Chapter 271 Love Yourself

“Went out to sing,” Bella said softly, drooped her eyes, and her long eyelashes covered the emotions of her deep eyes.

James Grayson held Bella’s hand.

Her hands were cold, like ice.

He held it tightly, “I went to KTV to find you. You weren’t there. There was only your bag and cell phone in it.”

“Based on the Chief’s ability, is it possible to not know where I was?” Bella asked and sarcastically drew up the corners of her mouth. Her eyes were soft, but there were no emotions. Her gaze seemed estranged.

James Grayson frowned.

He really couldn’t find her location. He located her mobile phone, but the electronic eye seemed to be broken. He couldn’t trace her. After searching all night, he finally saw her location, and he came right away.

But, the person who can block the electronic eye, was most probably David Wilson.

Some inexplicable emotions spread in his eyes.

He seemed calm, steady, introverted, but there was a surge of anger in his body. The flames burned his sense of reasoning. “What the hell do you want to do? You were with David Wilson to revenge me, do you think it is interesting?”

Bella’s eyes flashed a light, and she swallowed the bitter water.

She fainted yesterday, otherwise, she would not have gone with David Wilson.

He thought that she tried to take revenge, whatever.

“No, it’s really boring. Give me my bag and cell phone. I won’t go to the military area for the time being. I’ll take a day off today.” Bella wanted to relax.

“You can take a week off.” James Grayson turned around and sat in his car.

Her bag was thrown out of the window.

As if a knife stabbed her heart hardly.

She was an excellent psychologist. She knew James did this because of anger and disgust.

When two people get along for a long time, they become more intolerant, because they do not cherish the other. They do not cherish the other because they have found someone whom they cherish more.

Her complaint, anger, and sharpness was like a double-edged sword, stabbing herself and the other as well.

Everyone wanted to avoid her. Everyone was afraid of being hurt!

Bella picked up the bag, opened it and took the medicine bottle from it. Her hands were shaking. There was no water but she took one pill.

The unstable mood gradually calmed down.

She booked a room in a nearby hotel, took a bath, drugged herself, bandaged herself, and lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

Most male chauvinism like women who are smart. They like women to rely on, so that she can pamper them and satisfy their self-esteem.

The women they dream about have long hair, who walked beautifully with delicacy. Women who are gentle and affectionate, considerate, understand them and need their protection.

However, because of the influence of male chauvinism, they also don’t like the women around them to ask what they don’t want to say. They dislike when the woman interferes in their lives, especially when she questions their relationship with other women, they will feel upset, even disgusted for a long time.

Now James Grayson was a male chauvinist in Bella’s mind.

She can’t be obedient nor coquettish, nor want to rely on him, and whenever he will throw her away she will not beg for mercy.

Maybe, she and he are not suitable in character.

Bella had a rest and didn’t let herself daydream. She went to the shopping center to buy some expensive clothes and a set of makeup.

When no one loves us, we should love ourselves more!

Bella changed her clothes. It was a very appealing skirt. She tied up her hair, put on delicate make-up. She looked dignified, noble and lively.

She went to the sanatorium and secretly looked at her mother.

Kate Andrew was reading a book. She has recovered well and looked very good. Her eyes were no longer blurry. Instead, she has a bright light and was immersed in the fantasy of making herself better.

Bella can’t go to her mother.

If she went to meet her, her mother would ask about Richard Johnson and if she will be disappointed twice or three, she will lose hope.

She can see her mother getting better, and it was enough for her.

Bella’s cell phone rang.

She saw a series of numbers, hesitated for a moment, answered and walked out towards the gate.

“Hello, do you remember who I am?” A male voice came from the mobile phone.

Bella’s memory was very good.

She knew he was the man she called casually when they told each other what was wrong in their life.

“I do, what’s the matter?” Bella asked politely.

“I’ve come to your city and want to meet you.” The man said directly.

Bella pulled the corners of her mouth and refused to say, “It’s better to remember each other than to meet.”

“Don’t get me wrong. Last time, you gave me the treatment me and my situation improved a lot. This time I came with a friend. My friend’s son has a serious mental problem.” He said sincerely.

“My charges aren’t less, ten thousand an hour.”

“Don’t say ten thousand, as long as you can cure his son, he will give a million.”

Bella was silent for a while.

Love was gone, but career was still necessary, the more decadent, the more despised, the more abandoned she was, the better she wanted to live.

“An hour later, meet me in The Coffee Club of Moon international,” Bella said and hung up the phone.

When she reached Moon international, she received another message.

“Jasmine box.” The man sent her a message.

Bella put her mobile phone in the bag, got out of the car, went into the Coffee Club, found Jasmine box and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” The man’s deep voice sounded.

Bella opened the door.

There was only one man in the box.

He was wearing a light blue suit, white shirt inside, he had a slightly delicate face, curly hair. He looked very handsome.

He has also sprayed a nice men cologne. His lips were red and teeth were bright, he didn’t seem very old. His voice did not correspond with his age that she guessed from his voice on the phone.

Bella sat opposite to him.

His eyes moved on her face. “I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful.”

Bella lightly put her hands on the table, without any enthusiasm, she calmly asked, “what about your friend?”

“He went out to buy a pack of cigarettes and will come here ten minutes later. You came earlier than I expected. My name is Kellan Pattinson. What’s your name?” Kellan Pattinson asked.

“Tell me about your friend’s children.” Bella didn’t want to be friends with him.

Bella took out the pen and a notebook from the bag.

Kellan Pattinson smiled. “Do you meet people so coldly?”

“There is no need for enthusiasm, why let others misunderstood, and make problems for oneself,” Bella said solemnly.

“I’m curious that there are very few women like you who are considerate, beautiful, independent and mature, who don’t cherish them?” Kellan Pattinson said pitifully.

Bella pulled the corner of her mouth. “When the rose looks beautiful people plucked it. It will be plucked forcefully and in a few days, it withers. Do you cherish the withered flowers? If you want to know more about my private life, I’m sorry. I’ll go back now. ”

Bella put the book and pen in the bag and got up.

Kellan Pattinson also stood up, he was tall. “If I have said something wrong, I apologize for it. I am not wasting your time. I have really brought my friend.”

As soon as his voice fell, the door of the box opened.

Bella looked at the person and she was stunned.

It’s him!

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