Chapter 179 I Will Finish It Quickly.

Janice looked at the house in front of her, obviously not her single apartment.

“I don’t come to you, you send me to my own house.” Janice dragged his brother Chuck’s arm and walked towards the garage.

Chuck pulled her into the room with a little force, “Before you were married, you will live here.” In the future, there were some things that she didn’t directly discuss with her.

Janice resentfully said, “Brother, please forgive me, if you let our mother see me like this, but let me start to copy the Bible tomorrow.”

“That’s what you asked for.”

“Brother, listen to me, I can’t live with you, I really can’t live with you, let me go back to my kennel. I miss home.”

Janice followed Chuck exaggeratedly and said that the door was open. Chuck let go of her, just to let go of her voice and talk about her. There was Molly’s voice from the living room.

“You’re back? Just now, Mr. Trump couldn’t connect Janice, and was in a hurry to find him.”

Molly came over, and Chuck’s body was a little stiff, not because of others, but because his sister was too ridiculous and felt shameful.

Chuck shook hands with Dan Trump, “I’m so sorry. I took Janice to a dinner party, and she drank too much.”

Dan Trump smiled slightly. When he moved her eyes to Janice, he was full of affection. “Because I met her last time that she and I had dinner tonight, I couldn’t get through her cell phone, so I was a little anxious. Just come to look at her. ”

Dan Trump was the people of last blind date arranged by Chuck for Janice. In fact, it was not actually a blind date. It was Dan who actively came to Chuck. At that time, Chuck hesitated, but when his parents heard, they were happy with that.

Janice blinked her eyes and looked at the tall, handsome, aristocratic man in front of her.

“You’re here for me?” She pointed to her little nose and asked the man in front of him who would smile very well when she saw him.

Dan Trump smiled and nodded, “Yes. You phone cannot be connected.”

Janice frowned a pair of handsome eyebrows, looking at Dan Trump. She thought whether he was pretending to be stupid? It didn’t look like he hadn’t been in love. “This guy. When I don’t answer your phone, it means I don’t want to see you.”

Chuck was almost fainted by Janice’s unscrupulous words, and even Dan’s smile became stiff. Molly also gave Janice a pinch on the back of her hand to keep her awake.

However, Janice had something even more unreliable. She looked at Molly innocently. “Sister-in-law, what are you doing to me? I don’t know this person at all. How can I make an appointment with him for a meal?”

Dan Trump’s good cultivation kept him calm. He smiled, “Since she’s fine, then I won’t bother.”

Chuck stayed, “I asked her to wash her face soberly. She drank too much.”

Dan Trump just wanted to talk to Chuck politely. Janice interrupted for a second. “I didn’t drink a bit, but I am drank completely, OK? I just told you on my way home that I am drunk.”

Chuck sent Dan Trump to leave, and there was such an uneasy sister who was also very worried. “Sorry, Janice is too rude today.”

Dan Trump smiled, “No, I think it’s real and cute, but she’s not drunk, she’s just rejecting me.”

“This…” Of course Chuck knew it, but he did not expect Dan Trump to see it.

The driver helped Dan Trump to open the door early. Chuck and Dan Trump had commercial contacts, so there was more commercial etiquette between the two. After sending Dan Trump, Chuck returned to the house angrily, Janice was sitting on the carpet in front of the sofa and eating durian. Chuck was already furious, and went directly to lead her up to the bathroom. “Get in and think for yourself.”

Janice did not resist. She was sitting in a cold bathtub, there was no water in it, but it was just this small, confined space that was enough to keep her awake.

Yes, she was not a fool. She knew that Dan Trump wanted to try to get along with her. If that Dan Trump was a bad man, maybe she will agree. She would marry anyone as long as she completely breaks with Jim. Anyway.

But that Dan Trump was too good. It was not a pity that such a good man be mistreated by her. She was still afraid of retribution.

In short, she was completely ready to break with Jim, and she really wanted to find a man to live, but it should not be such an excellent Dan Trump.

