Chapter 178 What should she do

Ryan’s eyes darkened. The little desire she had aroused in him had already vanished. Pushing her away, he walked into the room and slammed the door.

Looking at the closed door of the room, Jessica raised her hand and wanted to knock at the door, but she finally put down and patted her head regretfully.

Why did she have to lie when Ryan wanted to help her? … Annoyed!

She had offended Ryan now. What should she do?

In the next few days, Jessica tried to curry favor with Ryan. But she could not meet him whether she got up early or late. Later, he just stayed the night at the office and did not come back.

Obviously, he was avoiding her deliberately.

There was nothing Jessica could do now.

Just at this time, her agent Tina informed her to resume the shooting of “Coloured Glaze”. She could only make a determination to work hard, and tried to make the “Coloured Glaze” a hit and made more money for Ryan.

Amy couldn’t continue the shooting of “Coloured Glaze”, so the director asked Jessica to take her place. And Carol would take the place of Jessica’s role. The original supporting actor’s schedule was hectic, and the director said he was changed for a big-name actor. As for who it was, he kept it a secret.

These days, the director Burwell had not been idle. He let the scriptwriter alter the script drastically and added a lot of love scenes between the supporting actress and supporting actor.

Jessica was worried that when she played opposite the big-name actor, she would be despised, so she memorized the script harder than before.

“Here comes the supporting actor!” Before the shooting began, someone shouted. Jessica quickly stood up.

After the script was changed, she had a lot of physical contact with the supporting actor. Kissing and hugging were common, so she cared about who he was.

When the crowd dispersed, revealing Chris who looked impatient, she was stunned.

“Oh, my god, Jessica, you got the chance to act lovey-dovey with your boyfriend in public. Are you happy? Are you excited?” Clara held Jessica’s arm tightly. Her eyes brightened, and she was far more excited than the person involved.


Jessica shook her off and said in a low voice with a helpless look, “Excited my foot! We are pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend in order to silence our family.”

Then she looked at Chris sadly.

Why didn’t Little Bully tell her about such an important thing in advance?

“Fake, fake boyfriend and girlfriend?” Clara froze for half a minute before she reacted.

“Keep your voice down.” Jessica looked around and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that everyone was watching Chris and no one noticed them. “It’s not true. If it was true, I wouldn’t have to worry about those…” Intimate scenes?

Before she finished speaking, Clara interrupted excitedly, “Yay yay yay, in order to trick their family, two people are fake boyfriend and girlfriend. Then because of having been together for a long time, they came to have a tender feeling for each other. Isn’t that the plot of the novel? It’s so exciting!”

“…” God, Clara was so addicted to novel!

Jessica turned to look at Chris again, gloomily.

But everyone looked on as Clara did. Even the director, who was always serious, quipped, “You can’t have a problem with the intimate scenes this time.”

“…Yes.” Jessica complained inwardly. But pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend was her stupid idea. She couldn’t blame others.

After a day of filming, as soon as she went back to the hotel, she crept into Chris’s room.

Since they were boyfriend and girlfriend, she didn’t have to worry so much. She must return the diamond ring to Little Bully and talk to him about making intimate scenes now.

But Jessica closed the door so hastily that she didn’t see Ryan standing at the door of her room, looking at her with a cold face and carrying a midnight snack.

“Mr. Howard, shall I call Miss Rosen out?” Asked the special assistant cautiously.

Ryan did not answer, but asked in a faint voice, “How open-minded are modern people about sex?”

“…what?” The assistant looked puzzled and said, “Well…really open-minded. Boyfriend and girlfriend living together is normal. One-night stands are also common. Especially in the entertainment industry, the personal life of artists is more…”

“Shut! Up!” Ryan clenched his fists. Blue veins stood out on the back of his hands.

“…” The special assistant complained inwardly. Didn’t he ask him to say? As a result, when he did, Mr. Howard told him to shut up.

Ryan took a look at Chris’s room, and then threw the midnight snack into the trash can. The special assistant looked at it with a sigh. Mr. Howard queued up for two hours to buy it himself. It was Miss Rosen’s favorite food. What a shame!

After Jessica entered the room, she was flustered somehow. It was odd! Why did she suddenly feel flustered?

“What, what are you doing here? You’re not going back tonight?” Chris stole a glance at her, took off his coat, threw it on the bed, and asked with an uneasy look.

Many women had sneaked into his room before, suggestively, but he was annoyed at that point. He had never been the same as he was now.

His heart was beating fast, as if it were going to burst out of his chest.

Hearing that, Jessica took her mind off the question which she had just thought of, feeling that he asked her in a puzzled way. “Why don’t I go back? Do you want to…”

As she spoke, Chris looked like a cat whose tail had been stepped on and exploded. “I don’t want to! I, I have none of your filthy thoughts!”

“I just want to know if you want me to stay overnight here to play games all night. What’s so filthy?” Jessica was bewildered by his roar.

Chris froze. She didn’t mean that! He looked at her with his lips slightly parted, whose handsome face which always looked arrogant blushed immediately.

“I… What the hell are you thinking?” Jessica realized now and asked incredulously, “Did you extend a sexual invitation to me, your fake girlfriend just now?”

She couldn’t believe he was such a person.

Watching the look in her eyes become weird gradually, Chris tore his hair irritably. “I’m not! You silly girl are not my type!”

“Oh, if I were your favorite type, you would do that, right? A lot of men do, I see.” Jessica had a look of ‘You don’t have to explain, I understand’.

“…” How did Little Silly come to this conclusion?

Chris went to the table with a sullen face. He grabbed a bottle of mineral water, drank several large gulps, and put it back on the table with a bang. Then he turned to glare at Jessica. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Not for booty call, anyway.”

“…” Could she just let it go? If she hadn’t come to his room at night, would he have thought she wanted to spend the night with him?

Jessica took out the ring box and threw it to him. “Here you are.”

Chris was in a bad mood because he made a fool of himself. Now he was extremely unhappy when Jessica returned the ring to him. “Just a piece of glass, you don’t have to return to me.”

Even now, Little Bully still lied to her and said it was glass?

Jessica gave him a kick on the shin.

“Why did you do that?” Chris roared. Which woman always got physical like her?

“Still lying to me?” Jessica looked sidelong at him.

Hearing the word ‘lying’, Chris stopped bluffing abruptly. He avoided her eyes rather unnaturally. “What did I lie to you about? Just a little silly like you… Ouch!”

He covered his head which was beaten by Jessica and stared at her.

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