Chapter 382 Your mother and I won’t agree

Simon, who didn’t want to interfere, couldn’t stand it.

He came and said, “Michelle, let them in.”

“You’re helping them. This woman…”

“Come on, don’t make trouble in the hospital. It’s disgraceful.” Simon was fretful.

I could see from his expression that he didn’t like Michelle.

Sean took me and I went in with them.

In the ward, James was in the only bed. He was intubated. His hands were being injected and there were countless medical devices next to him.

His eyes were closed and his face was wrinkled and his skin was sallow.

In fact, I met him not long ago, but James seemed to have suddenly aged by several decades.

Lester asked Sean, “is grandpa asleep?”

“You have to call him great-grandpa.” I reminded him.

Now Lester called Sean dad. So he should call James great-grandpa.

James opened his eyes when he heard us talking. He saw Lester and he opened his cracked lips. “Lester, here you are.”

His voice was hoarse and weak.

Lester nodded.

Sean brought in a chair. Lester sat in a chair and looked at James. “Grandpa, great-grandpa, what’s the matter with you?”

Lester changed the name.

“I’m ill.” James said. He understood why he called him that.

“Then you should listen to the doctor’s advice and take injection and medicine. You’ll be well soon!”

Lester was young. In his world, he didn’t know that there were many kinds of diseases.

He thought James had a cold and a fever. As long as he took medicine and had an injection, he would recover.

After listening to him, James couldn’t help smiling. “OK, I’ll listen to the doctor.”

“OK.” Lester nodded. He reached out and touched James’s hand. “I’ll see you when you are well.”

“OK.” James nodded.

When he spoke, his old eyes became moist.

After a long time, he looked up at us and said, “Sean, Becky.”


Sean was close to him and I was standing there.

I looked at James. To be honest, I was sorry. I didn’t hurt him but it started with me.

I did have something to do with it.

I looked at James and said, “Grandpa Jessop, I’m sorry.”

James looked up at me and opened his mouth. “I don’t blame you. I did those things, so I should be ready to be discovered.”

“Grandpa, don’t think too much. I’m looking for Ming. I will ask him to apologize to you.”

Sean said.

James shook his head. “No, I know he has a grudge. I know his mother better than you. He may not live well after I left, or he wouldn’t do it.”

James reminded me of what Ming said that night.

Was it true?

Did Ming really have such a miserable childhood?

Neither of us spoke.

James looked at the three of us and said, “I’m dying. I can’t care about the future. You can do whatever you want.”

“Great-grandpa, where are you going?”

Lester sat in the chair and asked.

James looked at him and smiled. “I’m going to the far away.”

“Ah? Can I see you again?”

“You may not…”

Lester didn’t understand. “What do I do if I miss you?”

James tried to raise his hand and hold Lester’s small hand. “When you grow up, you will know many people and have many friends. Then you forget me…”

“I won’t forget you.” Lester grabbed James’s hand with both hands. “Mom said I’m smart. I won’t forget anything. I will never forget you.”

“OK.” James nodded and looked at the two of us. “You have to live happily…”

“Grandpa Jessop…”

I was sad.

At this time, the nurse came in, “I’m sorry. The visiting time is over. The patient has to be treated.”

Then Lester held James’s hand. “Great-grandpa, we’re leaving. We’ll see you again!”

Lester and James met only a few times, but they were relatives.

I pulled Lester, “Lester, let’s go. Next time we’ll see great-grandpa.”

“OK!” Lester jumped out of the chair. Although he went out, he kept looking back and waved to James.

James had been looking at him, too.

His eyes were filled with tears.

When we came out of the ward, Michelle had already left. Simon was the only one left.

Simon looked at me and said, “I know I can’t stop you from marrying her, but neither I nor your mother agree.”

With that, he left, too.

It seemed that Simon was waiting here just to say that.

Lester didn’t understand. He looked up at us. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” I picked up Lester and looked at Sean. After a long time, I said, “I’m going to stay with Lester in Sceaux for a while. Let’s talk about it later.”

Sean put one hand in his pocket and looked at me. “OK, when are you leaving? I’ll see you off.”

“No.” I gave him a reassuring smile. “I’m not a kid. I won’t get lost in a plane.”

Actually, I didn’t want to drag Sean down any more.

It was really about me that Jessop Family had become this way.

I didn’t want Sean to end up with no family like me.

“I want to see you off.” He didn’t accept my refusal.

“I also want dad to send us!” Lester spoke for Sean.

I had no choice but to agree, “OK.”

The next day, Sean drove Lester and me to the airport. We went to the Carson City and then to Sceaux.

Before that, I had contacted Linda. She said she and Chloe would handle the studio’s work.

When we got to Murray’s house, I heard a scream as soon as I pushed the door!


“Give me back my babies!”

I saw Margaret chasing a servant.

I quickly turned and held Lester. “You have to stand here. Don’t move.”

With that, I rushed to Margaret and tried to catch her.

But Margaret turned and pushed me away.

She was very strong. I was unprepared and pushed directly to the ground by her. I hit my head on the curb!

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