After Benjamin got home, Alice just coaxed Pippi to sleep, she frowned, “You’re drinking.”

Benjamin pretended to be drunk and nodded terribly. “Well, yes, I’m drinking, but I’m not drunk, I’m not drunk, I can drink a few more glasses, or you can accompany me for two drinks.”

Alice looked at him scornfully. Only the drunken person said that he was not drunk, but the appearance of him sitting on the sofa was about to fall, and he said he was not drunk.

Alice went to pour a glass of water for him, and after he murmured, he threw the glass water away, and the sound of the glass breaking, he pretended to be stupid, “What sound? Is it an earthquake? Alice, come here, the earthquake, hurry up, the whole room is turning. ”

Alice was speechless. She could not angry at an alcoholic, and that was simply to be angry with her. She wanted to help him on the sofa. Seeing him like this, she was afraid he would sit on the ground next second.

Clasped his hands on his sturdy shoulder, leaned over and hoped that he would cooperate a little, “Go up. Don’t fall.”

Benjamin took her into his arms, “This is your initiative.”

Alice, lying on his body, gave him a disdainful look, “Hurry up, I’m going upstairs to sleep.”

There was a meaningful smile on the corner of Benjamin’s lips. If he couldn’t get her tonight, he would not be Benjamin.

A sloppy leap over her, trapped her underneath, tossed her with a little charming eyes, mixed with the smell of strong wine, deliberately kissed her in her sensitive ears, “Tonight, you are mine. ”

“Stop making noises, Pippi can’t find me and wakes up soon.”

Benjamin took a bite of punishment on Alice’s earlobe. “Wife, your body has betrayed your righteousness, and cooperated obediently, I will finish it quickly.”

“Don’t do that here. Anyway, go to the room, what if Pippi wakes up?” Alice felt awkward, and he was too anxious.

“It’s exciting here…”

The voice hadn’t fallen yet, and the actual combat hadn’t started yet, “Mummy, ohh…Mommy, Pippi wants Mommy…”

Boy, don’t you want to wake up so easily in the middle of the night?!

“Did he send to punish me?” Benjamin’s half leaned on the sofa.

Alice tidied up her pajamas and ran to the second floor to comfort the sad Pippi, and poor Benjamin fell asleep on the sofa alone.

Early the next morning, the little guy who had woken up hadn’t had time to change clothes, so he stood in front of the sofa wearing a cute pajama of Winnie the Pooh, and innocently and cutely patted Dad’s face with his little hand.

Benjamin opened his eyes and patted the empty space around him. “Come here and let Dad hug for a while.”

Pippi laid in his father’s arms obediently, “Daddy…”

Yes, it was this warm and cute little boy that destroyed his father’s good day. He can’t be angry just by seeing him.

The next day, under the threat of persecution by Chuck, Janice had to take the initiative to meet with Dan Trump. This Dan Trump was really patient.

In a romantic western restaurant, the two sat face to face, and Janice came up and said, “Let me talk first, I didn’t want to see you. My brother stopped my credit card and locked all my clothes, shoes, and bags. I had no choice but to meet you. ”

Dan Trump didn’t left the scene indignantly, but smiled, and was pleased with the joy that could not be concealed.

“What are you laughing at?” Janice really didn’t understand this man. In other words, was he stupid?

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not joking with you, I just think you are sincere. Since we first met, you have been telling me how bad you are. OK, but I know a little about you, and I think you are fine.”

Janice didn’t understand. Did this man really have a problem in his head? God was fair, not all good things were given to only one person.

He was rich, good looking and had power, but unfortunately, he had no brain.

Janice was lying on the table with her arms leaning forward, a small face curious enough to get close to Dan Trump, “Mr. Trump, do you have anything you are not convenient to speak out?”

Dan Trump frowned and didn’t quite understand what she wanted to say. He expressed his interest in learning her posture. In this way, the two perfect faces would almost come together. “Oh, you can speak you mind out. I will see whether you are right.”

Janice looked left and right, after all, he can be regarded as famous guy. If others can hear it, that’s not good.

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