Chapter 380 Carnival of media and netizens

The next day, the second one came out.

It was about Lewis Group.

It clearly explained the secrets of Nelson and Margaret.

Nelson cheated Margaret after he got married. Margaret stepped into his trap.

After Margaret was pregnant with twins, Nelson wanted to divorce his wife and marry Margaret, so he took her back to York.

But Nelson’s wife, Diana, was overbearing. She disagreed with the divorce and found Margaret. She locked her up and humiliated her.

Margaret wanted to protect her babies. Whatever Diana said, she was patient. As long as her babies were safe, she agreed.

During this time, Nelson did not protect Margaret. Finally, Margaret found a chance to escape and returned to Well Family.

The story was very detailed. There seemed to be a man standing next to them and watching it happen.

I know it was impossible, but there was some evidence that some of the plots were true.

For example, someone saw Diana lock Margaret. Margaret called the police and was registered after she escaped.

Looking at these words, my tears couldn’t help falling.

Nelson was a scum!

I just hated it, but I could imagine it would definitely turn Lewis group around.

On the third day, the third one came out.

What I feared most happened.

It was about Lester.

Lester was Sean’s son. Sean was in love with two women at the same time. I was pregnant. To keep them together, I chose to leave.

On the fourth day, the fourth one came out.

This time it was about Jessop Family. It told the story of James and Ming’s mother.

Ming portrayed his mother as a woman who had been single for a lifetime for the man she loved. James was an irresponsible man.

It had nothing to do with my life, but Ming’s mother was also a young girl just over 20 at that time.

After all four messages were released, the media said it would suspend it.

They became a media and netizens’ carnival.

Each social platform had expanded the capacity of the server.

This was exactly the private life of the noble family that we all liked to see.

Something embarrassing.

They messed up Well Family, Lewis Group and Jessop Family.

When I calmed down, I found that I had nothing to do with it. I hadn’t been affected much.

My studio became more famous and more people came to consult.

But Linda and I charged a lot. Most people left after asking about the price. Only a few people stayed.

We only had two designers, so we had a heavy work schedule.

The third day after it ended, the Internet was still a mess. Murray decided to take Margaret back to Sceaux to protect her.

I knew that although it had nothing to do with Lester, he would definitely become the center of children’s discussion in kindergarten.

He would be affected. We’d better go back to Sceaux.

I made up my mind and took Lester to Murray’s house.

I trust Margaret, but she was a patient. Before Lester and I arrived, I was nervous.

I was afraid she would suddenly go crazy and attack Lester.

When Lester and I got to Murray’s house, I told Lester, “Lester, there will be a grandma there later, so you can’t leave mom, OK?”

“Why?” Lester tilted his head and asked me. He blinked and didn’t seem to understand me at all.

I didn’t want to tell him Margaret was mentally ill. I hesitated and said, “she’s old and sometimes she can’t control herself. She may hurt you, but that’s not her intention.”

I explained to Lester patiently.

I didn’t want him to be alone with Margaret, but I didn’t want him to be afraid of Margaret.

Lester listened to me and nodded, “OK, I’ll follow you.”

I didn’t take him in until he agreed.

When we went in, there were three servants from Sceaux in the room. There were four or five big suitcases on the ground.

Margaret sat quietly on the sofa and looked at the two dolls in her hands.

When she saw us, she put her finger in front of her lips and motioned us not to talk.

Murray came up and said, “the dolls are asleep.”

Lester looked at Margaret’s dolls and didn’t understand. He said, “aren’t they two dolls? Is grandma playing with the dolls?”

Margaret was stunned to hear Lester.

I immediately squatted down and said, “yes, yes, don’t talk nonsense.”

With that, I nervously looked at Margaret and explained to her, “Auntie, he’s my son. He doesn’t understand.”

Margaret stared at Lester and suddenly put the two dolls down. She raised her hand and said to Lester, “come here.”

“Mom, grandma let me go there.”

Lester asked me.

I got nervous when Margaret called him.

I thought of what Lester said just now and I was afraid Margaret would be angry.

“Come here.” Margaret said again.

She didn’t look aggressive. I hesitated for a moment and nodded. I took Lester’s hand and said, “OK, mom will come with you.”

After all, she was a patient.

I took Lester to Margaret’s side and pushed him in front of her.

Lester bowed slightly and said seriously, “grandma.”

Margaret had tears in her dull eyes. She raised her hand.

At this moment, I was a little nervous.

I was not afraid of her, but Lester was standing in front of her.

But Margaret was not aggressive. She just lightly touched Lester’s arm and seemed afraid to hurt him. She quickly took her hand back and smiled and looked at Lester. “Good boy.”

Then she clenched her fist and seemed afraid to touch Lester again.

“Here I am.”

At this time, Murray finished packing and came out.

I stood up and said to him, “a lot has happened recently. I want you to take Lester back to Sceaux to live there for a few months. I’ll pick him up when it’s over, OK?”

“I don’t agree!” Lester pouted and rushed over. He held me and said, “I don’t want to be separated from you. Mom, I can protect you!”

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