Chapter 381 Your mother is a bitch

I quickly squatted down and persuaded Lester, “Lester, mom will pick you up in two months…” I thought it was too long after that, and I continued to say, “or, a month?”

“No way! I don’t want to go back!” Lester took my arm and didn’t let go.

“Lester, mom do it for you. How about two weeks?”


Lester shook his head desperately.

Lester disagreed. To coax him, I said, “shall I go back with you?”

“What about dad?” Lester asked me.

Since I lived with Sean, Lester had been pestering Sean every day. No matter how late Sean came back, Lester would wait for him at home.

Now he didn’t want to leave. Half of it was because he didn’t want to leave me, and half of it was because he didn’t want to leave Sean.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a decision for Sean, “I’ll go back with you. Shall we come back and see dad in two weeks?”

Lester listened to me and hesitated, but he seemed to understand that I was going back, so he nodded, “OK.”

Lester agreed. I went to the airport with Murray, Margaret and three servants.

But I didn’t book a ticket.

I wanted to find a reason to leave at the airport. After Lester got on the plane, he couldn’t regret it. He was a child. He couldn’t do anything.

But there were too many accidents.

When we were ready to go to the airport, my cell phone rang.

It was my personal number.

It was Sean.

As soon as I answered the phone, I heard his low, hoarse voice, “where are you? Are you with Lester?”

“Yes.” I looked down at Lester.

Actually, I hadn’t told Sean about Lester’s return to Sceaux.

Sean quickly said, “bring Lester to Sacred Heart Hospital right away.”

“Ah?” I was stunned.

“Grandpa was in hospital last night. Now his life is in danger and he wants to see Lester.” Sean said.

His words left my brain in a mess. I looked at the taxi that was going to the airport before I opened the door and said to Murray, “sorry, Lester can’t go. There’s something wrong with Grandpa Jessop. I’m going to take Lester to see him.”

“Then go quickly.” Murray immediately asked the servant to unload their luggage.

I took Lester to Sacred Heart Hospital by taxi.

When we got to the hospital, there were cordons and security guards outside the hospital.

There were several business cars parked nearby, which were the cars of reporters.

Before I got out of the taxi, I put on my sunglasses and mask and let Lester put on his hat and scarf.

As soon as the taxi stopped, I rushed into the hospital with Lester in my arms.

James was already in intensive care.

Michelle and Simon were there when we went in, but Ming wasn’t there.

In fact, I knew before I came that he could not be here. The reason why James was ill now was probably because of the news.

He made the James scandal public. He was old and definitely couldn’t stand the thrill.

As soon as Lester and I arrived, Michelle came straight up, “you’re really here!”

“Michelle.” Simon pulls Michelle. “Dad asked them to come.”

Michelle was angry. Actually she knew it, but she couldn’t help getting angry.

Michelle pointed to me and said, “if this bitch didn’t drag on Jessop Family, would our dad be like this?”

Lester was hiding behind me. He went to the front and looked up and said bravely, “don’t say that about my mother!”

“What’s the matter? Your mother is a bitch. She often seduces men, otherwise how can you have so many…”

Before Michelle finished speaking, I raised my hand and slapped her!

“How dare you hit me!”

Michelle was stunned! She didn’t even expect I would hit her!

I had always been at peace with Jessop Family. Now I couldn’t stand it. I looked at Michelle and said, “if you dare to talk nonsense in front of my son, I’ll beat you.”

“I’m not talking nonsense. Didn’t you seduce my brother and my nephew! Shame on you!”

Michelle was angry!

She was impulsive.


“She didn’t.”

Sean’s voice came from behind me.

He came up to me and picked up Lester. His face was cold. His black eyes stared at Michelle and warned her, “she didn’t seduce any of us. If she has a choice, she certainly doesn’t want to be involved.

So, auntie, please don’t talk nonsense.”

Michelle got even angrier when Sean came here. She pointed at me and said, “she just hit me!”

“It’s because you’re talking nonsense.” Sean said calmly.

Sean didn’t help her. Michelle didn’t expect it. She turned around and pulled Simon, “Simon, look at your son. He’s helping an outsider!”

I stood by and now I was a little bit regretful.

After all, Michelle was an elder. I shouldn’t have beaten her.

At this time, Lester, who was held by Sean, said, “Dad, she’s a bad person. She said Mom was a bitch! That’s why mom hit her!”

Simon obviously didn’t care about it. He raised his hand and said, “OK, let Lester in.”

Sean carried Lester inside.

I was going to follow, Michelle pulled me straight. “Why are you going in? My father is miserable enough. Do you want to piss him off?”

“Let her in.” Sean took Lester in his arms and turned to Michelle.

Michelle disagreed. “Why? What is she and why is she allowed in?”

Sean looked at Michelle lightly and didn’t argue with her. He just said, “Auntie, I think you can fall in love. Don’t think a normal woman is abnormal when you see her.”

Michelle was embarrassed.

She took me and after a long time she said, “what do you mean? I live on my own. I can’t have a boyfriend! What do you mean!”

Michelle let go of me. She pulled Sean and it was like she was going crazy.

At last the nurse couldn’t stand it. She came and said, “don’t make any noise.”

“It’s not that you can’t live without a man. Other women become more reasonable when they get old. How about you?” Sean said, “I went to your company last time. You scolded the female employees for wearing short skirts all morning. I waited for you for a long time. I remember it.”

“Shouldn’t I do that?” Michelle was annoyed. “They all have boyfriends. Why do they wear skirts? Who are they trying to seduce! They are all bitches!”

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