Chapter 274 A slap that made her numb

This man regarded the woman as a goddess, and this woman became a goddess. That man regarded the woman ugly, and the woman became ugly.

And after staying with James Grayson, she seemed to become more rude, more stubborn and more mean.

Once upon a time, she hated to talk like this. She hated to be mean and gloomy. Actually she was becoming the person she hated the most.

She can’t go on like this…

Bella closed her eyes and rested on the back of the seat.

James Grayson looked at her.

Her eyelashes were quivered, and she didn’t sleep well.

He had a feeling of heartache, and his breath was heavy and fell on her face.

Bella opened her eyes and caught his eyes staring at her.

“What’s happened?” Bella asked lazily.

“Is your wound better?” James Grayson asked in a deep voice, calmer than before.

“It’s better. It should be scarred. It will recover soon.” Bella said lightly.

She also told it to herself.

Time will certainly smooth her scar, and she won’t feel the pain.

“Do you really want to travel for three months?” James Grayson has compromised.

“I want to take this patient,” Bella said definitely.

“When will you go?”

“I don’t know yet. Wait for the notice from their side.”

“You have to come back.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella had some astringent feelings.

Maybe she won’t come back.

Three months will be a long time. She didn’t want to commit anything, so she didn’t talk.

James Grayson noticed her silence. His heart was tightened. He held her hand tightly, firmly and powerfully, full of warmth.

“It was my mistake to go out on my wedding night. I didn’t know that you were also hurt. Recently, there have been so many things. My mood hasn’t been well controlled. I got angry with you…” James Grayson paused for a while.

He didn’t want to cover up his mistakes, and he didn’t want to let go of the responsibility.

“I have thought about it. I want to marry you.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella raised her mouth slightly. She looked peaceful and serene. “You want to marry me because you forced me once and because we had a child, so you feel responsible for me. Maybe, because you have asked me to marry before Scarlett Evan’s comeback. James Grayson, you are a very responsible person. This kind of nature will make you have a lot of achievements, and it will also make you suffer more hardships than others.”

“I want to marry you because I like you.” James Grayson said in a deep voice, responding positively to their emotional problems.

Bella was stunned.

His words were very simple and plain, but her heart fluctuated greatly.

Should she believe him?

Is he only responsible for Scarlett Evan?

Can she endure and let him take care of another woman?

Bella looked out of the window, her mind and heart were in a mess. She needed to think about it more.

James Grayson also looked out of the window.

He didn’t sleep for several nights. He was very tired. He just held her hand and didn’t let it go.

They didn’t talk again.

When the car reached the military area, James Grayson was asleep. He opened his eyes and looked at Bella in a panic.

She was still, asleep, with her eyes closed and with her head against the window, she looked lonely.

His heart was aching. He took off his suit and put it on her.

Bella also woke up, craned her neck and looked out of the window. “We have reached.”

“You’ll go back to sleep later. You look so tired.” James Grayson softly touched her cheek.

Bella drooped her eyes. She didn’t agree or refuse.

The car went in and stopped at James Grayson’s courtyard. The attendant came and opened the back door.

James Grayson got off the car.

Bella came out from the other side.

“Jimmy, you are finally back.” Scarlett Evan ran to James Grayson with a sweet smile and put his arms around his waist. “Uncle Grayson said that you had completed the formalities to pick me up, and I will never have to go back to the cold lab, is it true?”

James Grayson looked at Scarlett Evan in a shock, tightly pursed his lips, and maintained his permanent expression without saying a word.

Bella looked at the two people embracing each other. She saw a handsome man and a beautiful woman, like a beautiful picture.

That picture was too beautiful, that she didn’t dare to look more. She quietly moved her eyes, looked at the door of James Grayson’s apartment.

Sierra Walker and Oscar Grayson were there, like a god looking down at her.

Bella blinked, as if the painful heart wasn’t hers. For more than three years, she was wronged by Jessica Lewis. Fortunately, she had no father-in-law.

Now, she will suffer more from both father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Jessica Lewis just despised her, but she didn’t bring other women to her son, but James Grayson’s parents did.

Bella took a deep breath and gave up the struggle.

She looked at James Grayson and said, “I’ll get my luggage. Chief sorry to trouble you but please ask someone to drop me out.”

James Grayson clenched his fist and looked at her. His chin was tight.

Bella smiled.

He didn’t ask her to stay.

In fact, this is a real love triangle.

When a man can’t make a decision, the one who looks strong and independent always has to suffer more. He feels that the weak one cannot stay without him, and strong, do not seem to need him.

Now that Bella showed that she is strong, she had to stick to it.

Because even if she will fall, no one will pick her up.

Bella went straight into James Grayson’s room without greeting Sierra Walker and Oscar Grayson.

Sierra Walker followed in and spoke behind Bella, “I’ve told you that James doesn’t love you. Why do you have to practice yourself? Now Scarlett has come back. Don’t destroy their relationship.”

Bella felt as if she had been slapped many times.

She used to be so confident while facing Sierra Walker. Now, she seemed to be a clown played by them. In addition to humiliation, embarrassment, she felt ashamed. And these all were brought to her by James Grayson.

She could only think of showing indifference as if she hadn’t heard it. She opened her suitcase, put all her luggage inside, zipped it up and stood up.

Sierra Walker was infuriated by her insolence and stood in front of Bella. “Haven’t you heard what I just said to you or you deliberately put on airs?”

“Madam Grayson, I’m going now. Are you reluctant to not let me go? Shall I stay tonight?” Bella said coldly.

“Don’t become a bad woman.” Sierra Walker said in a deep voice and moved to one side.

Bella pulled the suitcase out.

The wheels moved against the ground and made a harsh noise. It was noisy but it prevented her from hearing other unwanted sounds. When she reached the door, from the corner of her eyes, she could see James Grayson and Scarlett Evan standing together…..

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