Chapter 275 God gave him a chance

She didn’t want to take another look, so she walked indifferently towards the guard. It took a lot of courage, but she walked away from James Grayson.

She just walked too fast, straightened up the waist because she didn’t want to appear too embarrassed, even if she has lost love, even if she has lost her heart, she hasn’t lost her dignity.

A car stopped beside her, and Lieutenant Colonel Walker lowered the window. “Chief ordered me to drop you.”

She didn’t want to stay here for a moment. She opened the back door, put the luggage on it, sat next to the luggage, closed her eyes, leaned against the seat, and said, “Go to Moon international, and wake me up when we will reach.”

“Yes.” Lieutenant Colonel Walker said and drove away.

James Grayson stood at the window and looked at Bella getting on the car. His eyes were deep.

At the same time, his cell phone rang.

It was a series of numbers. He remembered that it was the number of the Director of civil affairs. He answered gloomily.

“What is it?” James Grayson asked in a cold voice.

“Chief, your marriage certificate has been reinstated. Come and get it when you are free.” The director said timidly.

“It means we didn’t need to take pictures again?” James Grayson was surprised. His eyes were already excited.

“Originally, all your materials were gone, but one of our colleagues copied the photos of you and your wife separately. She just thought that you two were very good-looking. I’m sorry about that.” The director apologized.

She had their photos, at this moment. He can ignore the employee’s mistake. “So, the information is recorded on the computer now?”

“My colleague thinks you two are celebrities. She even copied your household registers secretly. I will punish her severely. Your information has been recorded. Now you are a legal couple. You can find it on the Internet.” The director explained.

James Grayson raised his eyebrows and looked at the front.

Bella’s figure when she insisted to leave him flashed in his mind.

He wanted to be with her. “Send my marriage certificate to the military area and call me when we reach here.”

As soon as James Grayson hung up the phone, the door was pushed open by Scarlett Evan.

She smiled brightly and shouted excitedly, “Jimmy, I had the title of Lieutenant Colonel before, right? Uncle said that I should come to the special military region to be a new military instructor. I think it’s very good to start with the Deputy instructor, but I want to ask your opinion. What do you think?”

He didn’t think so.

He looked at her gloved hand, twisted his eyebrows and said, “The special military region’s training is extremely strict. Most of the time, the instructor also has to accompany them outside. No matter whether it’s raining or on a sunny day. You haven’t been well maintained. This kind of training is not suitable for you. If you want to work, I’ll arrange a civil service for you.”

“The civil service will be in your special military region?” Scarlett Evan asked.

“I’ll make arrangements, depending on the situation.”

This sentence shows that it may not be in the special military region.

“It doesn’t matter. I will be determined. I just want to be with you. If this little difficulty can’t be overcome. How I will overcome more difficulties. James, just arrange it. I will overcome any hardship.” Scarlett Evan shook James Grayson’s hand and said.

James Grayson’s eyes were bright and deep. “Are you sure you can overcome all the difficulties?”

“I can.” Scarlett Evan said firmly.

“I’ll arrange for you to live with the recruits, will you?” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“I can live here with you. It is very spacious.”

“It is very spacious and there are service soldiers to serve. But do you think it’s appropriate for a special recruiter’s instructor to enjoy these things?”

Scarlett Evan was stunned for a while, then she said, “Let me be your attendant, I’ll take care of you. No matter how you arrange it, I want to be with you.”

“Scarlett, you’ve been a soldier. I’m a chief. I can’t let you stay here. Go out. I need to change clothes.”

“Ha ha.” Scarlett Evan said with a smile, “You are thirty-three this year, and you are as shy as when you were twenty-three. I’m your girlfriend, what can’t I see?”

“Scarlett, I’m married.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Scarlett Evan looked at James Grayson strangely. “How could it be? How can you get married? If you are married, where is your wife? If you are married, how can uncle and aunt try to bring us together? I haven’t heard that you get married. James, don’t make such a joke. I don’t like it and my heart can’t stand it.”

“I’m not joking. You’re free now, and you won’t be locked up. If you want to continue your military life, I can help you adapt to the military area. If you want a comfortable life, I can arrange it as well.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Scarlett Evan shuddered, her eyes were empty, she murmured to herself, “Jimmy likes me. Jimmy only loves me. Jimmy will marry me. Jimmy will only marry me. Jimmy is a loyal person. I want to go and find Jimmy.”

“Scarlett Evan.” James Grayson shouted.

Scarlett Evan didn’t seem to see James Grayson. She went out and saw Sierra Walker. She asked, “Hello, do you see Jimmy? His name is James Grayson. He is tall and handsome. He is a special soldier. He will become a general one day.”

Sierra Walker looked at James Grayson behind Scarlett Evan.

Scarlett Evan followed Sierra Walker’s eyes to look at James Grayson, ran to him, and shouted, “Hi, do you know James? He is a tall man. He is very handsome. He is an excellent special soldier and my boyfriend. I can’t find him.”

James Grayson tightened his brow and looked at Scarlett Evan, who was crazy again.

“James, what’s the matter with Scarlett?” Sierra Walker asked in bewilderment.

“James? You are James? Why do you pretend that you don’t know me? Do you see that I am burned by the fire and don’t want me?” Scarlett Evan held James Grayson’s arm, and big tears roll down. “If you don’t want me, I don’t want to live. Why am I still alive?”

She said and ran towards the wall.

James Grayson grabbed her.

Scarlett Evan, because of his strength, bumped into his arms, sobbed and pleaded, “Jimmy, don’t you want me? I’ll be alone. Without you, It is meaningless to live.”

James Grayson looked at the front, “I’ll send you back to have rest first. You are too tired and need to rest.”

“I’m not tired. I want to stay here with you.” Scarlett Evan felt insecure and hugged James Grayson.

James Grayson had a kind of restlessness…

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