Chapter 180 You didn’t do that

It was really cold. Jessica tightened her down jacket and stamped her feet to keep warm.

“I’ll come straight to the point!” Carol was so anxious that she got several pimples on her face. “The accident inside that explosion scene was none of my doing. Don’t retaliate against me if you want to seek revenge!”

“Oh? You didn’t do that, so who did?”

“Didn’t I say that last time? It’s Mr. Howard! I have no proof, but if he hadn’t done it, why did he ask me to take the blame for it?”

Was Jessica stupid? She had told her so clearly last time. How could she forget it so quickly?

Jessica really did not want to discuss this matter with her, and even during this period of time, she deliberately forgot this matter.

“Speak!” Carol was so anxious because she didn’t hear Jessica answer after a long while.

She was anxious about this, and so did Jessica. “What are you yelling for? If my brother changed the explosive device, why did he save me later? Isn’t that a contradiction?”

Carol couldn’t figure out why Ryan did that, but she hadn’t done it. She had to explain. “I…”

Jessica said, “I think you have a guilty conscience. You knew that I am the daughter of the Howards. You are worrying that I will take revenge on you, so you blame my brother for this!”

That must be the case!

Otherwise, her brother wouldn’t have helped her when someone threw mineral water at her, when someone tried to kill her while she was running, and when her grandma tried to kick her out of the family.

“Don’t find me again about this, or I’ll be rude to you.” She made a half-truths threat and turned to leave.

If Jessica left, it would be difficult to ask her out for a private talk next time!

Carol gritted her teeth and trotted to stop Jessica. “If you still don’t believe me, you can employ a private detective to investigate this matter.”

She was worried that Jessica would refuse, so she hastened to say, “You find one, I’ll pay. Is that OK?”

Carol really didn’t look like she was lying.

Jessica felt a little flustered. “You really didn’t do that?”

“If I did that, I would be struck by lighting and killed, and I would be knocked down and killed by a car.” Carol swore without a guilty conscience. “I guess that Mr. Howard didn’t want you to get the shares in the Howard group, or he did that for some other reason. Look into it if you don’t believe me!”

“Even if it wasn’t you, it couldn’t have been my brother. Don’t make up story, or I’ll never let you off!”

Jessica wavered, but she could never allow others to slander her brother.

Carol resented being threatened by her, but for fear of reprisals, she could only hold back her anger and said, “…I promise I’ll never say anything about it when I get out of here.”

After the incident, Mr. Howard gave her so many benefits, in order to let her admit that she had changed the explosive device.

It was obvious that he had done it, but Jessica didn’t believe it. What a fool!

“You’re sensible.” Jessica didn’t know what she was thinking. She answered with a heavy heart, turned around and left.

By the look of the fool Jessica, she should have believed that she didn’t do that.

Jessica breathed a great sigh of relief. When she was ready to leave, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Ryan suddenly who was slowly coming towards her.

She didn’t know when he had appeared. Dressed in a black tweed coat, he looked handsome and aloof, as if he were a distant god.

Ryan had said that he would not care about Jessica anymore, but when he thought she would shoot some intimate scenes with Chris, he finally could not resist it, and found a reason to come to the set.

But he didn’t expect that he would happen to see that Carol was talking to Jessica.

His slender figure was reflected in her pupils. Panic crept over her as if her heart had stopped beating and her limbs had grown cold.

When Mr. Howards promised her the benefits, he had warned her not to tell anyone about it.

He was far away from them just now, but even if he didn’t hear what she said, he would have guessed, right?

Carol turned pale immediately. She turned around and ran.


His cold voice came from behind her. It was not loud, but it was like Death’s scythe on Carol’s neck, and she could not move.

Carol watched Ryan getting closer and closer helplessly. She was eager to run away, but her feet seemed to have grown roots and were firmly fixed on the land under her feet.

“Mr., Mr. Howard is also here. What, what a coincidence…” The cold seemed to freeze her mouth and make her stumble.

Ryan stopped about a meter away in front of her. His lips curved into a cruel smile. “Coincidence?”

He had warned her not to tell anyone about the explosion scene, but she transgressed it willfully and even told Jessica.

Well, there were always people who thought they had an easy time.

Carol was scared when she met his sullen eyes. “I…I didn’t…didn’t tell… Jessica any…”

Under his gaze, something seemed to jam her throat and she could not speak.

“Blame it on yourself.” Ryan gave her a cold look and turned to leave.

The words thundered in Carol’s ear, and she fell to the ground with a bump. She clasped his legs, her snot and tears running down.

“Mr., Mr. Howard, you can’t do that. If you… If you attack me now, Jessica will think you are guilty. It’s… It’s not the right time for you to do that!”

Ryan didn’t speak and the special assistant went forward t drag Carol away.

“Anyone can threaten me now.” Ryan looked at the trouser leg that had been grabbed by Carol in distaste, striding to leave.

The special assistant looked at Carol who brought it all on herself, smiled, and followed him.

Wearing a thin costume, Carol was lying on the ground. Her hands and feet felt cold and even her heart was frozen.

She was done for!

Even if Jessica was the daughter of the Howards, she was no match for Ryan. No one could help her…

After much thought, she still felt that Ryan would not do anything to hurt her life.

If he was really afraid that she would get the shares in the Howard group as Carol said, he would not help her when grandmother was going to drive her out of the family!

As for the other reasons, she couldn’t think of. If he wanted her to die, he could choose not to help her when the crazy fan was about to attack her.

But no sooner had Jessica convinced herself than Carol left the set that afternoon.

The director Mr. Burwell said he found Carol was not suitable for the role and would find a suitable actress. Now he would shoot other scenes first.

But Jessica just felt that something was wrong. As soon as Carol told her about it, she was kicked out of the crew. It was a strange coincidence!

Moreover, Mr. Burwell never joked about work. Since he had chosen Carol, it proved that Carol was suitable. It was a lame excuse to throw her out.

Was it because…her brother found what Carol had said to her, and he had a guilty conscience, so he did that to Carol?

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