Chapter 176 All Things Decided by My Wife

Benjamin nodded. “It’s all right.” After vowing, he regretted a bit, so he added the sentence, “As long as you don’t go too far, I depend on you.”

Alice pouted and chuckled, “Well, I hope you will start exercising today and strive to build yourself up.”

“What are you doing? Are you ready to send me to the battlefield?” Maybe she could do it.

Alice lifted her foot and politely kicked him, “In your heart, I’m so bad to you?”

“If you don’t marry me, that’s the biggest punishment for me. This is not enough.”

Alice gave him a disdainful look, and he didn’t find the reason himself, and asked himself why she was reluctant to remarry him.

After Pippi was found, Alice really wanted to stay with him. Just looking at him sleeping so well, she felt that she seemed to have the whole world.

If Pippi hadn’t been able to find her, she really didn’t dare to imagine what would happen to her, but this home must have disappeared.

Benjamin made something to eat and called Alice to eat. Alice looked at the sleeping Pippi and thought, “I’m not hungry, you can eat it yourself.”

She didn’t want to leave her baby boy for a minute and a second. That’s understandable, but when she looked at him, what did the precautionary look mean? Will he lose the baby boy again?

Benjamin was not angry, “Whether you are hungry or not. When it’s time to eat, you have to eat well.”

Alice shot him a glance, disgusting, “Lower your voice. Don’t wake my son.”

Benjamin was almost irritated by her words, pointed at her son who slept sweetly on the bed, and lowered his voice to refute Alice’s irritating words, “That’s my son, too.”

Alice sniffed, “Your son has been lost by you, now Pippi is my own son.”

Benjamin expressed dissatisfaction, “Alice, why are you so unreasonable? Without me, how can you have a son?”

Alice, “I did not deny that he belonged to you before. What I said is that I am alone, because of your carelessness, you have been deprived of being Pippi’s father.”

“Alice, believe it or not, I’ll let you immediately give me another baby now.” Boss, mighty, but we can’t say no every day, is it?

Alice showed no weakness. He was a little intimidating. She didn’t have to be afraid. “In my stomach, it’s still up to me to determine whether you have the ownership of the child.”

Benjamin narrowed his eyes, walked to the bed unhurriedly, and pulled Alice from the bed with one hand, his strength made Alice did not stand firmly and directly fell into his arms.

Benjamin’s other arm took hold of her as if in a hug, and a low magnetic voice came over her head. “Well, it is yours, and me is yours as well.”

Alice struggled in his imprisoned arms, “Let go! I don’t want you!”

Benjamin pouted with a smile and chattered, “I didn’t say I want you now.” After that, she patted her on her little butt, “Well, eat first.”

Alice pushed him away, “I really don’t want to eat, I just want to keep looking at Pippi.”

Benjamin felt guilty and held her in her arms again. “I’m sorry.” Sorry for letting her scare, and almost lost her sweetheart.

Alice stretched her hands around his sturdy waist, “If you apologize for my son’s affairs, then I accept it. If it’s because of your bastards words, I’m sorry, I won’t accept it, I won’t forgive it.” Benjamin explained, “When Pippi couldn’t be found, I was going crazy, at that time, I was anxious to lose myself. I was afraid you knew Pippi was lost and couldn’t accept it. I just thought about it. That way, I just…”

Alice interrupted his words, “Do you think I will believe what you say? Suddenly you become so unreasonable. I know you must be hiding me from something. Even if I know you are a bastard, you will never take my Pippi.”

She really knew him well, which made Benjamin feel at ease.

“It won’t happen in the future. In the future, the big things and small things in our family will be decided by my wife.”

While eating, Alice asked Benjamin, “When can the godmother be discharged?”

“Anytime, but her elderly people refuse to be discharged.”

Alice was puzzled. Is there any good to stay in the hospital? “Why?”

Benjamin called Joan when she was cooking. He originally said he would pick her up, but the old man wouldn’t let him.

“She said she had no face to see you, because of Pippi she was still blaming herself.”

Alice looked at Benjamin, but was thinking about other things. Pippi was back. She only cared about the child and ignored Joan. She said, “It’s you who lost Pippi.”

