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Chapter 178 Love Is Also Terrible

“What do you look like?”

Janice didn’t take it seriously. “When you come to play in this kind of place, it is easy to be treated as a virgin without wearing it, but I am obviously not.”

“Janice!” As an elder brother, Chuck absolutely did not allow his sister to be decadent. It was not worth it for a man.

Benjamin glanced at Jim. His hand holding the wine glass was shaking with anger. He was the one who was even angrier than Chuck, but because of the current relationship between them, he could not do anything to her..

A big boy dressed in rock and roll came over, and one of his arms naturally rested on Janice’s shoulder. “Any acquaintance?”

Janice didn’t hate the boy’s approach, and also introduced the three of them with a smile. “This is my brother and you have to be polite to him.”

The boy cooperated very well with Janice, bowed slightly, and shouted, “Nice to meet you, brother.”

Chuck was speechless. At first glance, it was a very unreliable guy. Chuck had arranged a blind date for her a few days ago. She and others did not even introduce the name, so she said that she had had a boyfriend and had a miscarriage, and now she still had that bastard in her heart.

What kind of man would like her?

Janice continued to introduce, pointing to Benjamin, “The ex-husband of my girlfriend.”

Benjamin wanted to say that, in fact, she didn’t need to introduce him, and he didn’t agree with the way of introduction.

“That, my ex-boyfriend, is a bastard.” There was no one except Jim.

The boy demonstrated Janice in his arms like a demonstration. He didn’t have to be afraid. “Janice, darling, just don’t take him in your heart. You deserve better. Besides, how could I have met such a good girl without your asshole? Thank you, buddy.”

Janice said to them, “Have fun, brother. You go home early, I went there.” After that, she was ready to go with the rock boy.

How could Chuck let her sister be willful and take her wrist, “Go home.”

“No.” Janice refused.

No discussion at all, Chuck looked at the boy in deterrence, “Let go of her.”

If someone said this, the boy would definitely not let it go, but the other person is Janice’s brother. He had to put it, “Janice, go home with your brother first.”

Chuck put Janice on her suit jacket, “Don’t you dare to come to such a place to try again, I will tie you directly at home, believe it or not.”

Janice pouted and said she did not believe. “If you dare to tie me up, I will go into our kennel, and then I will tell our parents that you let me in.”

She couldn’t threaten Chuck at all, “You don’t need to go into the kennel yourself, I will tie it with the dog directly.”

“You are a domestic violence. Are you so violent to Molly? No wonder she called so miserably when I passed you two that night.”

Chuck turned to her with a black face, “Shut up, and go home.”

During the whole process, Jim didn’t say a word. Except for the introduction, Janice didn’t look at him.

This should be the case between them. Not all men and women who had gone to bed can finally become lovers and walked together for a lifetime, right?

“Slap!” The wine glass in Jim’s hand was broken when Chuck took Janice out of their sight.

Going home separately, Jim was sitting on the sofa in his living room. It was very late. He could not hear anything in the whole villa, but he could hear it clearly and the footsteps were getting closer.

He could not help frowning, deliberately avoiding his hands.

Yuna came over and sat beside him. “Why did you come back so late? You drink again?”

Jim smiled a bit. “Drink a bit.”

Yuna stood up. “I’ll help you make a cup of honey.”

Jim declined, “No, you go to rest early. I want to sit alone for a while.”

Yuna’s standing body was stiff, she could understand what he said, he didn’t need her, and his sadness was because of Janice.

When she looked back and wanted to say something to him again, she found that his hands were bleeding, and she squatted in front of his feet. “Why did you hurt your hand?”

Her care was actually real.

Jim withdrew his hand from her, “It’s alright. I’ll take care of it later.”

Yuna looked up at him deeply, thinking what she wanted to say, but felt that she had too much to say, so she got up and went to the medicine box.

When she found it, she came back. When he still refused, she forcibly helped him to treat the wound. After the bandage was over, Jim took back his hand for a second without saying a word.

