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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 177 Action

Silence is better than words…

They didn’t know how long it had been. The rain in the bathroom was pouring wildly. Alice stood in front of the sink and vigorously washed her hand that had just been with a certain liquid.

When preparing to go back to sleep, she caught a bottle of glue that had been put here before, and she had a bad idea.

Two minutes later, Alice closed the door gently, and left the bathroom.

Lying quietly on the bed, clutching the baby boy around her, waiting for someone to scream, and sure enough, within a few minutes, she heard someone’s extremely forbearing roar, “Alice!”

Alice laughed out loud when imagined he caught the doorknob, but she still closed her eyes tightly, pretending she didn’t know anything, and sleeping was the best way to escape punishment.

Feeling the movement of the bed, she closed her eyes slightly, and her breathing was stable. Even if she didn’t fall asleep, she seemed to be sleeping very well.

She thought that Benjamin would pinch her breathing nose or pinch her ears to punish her, but he just kissed her on the hand.

The little woman Alice was so frightened that she suddenly retracted her hand and looked at him with vigilance.

He smiled softly, “Good night.”

Alice’s big eyes blinked, did he stop? But if he continues to toss, it will be him who suffered in the end.

Good night and have a good dream.

The next day, when the sun came out, the first person to wake up was Pippi, who was hungry.

Pippi sat in the midst of his parents, blinking his eyes, looking at his father and his mother. It seemed that this was the first time that he had slept with his parents.

The little guy giggled happily. In the early morning, Pippi’s laughter was like a silver alarm clock, waking the two adults who were still asleep.

Alice got up and hugged Pippi on her lap. “Does the baby sleep well?”

The little boy nodded with a smile, “Well, Pippi will sleep between mom and dad in the future.”


The happiest person was not Pippi, but this older child, Benjamin, and he stretched out his long arms and embraced the mother and son in his arms. “Really my own son.” Speaking, he didn’t forget to come to Alice for ambiguous Small eyes.

The family of three simply had breakfast and went to the hospital to pick up Joan home. At the hospital, Joan promised to leave the hospital, but she wanted to live in Singapore with her sister for a while.

No matter if the old man suddenly wanted to go out for a reason, Alice did not reluctantly and nodded with a smile.

Joan herself booked a flight ticket before going to the airport after being discharged.

On the way home, she was sad and had something in mind. The indescribable feeling was that her heart was not very comfortable.

Benjamin saw that her mind was heavy, and felt that it was not appropriate for her mother to go to Singapore as soon as she was discharged from the hospital. “My mother’s personality, you know. She is a strong woman in her bones, and she just wants to go out and relax.”

Alice said the same to herself, but still felt something wrong, “Am I the kind of unreasonable daughter-in-law?”

“Of course not. You are my best wife.”

“The best wife…” Pippi, who was sitting in the safety seat, learned the words Benjamin said, smiling and happy.

Alice, who glanced at her son in the rearview mirror of the car, was extremely happy.

“Son, your mother is my wife. You can call her like this.” Benjamin, who was with his son in the back, explained the issue of ownership with his son in a serious manner.

Pippi didn’t know what he was talking about. All he knew was to learn to speak, and said milkily, “It’s my wife.”

“It’s mine.” Benjamin solemnly emphasized.

Pippi also showed no weakness. He also felt that Dad was very happy to play with him like this, learning the tone that Dad just spoke and expressionless, “It’s mine.”

“…” Benjamin was speechless and was racking his brains to figure out how to make it clear to a child with more than two years old that Alice was his wife.

“You are not immature.” Alice said very shamelessly, and added one more casually, “Baby, you are the favorite, favorite and favorite baby of Mommy.”

The little boy clapped his hands happily and was very happy. “Mummy, I love you.”

When Alice heard her son say this, she also laughed and said, “Love you too.”

Bright eyes narrowed, watching his son so happy to coax Alice, Ben decided to learn a lesson, lay on the co-pilot’s seat, his handsome face protruded out, and shamelessly said to Alice who was driving Sentence, “Wife, I love you too.”

Alice’s smile, which was just amused by his son, disappeared instantly, and she looked up and hit him lightly on his forehead. “Sit down.”

This response was totally different.

He was obviously the most important man in her life. Why was the difference so big? After thinking about it for a long time, Mr. Benjamin thought of the biggest reason, it must be because he hadn’t conquered her.

As for what he was thinking, only he knew it.

Joan went to Singapore, and there were only three of them in the family. As soon as the Nanny’s son was married, his daughter-in-law became pregnant, and she stayed at home to take care of her daughter-in-law.

Benjamin said, “How about hiring an aunt.”

Alice didn’t directly consider, “No, I’ll do it myself.”

Benjamin expressed doubt, “You?”

“What’s wrong? Dissatisfied? It doesn’t matter, just run away from home.” Alice said rudely.

“No, I feel bad for you, and for my stomach and my son’s stomach. Will your food can really feed our family of three?”

Regarding Benjamin’s scornful eyes, Alice ignored it, and did not feel any harm to self-esteem, because all he said was the truth, “You cool it. When you don’t have time, I take my son to Molly’s or Janice’s.”

“I…” Benjamin wanted to say, could he ask for another wife. It was not right of a wife not having sex with her husband.

On this day, Benjamin turned to his good brothers to complain, and Jim had many ideas, although his feelings were still a mess.

Jim put the wine glass on the bar. “It’s not easy. Just tell her, that kind of thing is a husband and wife obligation, and she has been unwilling to agree. Then she is disloyal to the marriage. You can sue her.”

Chuck knew a little bit more than Jim, and he didn’t want to add fuel to the fire. “Yes, it is a husband and wife obligation, but on the premise, they are now living together illegally.”

He glanced at Benjamin, who was drunk next to him, and took advantage of the fire. “You sponsor one for my new project, or I will report you.”

Benjamin drank the whiskey in the glass, “Go and report me, and now I’ll check it out, I’m still innocent.”

Jim couldn’t help but give a thumb up and gave praise to Ben, who was aggrieved.

Chuck glanced at Jim. There was no good way for this bastard. He had hurt Janice so much.

The three men were drinking. Janice didn’t know where to come out, and patted Benjamin’s shoulder. “Man, you seemed to not satisfy with Alice.”

Her words were not appropriate to speak from her mouth, but if you never know her, and just looked at the tight skirt she wore tonight, the red wig on her head, and the original delicate face, you will feel that it was not surprising that she said these words.

Chuck got down from her chair and walked in front of Janice. A pair of deep eyes could kill someone. “What do you look like?”

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