Benjamin nodded. “I said the same thing.”

Alice kicked Benjamin at the table with a bad temper. “So, who is to blame for this?”

Benjamin frowned in pain. “Me. But my mother didn’t listen to me. Otherwise, you can pick her up in person.”

Alice didn’t want to do it. Not because she didn’t have time. She didn’t want to leave Pippi for a minute and a second, “Do I have to do that?”

“At the moment, it should be.”

Alice was just full and put down the chopsticks. “Then I’ll go again tomorrow. I’m going to sleep with my baby tonight. The godmother will definitely grab me when I come back.”

After speaking, she ran to the bedroom upstairs, and Benjamin couldn’t help laughing.

In the hospital, Penny knew about Pippi, and come to see Joan. Joan had always liked Penny. Without Alice, she hoped that Penny can be her daughter-in-law.

“You should get married too. You can’t live alone all the time. Women should get married when they are suitable for marriage, and they should have children when they have children.”

Penny grinned and said, “I think so, I must find a man who is willing to marry me and to let me help him have children.”

Joan patted Penny’s hand kindly, “If your fiance is still alive, you must be married now, there must be a lovely child, but sometimes, if something is gone, we must slowly let go, right? With so many men in the world, you can still find men who love you very much, and you will love him.”

Penny smiled, “Auntie, you know a lot about love.”

“All of me, I realized it by watching the tossing love in our family. If you say that they are not suitable, buy they can’t do anything without each other. You have to say that they are suitable. They are still noisy every day.”

“Perhaps, they think that just being so noisy is the best way to get along with them.”

Everyone’s love was different. Whether love or not, only they knew.

Late at night, Benjamin sneaked into Alice’s room and went into her bed. He also missed his son very much, and felt guilty for his sufferings in the past few days. He won’t lose him; he will give them all happiness to the mother and son in the future.

At that time, Alice knew he was lurking in the middle of the night, pretending to sleep very well, and found nothing, thinking about a good sleep for the family of three.

Who knows, some people don’t stop, they don’t sleep in the middle of the night, like a big mouse, and toss about blindly.

At first he kissed her on the forehead, she was acceptable, and then he kissed on her nose again, she could still let him, and then he kissed on her little mouth again, Alice thought, This was endless. If he dared to kiss again, she will bite him.

As a result, he really didn’t know how to kiss her lips a little deeper. She wanted to bite him, but he kissed too deep, and she couldn’t move.

Opening a pair of big eyes, staring at him directly, he was better, slightly closed eyes and quite enjoyed.

Alice stretched out her hand and pinched him tightly around his sensitive waist. He didn’t move. It was only after this movement that she clearly felt that some sensitive part of his body was…


Benjamin shook his head poorly, like a little beggar asking for a hoe, “Just one time. I can’t just sleep on the bed.”

“Then you can’t sleep in other rooms.”

“I can’t sleep without you. As long as I lie on the bed, and close my eyes and it’s you.”

“…” Anyway, he had various reasons.

“Hey, don’t touch me…Hey, Benjamin…Pippi is still…”

“It will be fine.”


“What is this?” How could he have a very unpleasant hunch?

Alice pushed him down from her body. “Why don’t you know what it is, haven’t you bought it for me many times?”

Benjamin was speechless. He wanted to say, why didn’t she say it earlier? !!

Alice got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom.

Benjamin sat on the bed with a resentful expression, and God knew why she had period at this moment.

Alice was busy working in the bathroom. Benjamin rushed in with resentment, and scared Alice. He rushed in and took off his clothes. What did he mean?

“What are you doing?” Alice sat on the toilet, protecting her chest with both hands and looking up at him with a look of vigilance.

“Take a bath.”

Alice dragged his pajamas, “You go out first. I’ll be fine before you come in.”

Was it because she was pulling too much, or was his pajamas too lame? How could she drag it so easily?

Benjamin’s mouth slightly flickered a meaningful smile, and finally he got a good chance.

“You help me.”

“How? No, I refuse.”

“You have to.”


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