Squatting in front of Jim’s feet, Yuna looked up at Jim. She was deliberately sexy every night. Tonight, the suspender silk skirt was also specially worn for him.

“Jim…you don’t like me, right?”

Jim looked down at Yuna right now. Of course he knew what she was thinking. He really couldn’t do anything. He also tried to force himself to accept everything like this, so that he and Janice could completely break. Now, Janice can restart her life, but he…


Yuna was now afraid of him talking, stood up, two smooth stern arms wrapped around his neck, and her lip was close to him. She wanted to kiss his lips. Jim avoided, and her lips fell on his earlobe.

Jim pushed Yuna away. He did drink a lot of alcohol, but he was very calm. Even if he didn’t want to be so calm, he was still very calm.

“Yuna, don’t you do that. You’re fine, and it’s worth meeting a man better than me.”

Yuna burst into tears, “No, I only want you. I only want you, Jim.”

“I’m sorry.” Otherwise, he had nothing to say.

“You just can’t let her go?” Yuna questioned him unbelievably. He was a playboy and there were so many women around him, why couldn’t she let go of that Janice.

Jim smiled bitterly. “I don’t even know it myself, but even if it wasn’t for her, it would be impossible for me and you.”

Yuna was reluctant to accept all of this, “Why? Just because I had a child with someone? Are you not very clear, that person is a raper, a criminal? When I found out that you have a relationship with Janice, I ran out and forced by that bastard, raped, and then have a child. If I would be innocent, it would be Janice’s fault, if it was not her…”

“Enough.” Jim interrupted Yuna’s complaint. “It has nothing to do with her. If you have to find someone to pay for the past, it should be me, it’s my fault.”

Yuna shook her head heart brokenly. “Jim, you are still protecting her, and she is clearly the culprit of our separation. From the beginning, the person you like in your heart is her.”

This is a problem that Yuna had never dared to face. Even tonight, after her roaring questioning, she regretted it the next second. She was really afraid that Jim’s answer would completely put her back on him. The emotions that persisted broke into eighteen layers of hell.


As soon as Jim spoke, he was interrupted by Yuna. She didn’t have the courage to listen to what he said she couldn’t accept. “Jim, as long as you are willing to let me live with you, it proves that you still have affection for me. I believe, as long as there is no Janice, we can be together again, we will be happy, Jim…”

Jim looked at her and sighed, “Yuna, I let you live here because of your daughter Cindy, no matter what she came to this world, now she is so cute and pretty and obedient, you should love her very much. I like her very much. When I knew from the doctor that her injuries were not bumps in school, I felt bad for her. ”

Yuna’s whole body was tense. She felt that she was about to collapse. Jim’s words made her feel that some things she tried to conceal were clear to him and she panicked.

“Jim, there are some things you don’t know. Many things are not what you see on the surface. Cindy is my biological daughter. I love her. I will hit her because she is not obedient. Really. Don’t look at her normally so well-behaved, sometimes she’s really very irritating. She doesn’t listen to what I say, and I hit her if she doesn’t obey. ”

Yuna’s words were not understood by Jim. On the contrary, it made Jim more chilling, and even the child who was disobedient, the mother couldn’t hit her so hard.

Jim looked at Yuna quietly, just as she had previously complained. If it were not for him, Cindy would not have come to this world, let alone at such a young age and suffered so many crimes. It is undeniable that since he let Yuna live in his house, Cindy hadn’t suffered heartache, and smiled a lot, slowly becoming lively.

He was not great, but he didn’t want to treat that child badly. He just wanted to feel better in his heart.

“It’s late. Go to bed.” Jim didn’t want to say anything. He was tired. Janice alone was enough for him.

Yuna stared resentfully at Jim’s back upstairs. She must let this man return to her. She must get this man. She had had a hard time with her child alone in the past few years. She will never have that kind of hard life again. She wanted to get this man. Only by getting this man can she spend the rest of her life in peace.

Therefore, as long as there was no Janice, this man will belong to her again. She wanted to make that extra Janice completely disappear in this world.

Disappeared completely.

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