Chapter 177 Get married when you should get married

The grandmother frowned, threw her iPad to the servant, and then bowed to Jessica, saying, “These days, grandma misunderstood you. I should appologize to you. I’m sorry.”

Jessica was misunderstood by the grandmother this period of time. It was impossible to say that Jessica didn’t feel resentment towards the grandmother. But when she heard the grandmother apologize personally, the resentment in her heart vanished in an instant.

“Grandmother, it’s all right when you knew the truth. I-”

The grandmother who had straightened up interrupted her before she could finish speaking. “But anyway, you and Chris like each other. You should still develop your relationship, and get married when you should get married.”

Her words were very obscure, but the people present could catch that the grandmother was still on guard against Jessica and Ryan.

The corners of Jessica’s mouth which just turned upwards dropped again. She was disappointed again.

She managed to force a smile. “Yes, we like each other. Little Bully gave me a diamond ring today.”

“Did he propose? That’s great.” The grandmother said to her, but her eyes fell on Ryan all the time. “Then I will choose a auspicious day with Mrs. Jones as soon as possible for your marriage .”

Ryan glanced coldly at the grandmother and then his eyes fell on Jessica.

Obviously, grandmother was urging her to get married. As long as the little girl showed the slightest unwillingness, he would certainly help her out.

But Jessica didn’t even look at him. She just lowered her head. After a moment’s silence, she said in a low voice, “OK, I hate to trouble you and Mrs. Jones, but please do that.”

Each word exploded in Ryan’s ears like thunder, causing pain in his eardrums. That was right. She liked that guy. How could she refuse?

It seemed as if he were being whimsical.

“Silly girl, this is what we should do. No sweat. You regarded me as an outsider.” The grandmother smiled and looked away, holding Jessica’s hand and patting it.

Jessica gave a smile numbly. Somehow, she turned to look at Ryan suddenly.

She wanted to see his reaction.

But there was no change in his look. He was as cold as ever. He just glanced impassively at her. Without a word, he took his coat off the rack and strode away.

The grandmother glanced at Ryan and Jessica. She was certain that there was something between them.

After Ryan left, she let go of Jessica’s hand. “I’ll let you know when I decide on the day. You can go home now.”

“Ok. Good-bye, Grandma.” Jessica did not want to stay here any longer and went out with her mother.

On the way back, the mother suddenly asked, “Jessica, you and your brother…”

“Have no relationship! We have no relationship at all!” Before she finished, Jessica interrupted loudly with a unexplainable guilty conscience.

There was a strange expression on the mother’s face. Why did she react so violently?

Jessica also realized that she had reacted too violently. She coughed and said, “Ryan always treats me like a sister, so I treat him like a brother. We are brother and sister. Don’t think too much about it.”

“I see. In fact, I’m still saying the same thing. Even when you two are together, I’m on your side. You don’t have to be too stressed.”

“No, no, how can I be together with Ryan? We will be together when pigs fly.” Jessica laughed drily and sent Ryan a message.

“Ryan, thank you for what you did today.”

He didn’t reply until she got home. Jessica looked at the blue sky, feeling empty suddenly.

Ryan didn’t get home until about 9 p.m. He smelled of alcohol and walked a bit wobbly, who seemed to be in a bad mood. Worried that he might fall, Jessica quickly stood up and tried to help him.

But he dodged, avoided her touch, and staggered upstairs.

Jessica turned around and looked at his back. There was still the smell of alcohol on the tip of her nose. She bit her lip, but still followed him, seizing his arm forcibly, and putting it round her neck.

“Get out.” Ryan looked down at her. His eyes seemed misty because of drinking too much alcohol.

But his hand did not move, and he did not struggle.

Taking her courage in both hands, she didn’t let go but said in a low voice, “I’ll leave when I take you back to your room.”

She was relieved that he said nothing more. Then she helped him up the stairs with difficulty.

Ryan had drunk a lot of alcohol, but he was still conscious. He could stand on his own feet, but he could not tell what he was thinking, and he laid almost all his strength upon her.

Leaning against her, he sniffed the fresh smell of her shampoo and felt his mouth dry. He never felt that he had strong sexual appetite, but a gesture or a smell of her could arouse the most instinctive desire in his body.

They had arrived at the door of Ryan’s room. Jessica was about to open the door when she felt something was pressing against her neck.

It was so cold that she was gooseflesh all over.


Did Ryan kiss her on the neck?

Jessica swallowed and turned her head to her side. Only then did she find Ryan leaning his head on her shoulder. So he should have touched her by accident.

She breathed a sigh of relief and said gently, “Ryan, wake up. It’s in your room.”

“…well.” Ryan’s eyes fell on her long and fair-skinned neck for a moment. The emotion in his eyes was fleeting, and he felt that even his skin had become scalding.

Hearing his response, Jessica was about to open the door, but just as her hand touched the doorknob, Ryan caught hold of her hand. He dropped his eyes without looking at her, and his voice was hoarse with drink. “You go back to your room.”

“I’ll take you back to your room and…”

“I told you to go back, didn’t you hear?” Ryan looked up at her suddenly, his long and narrow eyes tinged with scarlet.

“… Well, I’ll leave.” Jessica’s hands and feet felt weak as she looked at the faint blue veins on his neck. “Thank you for what you did today, Ryan.”

He had deliberately forgotten, but when she mentioned, the fact that she had lied to him, and accepted Chris’s proposal, came uncontrollably to his mind.

It tugged at his heart, reminding him that it was cheap of him to help a woman who had already fallen in love with someone else.

His sullen face made Jessica feel nervous. As he approached, she subconsciously retreated, wanting to keep her distance from him.

But when she took a step back, he took a step forward. He stopped in front of her with his right hand against the wall at her side until her back was pressed against the cold wall.

“Ryan, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you… you were trying to help me in front of grandma. I’m sorry I lied to you.”

Jessica clung to the wall with both hands, not daring to look at him. It was her fault. Even if Ryan did blame her, she had nothing to say.

“Who said I was helping you? Huh?” Ryan pinched her chin and forced her to look at him.

Seeing the fear in her face, he could not help smiling ironically.

She was afraid of him. She had always been afraid of him. Even without Alex and Chris, she would not love him!

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