Chapter 176 You are here, Ryan

Seeing her like this, the mother pinched her face shortly. “Anyway, you will soon know that I am telling the truth.”

The car soon reached the old house, and the two of them entered the living room.

Jessica found that Ryan was also there. He sat bolt upright on the sofa. The golden sun shone on him, but it could not melt the ice of him.

“You are here, Ryan? What a coincidence.” He chuckled embarrassedly with some ingratiation.

Coincidence? It was his plan. Ryan pulled his lips sarcastically without making a sound, but nodded his head slightly and withdrew his eyes.

“Are you at odds with you brother?” The mother elbowed Jessica.

“No, no.” Jessica stuttered when she saw the grandmother going downstairs out of the corner of her eye. She stiffly bowed to the grandmother. “Hello, Grandma.”

Her voice was not loud, but it was not small, but the grandmother ignored it, and did not even give her a look.

Jessica straightened up awkwardly and wrung her hands.

There was a subtle atmosphere in the luxurious living room.

“Grandma is just a little old, but you’re not hard of hearing, are you?” Ryan’s cold voice suddenly sounded, breaking the silence.

Jessica looked at him in surprise. Wasn’t he angry with her? Why did he still speak for her?

Ryan did not look at her, but just stared at the grandmother.

The second grandson was getting more and more outrageous!

The grandmother frowned and said sharply, “Ryan, are you dissatisfied with me? Well, do I have to thank my granddaughter with reverence and awe for greeting me and showing respect to me an old biddy?”

They just met, but why were they arguing again? The mother quickly placated her, “Mom, Ryan didn’t mean t. Don’t be angry.”

“He was so unkind to me when he didn’t mean to. What would happen when he meant to? Stab me to death with a knife?” When the grandmother said the last remark, her voice was so high that it even sounded sharp.

Hearing this, the mother’s expression changed. “He…”

“We were talking about Jessica saying hello and you not responding. Why are you saying that I am going to murder you?” Ryan stood up with a sarcastic look on his face.

His grandmother was good at being unreasonable!

Jessica secretly took a look at the grandmother who was embarrassed. She gave him a thumb up inwardly. What her brother said was absolutely right.

The grandmother couldn’t refute Ryan’s words. As soon as she turned her head, she saw Jessica snickering, she felt anger rising inside her. “What are you laughing at? Are you smug that Ryan’s defending you?”

She didn’t how this coquette seduce men. Ryan always spoke for her and didn’t respect his grandmother!

“… I, I’m not smug.” Jessica didn’t know what to say when she was caught red-handed and her face was burning.

“If you’re not smug, why are you laughing? Do you think I’m blind?”


“Speak. Have you lost your tongue?” The grandmother became more and more aggressive because Jessica didn’t answer.

She was so domineering outside, but at home she behaved cowardly like that. Ryan’s mouth tightened into a thin line. His eyes clouded over with anger. Just as he was about to speak, he saw Jessica raise her head suddenly, whose flushed face smoldered with grievance.

“What does grandma want me to say? You want me to say that in order to stay in this family, I have to endure grandma’s increasingly bad temper, and increasingly… increasingly vicious words?”

She had swallowed her pride and endured in silence. She was also trying to cooperate when grandmother asked her to go on the blind date and asked her to get married as soon as possible.

Why was grandma still not satisfied?

Ryan’s eyes darkened, and his fists clenched uncontrollably as he looked at her reddish eyes.

The grandmother had been used to Jessica’s quiet and obedience, so she was stunned when she was retorted without any preparation. After that, she became angrier.

She did not answer Jessica, but looked at the mother with a spurious smile. “Is this your good daughter?”

Then she turned to look at Ryan. “Is this the good sister you are protecting?”

Finally, she looked at Jessica and said through gritted teeth, “You finally can’t help showing your true face! You always pretend to be a good girl in front of me, as if you listen to me. Now you see that both Ryan and your foster mother are partial to you, and you finally can’t bear it any longer and you gave yourself away?”

Hearing her words, Jessica opened her mouth slightly, but her throat seemed to be blocked by something. It was so dry, and she could not utter a word.

What…What made grandma think that? Did grandma think she had been acting for nearly twenty years?

The mother was also shocked. How could her mother-in-law even say such a thing?

“Talk, why don’t you talk? Don’t know what to say?” The grandmother glanced sarcastically at them.

All the family members were partial to Jessica, who had no blood relationship with their family. Even her husband, who had been married with her for decades, talked about divorce for Jessica, which kept her in a pent-up mood these days.

Now she finally released her pent-up anger.

But it did not last long. Ryan went up to her and tossed all the materials the special assistant had sorted out to her.

“What’s this?” The grandmother asked with a sullen face.

“You start to be dissatisfied with me and Jessica, isn’t it because of the news on the Internet? These are all clarifications. If you still don’t believe me, you can read the media reports.”

Ryan asked the servant to come and turn on the iPad. Then he held it out to the grandmother with a poker face.

Ryan was actually so well prepared? It seemed that he had called her earlier to ask if she had time was because he wanted to help her explain to grandma?

Jessica looked at him in surprise. Thinking about what had happened today, she finally knew why he had been so angry before.

She patted her head and wished she could go back in time and patted her who thought herself witty to death.

At the same time, the grandmother skeptically took the iPad. As she looked at the news, the accompanying video, and the comments below, her expression changed with mixed feelings.

Ryan’s “considerate” explanation and translation also embarrassed her to the extreme-

“Jessica didn’t seduce anyone. It was Alex trying to rape her.”

“She did not cheat on so many people. It’s Alex who cheated on her and framed her.”

“In this picture, she was molested by those who she was negotiating about cooperation with for Alex. It was her ex-boyfriend who deliberately posted it to fool the ignorant people like you.”

The grandmother’s cheek grew hotter with every word he said.

The reports on the Internet before were actually false as Jessica said.

She thought of herself as an open and aboveboard person,so before Ryan could continue, she turned off her iPad and interrupted, “You don’t have to say any more. I know what you mean. During this time, I misunderstood Jessica, and I will apologize to her.”

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