Chapter 272 Chief Grayson is reluctant to give up on his wife

She had an unfulfilled promise.

At the beginning, in order to be with James Grayson, she went to Athens Village to investigate about the murder of Governor Trammell and someone killed Gabriel Athens.

Before his death, Gabriel Athens gave her the evidence.

She promised to help Gabriel Athens to avenge his villagers and promised that she and James Grayson would not be together unless the murderer of the massacre was found and brought to justice.

Till now, she and James Grayson have not been together, because she has broken her promise.

Because she was carrying the burden of an unfulfilled promise.

Who was the man in front of her?

Peter Maxwell.

That year, she found two most suspicious people.

One was Steven Maxwell. The other was Peter Maxwell.

The relationship between Steven Maxwell and Peter Maxwell was very good. Steven Maxwell was promoted by Peter Maxwell.

When he was mayor of Walem city, Peter Maxwell was already the Deputy Secretary of the state committee.

At that time, in order to go to Walem city to investigate Steven Maxwell, she also specially passed the exam, entered Discipline Inspection Institute and became a civil servant. For exchange supervision she used her contacts to enter the Walem Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI).

At that time, James Grayson also stepped in. Originally, they worked together to complete this task. But later, James Grayson lost his memory and broke her heart. Without James Grayson’s strength and ability, she cannot do anything, so she left the country.

Unexpectedly, she met Peter Maxwell, the superior of Steven Maxwell in such a way.

“Hello.” Peter Maxwell stretched his hand formally. He looked very serious and formal.

“Hello.” Bella shook hands with him formally.

“I have heard from Kellan Pattinson that you have a lot of research in psychology. He has improved his temper and made his mind clear after your instruction.” Peter Maxwell looked at Bella suspiciously.

“My name is Bella. If you have a friend in any psychological field in America you should know me.” Bella smiled and said proudly.

Kellan Pattinson stood up. “Don’t keep standing. We all are friends, sit down.”

Bella took a look at Kellan Pattinson.

Kellan Pattinson smiled, his smile was sincere.

Bella lowered her eyes, sat down, and gently pointed her fingers on the table. “Tell me about your child.”

“Before we talk about the situation, I hope to sign an agreement with Dr. Bella. The agreement will explain the payment, but I ask for strict confidentiality. If I found that a little bit of information is revealed, you will pay me one million yuan to me.” Peter Maxwell said.

“It’s my professional ethics as a doctor to not expose the patient’s condition. You also know that it’s not only me who knows about your son’s condition. How do you ensure that the news doesn’t leak from them, but from me? Sorry, if you don’t trust me, I won’t start treatment.” Bella said and stood up.

“Of course we know it. Mr. Peter Maxwell doesn’t mean that. We believe you can keep it secret. He is just a little worried.” In the second half of the sentence, Kellan Pattinson’s tone was very soft.

Bella was also just playing the psychological trick.

It was Peter Maxwell’s case. Obviously, she wanted to have a look.

Bella sat back in her chair and looked at Peter Maxwell firmly and steadily, “Mr. Maxwell, for you, your son’s illness is a domestic embarrassment. For me, whether the patient’s information is disclosed or not is related to my career. If I will be known as a doctor who discloses the patient’s information casually, do you think someone would come to me? So your worries are superfluous.”

Peter Maxwell hesitated.

“I think you should go back now and come to me after checking my record and thinking about it carefully. Don’t doubt the person you use and don’t use the person you doubt.” Bella said quietly.

Peter Maxwell sighed and said, “My son not only acts as a voyeur. He also has the habit of stealing clothes, some time ago… ”

Peter Maxwell couldn’t speak more.

Bella smiled and said firmly, “The rape incident.”

Peter Maxwell frowned, and his face was strangely embarrassed. “Fortunately, the family was reasonable, but I’m afraid that similar things will happen in the future. I can settle such things once, twice or thrice but a person who regularly walks by the river cannot avoid getting their shoes wet.

There are just special cases for the person who cannot get exposed. If just one from a 100 people would expose him, and my son will be finished.”

“To act as voyeur, stealing clothes to rape is a process of his exploration. When he acted as a voyeur, if you have stopped him, he would not have developed the habit of stealing clothes. He made a mistake. You spent money to fix it, and he starts thinking that my father can fix anything by money. Therefore, the second event of rape will happen or even turn into murder.” Bella said coldly.

“Can you help? My son is still young, I think he can be treated. That’s why, I let him have a girlfriend. He has a girlfriend, so he can do that kind of thing.” Peter Maxwell was failed to meet expectations and impatient to see improvements.

“There are many reasons for psychological illness. The most common one is the influence of the environment and network. Changing some hobbies is not a matter of one day and one night. It requires long-term planning and it needs to let him put his mind into other hobbies for reasonable guidance. Never use the way of mandatory detention. It can have severe side effects.” Bella said clearly.

Peter Maxwell’s face seemed ugly with stress. “He’s locked in the house now.”

“How old is he?” Bella asked.

“Eighteen. Now he is in high school, I was told by a classmate that he likes the school’s prettiest girl. I was afraid that he would make a mistake. I didn’t let him go to school this semester.” Peter Maxwell said impatiently.

“Block him from seeing people won’t block his heart. Have you hired a tutor?”

“Yes, I tried but he didn’t learn well. The teachers have been cheated. No one wants to teach him. I am worried for him. He’s my only son. I don’t know what to do.” Peter Maxwell seemed worried.

Bella squinted at Peter Maxwell.

Human beings are really strange animals, complicated and contradictory.

Some people kill others cruelly, but they are very filial to their parents.

Some people are very stingy, but they can donate all their savings at once.

Peter Maxwell loved his child so much, but he has no pity for others’ children. He was a man who killed the village overnight.

“I will come to your home as a tutor to treat your son temporarily. The treatment period is three months. I will come there from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 in the morning to 16:00 in the afternoon, eight hours a day, 80 thousand for one day, 22 days a month that is 1.76 million. This money is required to be paid to me in advance with the signing of the contract.

A month later, if you think I can’t cure him, the agreement will be terminated. If you think I can, the second month’s expenses should also be paid in advance. I promise to take good care of him within three months. Otherwise, I only charge two months’ expenses.

In addition, I ask you to do it according to my requirements. If you don’t do it according to my requirements, the agreement will be terminated immediately. What do you say?” Bella’s tone was very formal.

“You can assure that you can make him well in three months? Even if you can’t, you can have these more than three million.”

“I assure.” Bella said confidently, “If you want to think about it again, take your time and call me after making a final decision. I have something to do. I will go back now.”

Bella opened the door and went out of the cafe.

James Grayson came in front of her and stopped her….

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