.”

At this time, the servant brought the dolls.

Margaret took the two dolls and muttered, “Laura is dead. Lisa is dead, too. They are both dead…”

She said as she walked to the room.

The servant dared not follow her. Murray followed her in person.

I was a little scared of Margaret hurting Lester.

At dinner in the evening, I persuaded Murray to take Margaret to the hospital for regular treatment.

After all, living here was not good for her condition.

Murray hesitated and finally agreed.

We sent Margaret to the best hospital in the Carson City for treatment. We were only allowed to visit her once a week.

I left Lester in sceaux. I made an appointment with him that I would pick him up in two weeks. Then I went back to York.

I went back to the studio first. Chloe was the only one in the studio. I asked her where Linda had gone.

Chloe told me that the new project of the studio was a network technology business incubation center.

Linda had gone to the construction site.

I hadn’t worked for more than a week because of the Ming’s news and my return to Sceaux.

Linda may be busy these days.

I asked the address of Linda’s construction site and took a taxi.

But I didn’t see her there. I contacted Linda and knew she had left.

I had no choice but to take a taxi back.

As soon as I got to the intersection, a white car stopped in front of me. Cindy got out of the car. She saw me and froze. Then she raised her hand and said, “hello.”

She didn’t call me by name.

I didn’t plan to meet Cindy when I came back as Becky.

But that disclosure put my two identities in the sun.

If the content of Ming’s disclosure was true, my relationship with Cindy was very awkward.

“Hello, Miss Lewis.”

I watched the car behind Cindy slowly drive away.

I just wanted to say hello and leave.

However, Cindy said, “since we meet so coincidentally, we can have coffee together. A few days ago, something so big happened. Our family is in a mess. I just want to talk to you.”

Cindy spoke in a very soft voice.

But I felt a deep hostility in her face.

And there was no coffee shop in such a remote place.

“No, I have something else to do. I’m sorry.” I refused decisively.

In fact, Cindy and I won’t not reach a consensus.

What was more, the culprit that drove my mother crazy at the beginning may be Cindy’s mother, Diana!

When I thought so, I found out the horror of the previous disclosure.

Although sometimes I didn’t think I could believe it all, when I saw Cindy and felt her hostility to me, I thought I had to believe it.

“Do you feel guilty to me? Are you afraid to face me?” Finally, Cindy’s tenderness disappeared. She became provocative.

“No, Miss Lewis, I’m really busy.”

Now I was more awake. I couldn’t have coffee with her. Once I did, I may have an accident.

I turned and wanted to go.

At this point, Cindy suddenly grabbed my hand and took a step back and fell back!

There was a black car coming to us across the road and it was very fast!

I hadn’t responded yet!


Cindy was hit in front of me!

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