Chapter 179 What does it matter to him

“The diamond ring is worth about millions of dollars, but you lied to me and said it was glass…Do you have any idea how badly you screwed me up? When my brother knew that I took such an expensive thing from you, he kicked me out of the car directly and now he’s still angry with me!”

Of course, the main reason for her brother’s anger was that she lied to him, but if it weren’t for the diamond ring, maybe her brother wouldn’t be so angry!

Chris frowned, and was more dissatisfied with Ryan. “Even if I give you a real diamond ring, what does it matter to him?”

“Why doesn’t it matter to my brother? What if I accept anything valuable, but that person wants to frame me for accepting a bribe and asks our family to do something for him or her?”

“So you think I’ll frame you?”

“…” Jessica got stuck on his question. She stared blankly into space, not knowing how to answer.

Little Bully was a little cranky and a little grumpy, but he would never frame her or use her to force the Howard family to do anything.

Chris opened and closed the ring box back and forth, whose handsome face looked more irritable. “And I am your nominal boyfriend. Isn’t it normal for me to propose to you with a diamond ring? Why should he be angry?”


Yeah, Little Bully was right. Such a simple question, her brother must be able to figure it out. Then why did he get angry when he saw this ring?

Looking at her silly look, Chris thrust the ring box into her hand, and said crossly, “I think he just likes you. That’s why he was angry when he saw this diamond ring!”

Jessica was still confused at the moment, but she was angry on hearing what he said. Because of her grandmother, she was sick of being paired off with her brother.

“Don’t talk nonsense. My brother is my brother. There’s no other relationship!”

Jessica glared at him, threw the ring box back into his arms, and then walked away. “You can keep the ring or throw it away as you like, but I don’t want it!”


The door closed loudly.

Chris looked sullenly at the closed door and tore his hair distractedly. This Little Silly, Ryan had a crush on her obviously. Was she stupid? Didn’t she feel anything?

He reminded her with the best of intentions, but she lost her temper with him. Humph! He couldn’t be bothered to worry about her!

Chris angrily hit the ring box on the ground, opened the wardrobe, grabbed the bathrobe and went to the bathroom. When he reached the bathroom door, he came back, and bent forward to pick up the ring box.

“Anyway, she is my nominal girlfriend. I should take care of this little silly.”

Jessica went back to her room in a state of anger. She threw herself on the bed and rolled over and over. How could Little Bully make irresponsible remarks? How could he tell that her brother had a crush on her?

But what Little Bully said was right. If her brother didn’t have a crush on her, why did he lose his temper when he saw the diamond ring? It was more correct to say that he was jealous.

“Ah!” So annoyed!

Clara was brushing her teeth. She ran out when she heard the noise and gave Jessica a blow on the buttocks, babbling, “What are you yelling for?”

“…Nothing.” Anyway, her brother was always unpredictable. He got angry at the ring this time was probably because he wanted to find a random reason to vent his anger. It was all because she had lied to him.

Her brother couldn’t possibly liked her anyway. There was no doubt whatever about it.

Jessica was relieved to realize this. She sat up, picked up her phone and sent Ryan a message quickly.

[Ryan, I have returned the diamond. And I was wrong to lie to you the other day. I sincerely apologize again. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. ]

However, there was no reply again.

Jessica didn’t receive any reply after waiting for half an hour, so she went to the shower in low spirits. She had to start shooting early tomorrow.

On the other side, when Ryan saw the news, the curve of his mouth increased for a moment, but it dropped soon. She was already living with Chris. What was the point of returning the diamond ring?

He laughed ironically and deleted the message.

At this moment, he received a call from the special assistant. “Mr. Howard, I have seen the new script that director Burwell sent to me. There are a lot of love scenes between the supporting actor and supporting actress…Chris is the supporting actor, so do I have to ask the director change the script?”

Ryan clutched the phone tightly. He rubbed the middle of his eyebrows, who looked a little tired. “… No, from now on, you don’t have to supervise her anymore.”

“Coloured Glaze” had been delayed for a long time. And the script was changed, so it was basically a remake. The director , Mr. Burwell was in a hurry, so he knocked at the door one by one early in the morning to get them up.

Jessica and Chris had worked together on “Spy” and they had a good personal relationship, so they cooperated very well. The shooting was progressing rapidly.

Even the director who was always strict and rarely praised them said, “Good!”

Jessica smiled from ear to ear because of what the director had said.

Chris took a look at her. There was a smile on his face, but he still said in disgust, “You are so easily satisfied. What can you accomplish?”

“I will do whatever I can accomplish. It’s none of your business!” Jessica looked sidelong at him and was still happy.

But Carol was not as happy as she was, and even felt very uncomfortable.

She hadn’t had a good sleep since what happened to Amy and Alex. Especially after knowing Jessica was the daughter of the Howards, she suffered from loss of appetite and became thinner gradually.

She didn’t know whether Jessica had believed her earlier statement that the explosion scene had nothing to do with her. If she didn’t, could Jessica let her off?

The more Carol thought about it, the more anxious she became. When Jessica finished shooting in the morning, she went to find her in a tearing hurry and said, “Jessica, I have something to talk to you.”

Before Jessica answered, Chris looked her up and down, squinting his eyes, and said, “Go ahead. Say it right here!”

This woman never had a good relationship with Little Silly.

How could she say such a thing in front of so many people. Carol kept winking at Jessica.

“All right, let’s change a place to talk.” Jessica almost guessed what Carol was going to say. She frowned, and went outside with Carol.

Chris grabbed her arm and frowned. “Hey!”

“Just talk to someone. It’s no big deal. How can you be so garrulous? Let go!” Jessica brushed his hand away, and left together with Carol.

Chris stamped his foot angrily as he watched their figures. He did that out of consideration for her, and she said he was garrulous?

Chris had such a violent temper, but he was silent when Jessica yelled at him. They have a good relationship. I’m so envious of Jessica.” Next to them, a female staff member looked envious.

“Yes, and both of them are good-looking. Their baby must be very beautiful.”

Chris’s inner anger melted immediately. He glanced at the female staff member and recognized that she was one of his fans. “Would you like to take a photo with me?” He asked in a rare, good-natured voice.

“Did Chris say he want to take a photo with me? Am I dreaming?”

“No, it’s true!”

“Aaaaaah, yes, yes!” How could the world be so beautiful when your hot-tempered idol asked you to take a photo with him!

At the same time, behind the rockery not far away from them.

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