Chapter 180 Just Because I Like You

When she was sure there was no one around, she looked back, probably because the two were too close. She saw a handsome face close at hand, and her heart missed a beat suddenly. Was she frightened?

“Are you gay? Or you have a girlfriend, your parents don’t agree with you, so you need an honorary wife? If that’s the case, your parents will find my bad reputation, and they will definitely not agree. So you choose another lady.”

Dan Trump found this woman more and more interesting, “I’m not gay. I like women, I’m not forced to marry, and I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Janice didn’t understand this, then he was…”My brother owes you money? Yes, he is, right? If you don’t marry me, I will pay you back.”

Dan Trump smiled lightly, “No one forced me to marry you, just because I like you.”

Janice looked straight at him for a few seconds, and the unsmiling smile sprayed, raising her hand naturally on his smooth forehead, “Dear, are you insane?”

“Can’t you see? I’m telling the truth.” Her warm palms touched his forehead, giving him a strange feeling in his heart.

Janice retracted her hand and sat down in her seat. “I didn’t really see it. I just think your like is too casual.”

“You can’t understand it. I love you at first sight.”

Janice said frankly, “I thought that I didn’t have so much attraction to make a man love me at first sight, and it couldn’t happen to me. Besides, when we first met, I had already told you I’m not a good woman. ”

In the latter words, she did not want to continue to say, anyway, he also understood what she wanted to say.

“So what?” Dan Trump asked her patiently.

Janice didn’t understand it. It was really hard to communicate with this man.

“Man like you would have many girls who show their affection for you. What do you want me to do?”

Janice really couldn’t figure this out, and she didn’t want to bother to figure it out. She just wanted to find a man to get married.

Dan Trump listened to Janice very patiently. He felt that he could understand her rejection. In her eyes, he was excellent.

“Don’t you just need a man to marry you, I need a wife, and you’re right, it’s that simple.”

The truth he gave was considered reasonable, but Janice still didn’t believe it. Even if she only needed a wife, he should find a good wife with good reputation. She did not believe he hadn’t checked her before.

“Buddy, wouldn’t you have a hidden disease?” She really couldn’t find any other reason.

Trump looked at her awkward look, only smiled and said nothing, which didn’t need to be explained too clearly. He would naturally prove in the future, and he had this confidence.

“Well, I’ll keep this for you.”

“You have a lot in common with my ex-girlfriend.” His voice was faint, as if talking about other people’s affairs.

Janice looked at the calm man in front of her, “Do you still love her?” Was she too curious?

Dan Trump pouted and smiled, “She…died because of a car accident.”

So, it doesn’t matter whether he loved or not.

Janice looked at him apologetically, “Sorry, I shouldn’t mention this.”

Dan Trump didn’t mind smiling, “It’s alright.”

Although he was still smiling, Janice was inexplicably distressed by him. Although it was clear that a man like his age cannot have a love history, but if the other party leaves forever, it will be sad.

The waiter brought the dish the two had just ordered, but Janice had no desire to eat, and she was thinking about his ex-girlfriend.

In fact, she also wanted to ask him, why he said she was an ex-girlfriend. Did his girlfriend get into a car accident after they broke up?

But this kind of sensitive and sad question, she had better not to ask..

Janice was lost in mind, the steak that had not been moved in front of her was taken away, and he soon replaced it with a cut, neat and orderly steak.

Janice looked up at Dan Trump who did all this for her. He pouted and smiled, lowered his eyes seriously, and cut the steak on the plate in an orderly manner.

“Thank you.” Janice suddenly became confused by this atmosphere and didn’t know what to say.

Dan Trump still pursed her lips and didn’t speak again.

Janice felt that, in fact, he didn’t like to talk. And he just smiled.

He was a gentleman. After dinner, he was responsible for sending people home safely. Janice did not mention the matter between the two.

“Thank you for your lunch and thank you for sending me back.”

Dan Trump looked at her, and the smile on her mouth was still there, “No thanks.”

Janice clutched her soft hair. Actually, she had something to ask him, but she didn’t know how to say, “Well…can you call my brother, even if we really don’t match, please.”

“We haven’t tried it, how do you know it’s inappropriate. Why are you so determined, it’s impossible for you and me?”

Janice was also crazy about his stubbornness, but she can still bear it. After all, she hadn’t been able to fault this person.

“Do you think it’s possible for us?” Janice asked.

Dan Trump smiled. “Everything is possible. I believe you will fall in love with me.”

Janice was shocked. He even had such a big goal. She didn’t believe she would still have the ability to love someone, and he was so sure about this.

Janice smiled dryly, “Oh, are you too confident?”

“Then we can try.”

Before getting out of the car, Janice said helplessly, “I sincerely hope that I have no chance to meet you next time.”

Dan Trump followed her, and leaned against the door of the car to watch her go home. He smiled and said, “You may be disappointed then, goodbye.”

Because Janice’s single apartment had also been changed by Chuck, currently she can only live with her eldest brother. Fortunately, her parents have gone on a trip, otherwise she must be annoying.

Molly watched Janice’s back disheartened. She was holding Nancy, who had just fallen asleep and couldn’t put it down. Molly came and talked to her, because she was afraid of waking Nancy, and her voice was naturally low. I think that Dan Trump is just excellent. Why are you dissatisfied? ”

Janice looked at Molly, and then looked at her sweet sleeping niece Nancy.

Molly ducked, “She just slept, don’t wake her up, I’m almost exhausted by her every day.”

Janice snorted coldly, saying rudely, “It’s not my niece who makes you tired, it’s my brother’s toss in the middle of the night.”

A married woman blushed at hearing this. She had to talk about Janice’s rectum.

“You’re with that Dan Trump, you can’t speak like that. I think he sincerely wants to get along with you.”

Speaking of that Dan Trump, Janice felt a headache. “I want to scare him. How can he not separate the good and bad? ”

Molly was very speechless about such a Janice. How could she say herself like this? Besides, she was not as bad as she herself said.

“Do you really have no feeling about that Dan Trump?”

Janice answered Molly’s question seriously, “How can I dare to have feeling for such an outstanding CEO of a listed group?”

Molly still felt that she had another reason, “Janice, if it is for Jim to give up Dan Trump, I feel worthless.”

In this world, there was no lack of lovers who had never been in love but have not been able to come together. Some people said that it was because they didn’t love enough, and some people said that it was because they loved too much.

Love was the most difficult thing to understand in this world.

Janice irritably refuted Molly’s words, “Who says that I am for that bastard. I refuse Dan Trump, because I consciously think he is too excellent for me.”

Molly really felt incredible. She always felt very good about herself, and the super narcissistic Miss would be not confident about herself?

“He likes you, which proves that you are excellent in his eyes. There are some shining points in you that are enough to get his attraction. Al long as two people love each other, everything would be right.”

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