Chapter 273 A woman can be an angel or a devil

Bella saw him and she was stunned.

Didn’t he walk away in the morning?

Didn’t he say that it didn’t matter if she takes a week off?

He also threw her bag. Now, what does it mean to appear in front of her?

“Chief has no other work?” Bella uttered rude words and her sharp eyes were on him.

It seemed that there were countless thorns in her eyes and when she opened her mouth, it made people feel uncomfortable.

James Grayson’s eyes looked at her deeply. There were the reflections of two little girls in his dark eyes. He was silent.

Bella suddenly felt exhausted.

The fire she sent out fell on the glacier, and the rest was still cold.

She was silent, too.

Two people were standing face to face, and the atmosphere seemed extremely awkward.

“Still angry?” Finally, James Grayson asked softly.

In fact, he was very angry at that time and went straight away, but he did not return to the military area.

He located her mobile phone. He knew that she had gone to the hotel. He also knew that she had gone to the sanatorium.

When he saw that she was going to the coffee shop, he couldn’t sit down. He came here and waited for her at the door.

Bella dropped her eyes.

After a moment of silence, she became rational.

Anger can’t solve the problem. It can just produce toxic elements in the body to hurt yourself. It’s unnecessary.

“You came just in time. I took a project. I have to travel for about three months.” Bella went straight to the topic.

James Grayson raised his eyebrows, his chest heaved violently, and his breath was not steady.

“If the matter in your military area is urgent, I can ask Paul Watson to send someone there. It won’t delay your work.”

James Grayson’s eyes were sharp, and he said in a cruel voice, “I asked for you.”

“In the field of psychology, the researchers are all professional, and their abilities are not less than me.

I’m a volunteer here, and now I have my own patient. It’s about my career and money. You can’t force people into difficulties.” Bella tried to moderate her mood.

“I can also pay you wages here. How much do you want? I will not give you less than them.” James Grayson said.

Bella was also a little fidgety. She frowned. “Is it unnegotiable?”

“What do you think? You have only given me three months. Once you go out for three months, there will be no time. Bella, this is unfair to me.” James Grayson said rationally. He had seen through all her ideas.

“It is unfair to you. Have you been fair to me?” Bella thought of what he had said to her, and her brain was suddenly crowded. She had no room for thinking, but she felt very upset.

“Am I so unfair to you?” James Grayson stared at her.

She didn’t want to keep complaining like a complaining woman,

“James Grayson, I want to tell you from the professional standpoint of psychology that your character and mine are not suitable. Since it’s no fun to be together, why you have to force me?” Bella said firmly and coldly.

Every word of hers was like a knife that was stabbed in his heart.

He was also angry. His senses weren’t working properly, and there was a burning fire in his eyes. He wanted to burn her up. He said angrily, “I can’t be as passionate as you can be at one moment and as cold as ice like you can be in the next second. I told you that I am responsible for Scarlett Evan. Why you have to force me to choose one between you and her. Do you have to be so paranoid, indifferent and stubborn?”

What he said made her feel that she was indifferent, resolute, unsympathetic and magnanimous,

A sharp, ruthless, selfish person.

She remembered that he had said before that he can’t like a cold woman like her.

What he likes is a woman who is lively, lovely and full of vitality.

Sorry, she can’t do it at all.

She has been living in a gloomy, dark, senseless world since she was a child.

She didn’t force him to choose between her and Scarlett Evan, but she chose to give up!

Bella’s eyes were cold and clear, without a trace of temperature. She has made up her mind to leave, to live again, and to no longer yearn for a person who doesn’t understand, appreciate or like her.

“Then what do you want me to do?” Bella asked and stared at James Grayson.

“I’ll take care of everything. I said I would marry you. It means I will marry you. I won’t break my promise. Can’t you wait for me patiently for some time?” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“I am going out for three months. This time won’t count in the three months that I agreed with you. When I will come back you will still have three months. It means you will have a total of six months. Is that enough?” Bella explained.

James Grayson felt her feeling less mood, his feelings also cold down. He definitely looked at her.

There was no love between them. He just couldn’t see through.

“You can just bear me for half a year?” James Grayson asked back in a questioning tone and looked at her sharply.

Bella’s heart slightly ached, “It is not too late if you have found out my cold character.

James Grayson, you will find more weaknesses in me in the future, and one day you will realize that I am not the person you like, at that time you will be reluctant to be with me in pain? Or cut off the root of pain?

Before you fully understand what kind of person I am, don’t make a decision easily, and don’t force me to be sincere. You don’t know me yet, and you don’t have the right to let me give it all.” Bella said pointedly.

She was very clear that what she said was like a sharp sword, which could cut off all the feelings between them.

However, she’s been hurt enough. Now she was like a hedgehog.

She won’t give up herself for free anymore.

“Go back to the military region first.” James Grayson didn’t reply positively.

Bella also thought that her luggage was still there, so she didn’t refuse.

She got into his car.

Lieutenant Colonel Walker was driving.

James Grayson’s facial muscles were tense and his eyes were heavy, as if he was seriously thinking about something.

Bella looked out of the window.

She loved reading magazines a long time ago. Some of them had the content for the girlish heart. Some of them seemed to have the stories of people that have gone through all kinds of ups and downs of life.

She remembers one of the stories, which was like…

A beautiful and elegant woman married her love of life, after that, she began to stop caring about herself like doing her makeup, and dressing up. She worked hard all day, in the kitchen, on tidying up her house and on their children.

Finally one day, the husband got tired of the boring woman at home and found a new girl outside.

The woman decided to divorce. After the divorce, she began to make up, began to pick up once abandoned clothes.

At a business party, the husband met his ex-wife.

She looked brilliant, calm and elegant. She was like a goddess who accompanied her new husband and talked with him. She had an excellent demeanor.

A woman, at the same time, can be an angel or a devil, depending on the man around…

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