Chapter 95 Forward-looking Wisdom

Magic lamps hung around the test table in Glenn’s dormitory, leaving no shadow on the table.

Liquid reagents in the three test tubes all showed a dark green color, and when Glenn opened and sniffed them one by one, he could hardly conceal his disappointment. “Even when they’re condensed into such concentration, the toxins are still not virulent enough! My body will become completely immune to them after the first use for my constitution-building.”

Glenn breathed a sigh and threw a glance at the twig and the blackred mottle insects. He shook his head as he threw them into the waste trash.

“Don’t be greedy. You only have a 108-point constitution and one practice using the venom will be quite helpful.” With this in mind, Glenn collected the liquids in the three tubes for later use.

It should be noted that toxins to which Glenn is immune were very likely to be fatal to ordinary students.

After the intensive, meticulous experiment was complete, Glenn put out some of the magical lamps around the test table. The lights in the room dimmed, and Glenn rubbed his tired eyes for some time, but he did not delay further. He grabbed some Tjugealong stones from the other side of the table and ground them into fine powder, and then carefully sprinkled the powder into some excrement, which was produced by those green bats in the cave of that gigantic tree in the Black Tower mirror.

Glenn kneaded the dung into a ball, which was about a quarter of the size of a fingernail, and then he dripped a liquid onto it. The liquid was an extraction after a powdered, low-level life leaf reacted with the chemicals in a tube.

Once again Glenn carefully pinched the dung ball before he smelled it. There was a rare odor of some sort of flower.

Glenn smiled and ran into a room next to his dorm.

He lit the magical lamps and for the next second, he did not turn his attention to see the small, live specimens of animals and plants in the room. Instead he went straight to a glass container completely covered with cloth, unveiled it and inside was a golden fruit who was in deep sleep and who was snoring. She was the Ginseng Glenn had stolen from the Black Mirror!

The Ginseng had grown twice the size compared to when she was picked from the tree crown, and her appearance had changed a little. However, the wound on her back from the hack seemed to have not been fully healed. Glenn believed the scar would stay with her forever.

“Bad guy, I’m full! Lylia is full! She can’t take any more your food…” The Golden fruit had woken up and was staring at Glenn, who was showing excitement on his face. The sudden appearance of Glenn scared her into crying. It was a young girl’s pure voice.

Glenn seemed unmoved. He assumed an amiable look as he set that carefully-made dung ball in front of the golden fruit. “Good girl… eat some more, and you’ll grow faster.”

Glenn tried his best to put on a harmless smile, the sort of smile that a father had while persuading his child to have his or her meal.

“Woo, woo…I do not wanna eat any more of that. Lylia is full…” The golden fruit cried again, and even more fiercely.

Glenn’s face turned gloomy. He then said: “Really? Not even a bite? In that case, I’ll use the syringes..”

Glenn once cut out some of her “pulp” for research and experiments and found that that method would hinder her development. Thus he would use the syringes to take out some of her body fluids.

The face of the golden fruit became pale upon hearing those threatening words.

She then picked up the food and put them into her mouth reluctantly, tears in her eyes, while glaring at Glenn.

“Woo…Lylia eats. Doesn’t want needles. Woo…”

Glenn watched the Ginseng finish up her meal and fall asleep again. He then covered the container with cloth and left the room with new-found excitement.

After careful study, Glenn found that the fruits could greatly nourish the human body as Norris suggested. It should be noted that this kind of “nourishment” differed from the cruel exercise of resorting to toxins. About one twentieth of that Ginseng’s pulp was taken, and his constitution had increased by one point.

Glenn dispelled his impulse to devour that little devil when he made the discovery in the first place. His wisdom in probing into knowledge discouraged him from being savage.

With subsequent in-depth studies, Glenn found something more; the fruits could repair cracks on the Life Code! Although the repairing effect was so negligible that it had to take about five or six hundred of such fruits to make significant mending, and they might be of no any use to ordinary students in this regard. But still, the find thrilled Glenn and helped him to refrain from swallowing it.

If eating Ginseng could help fix the cracks on Life Code, then when swallowing this kind of fruit in a large amount, was it possible the Glenn Secret Tri-Sorcery, the three chances to copy gifts from others, will evolve into “infinite number of spots to steal gifts”?

Of course, this process would necessarily entail the inevitable limitations of certain life rules. However, as long as the number of Ginsengs was sufficient, the birth of the fourth gift spot for Glenn would be set in stone.

So, after thoughtful consideration, Glenn eventually gave up the idea of devouring the little girl, at least right before the Holy Tower Tryout.

The reasons were twofold.

First, Glenn must seize the opportunity to focus on the study of the Fire Blast Sorcery, which he had been working on for more than ten years, in order to try to achieve a leverage and obtain absolute dominance in the Tryout by obtaining a qualitative change in the lever-reinforced force.

If he ate the Ginseng, his constitution would see a great rise for sure, but he had to do physical exercises to improve his stamina, physiques, strength and other properties for his power to grow stronger. This would certainly hold him back in cultivating the Fire Blast Sorcery.

If Glenn succeeded in pulling off the Fire Blast Sorcery, according to his calculation, the assault power would be levered up to a minimum of 30 times of the raw power. In that case, the physical enhancement would be negligible. This was the fundamental reason why Glenn would sacrifice his insignificant interests and focus on the Fire Blast Sorcery.

Second, after having discovered the golden fruit’s use to repair the cracked Life Code, he had been dwelling on the idea of creating a long-term plan–to cultivate a Ginseng orchard.

According to Glenn’s estimate, four to five hundred Ginsengs will make his Life Code to be able to support a fourth gift and the mother tree in the Black Tower only had 70 to 80 golden fruits. That was a deficiency of around 400.

Moreover, the human body’s adaptability to this type of nourishing supplements was strong and the effect for the second use would be greatly reduced, and the third or fourth use might turn out to be negligible.

This was a wisdom called being forward-looking.

Thus, Glenn had been feeding the Fruit ever since she came here.

He now was in a good mood since he had reaped the harvest from the Black Tower Mirror, and for objects which were worth further study had also been preserved.

His life has once again become well-ordered, and he had the time to continue with the study of Fire Blast.

“After the preliminary calculation, 4,000 signs exist in the water element matrix and fire element matrix in my soul. There are basically 69 kinds of stable permutations of them. 12 kinds of simplified combinations of sign aggregates. Three basic element resonance points. In this case, when an extremely stable matrix of water and fire elements is built, the Fire Blast sorcery would be completed!” Glenn smiled. “This is powerful sorcery to activate the fire element using the destructive force, but still, it’s an initial use of the destructive force.”

There were less than three years before the Tryout started; Glenn had about two years left to fully crack the Fire Blast sorcery, removing the time that would be spent on the minutes.

Time was running out!

Glenn frowned. “Well, before the school’s mandatory task is assigned, I’ll try to learn the three things Norris prepared for me. The Endless Eye Regeneration sorcery, the three methods to become a sorcerer, and the trump card for the Tryout.” With that in mind, Glenn left the room.

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