Chapter 379 It was just the beginning

Murray thought for a moment and nodded, “OK, I rented a house nearby. We can take Margaret there first and then we can make further plans.”


I nodded and turned around.

I arrived at the nurse station. All the nurses looked at me. Their eyes were different, but I knew they were curious.

At first, when I went through the formalities, all the nurses looked at me, but no one spoke.

But towards the end, a nurse said to me, “Miss Jones, I heard you are President Jessop’s former fiancee, right?”

I lowered my head and didn’t speak.

I was waiting to print and wanted to leave.

Although I didn’t speak, all the nurses’ interests were aroused. They looked at me and said happily, “Miss Jones, I’ve seen that video. President Jessop is so big. Are you happy having sex with him?”

I didn’t expect these nurses were concerned not with it but with the past.

I looked up at them and didn’t speak.

But they kept saying, “I want to be President Jessop’s lover, too.”

“Me too. Even if I only have sex with him for one night, I am satisfied. My boyfriend is small now.”

“So is my husband. President Jessop in the video is great. He can last a long time!”

“Yes, I envy that girl!”

I stood by and listened to the nurses, but they were not ashamed.

Finally, a long receipt was printed out.

I saw that the amount of money I should pay was 0.

Ming had already paid Margaret a deposit.

I saw the balance was tens of thousands of dollars less in less than a month.

But I knew I had to pay. I took out my bank card and said to the nurses, “I’ll swipe my card and make up the deposit.”

The nurses were stunned.

But the nurse in charge of the check-out did not refuse. She took my card directly.

When she returned the card to me, she sneered and said, “don’t pretend.”

Several other people looked at me and their attitude was not very good.

These nurses used to flatter me. They were willing to do things for me and they were polite to me.

Now I could only say that they were fickle.

But I was used to it.

I used to have a lot of these experience.

Now that I had made up the money, I didn’t care about their attitude.

I turned around and went to the ward.

When I got to the ward, Murray dressed Margaret. I called Linda and asked her to come here.

Linda didn’t turn me down.

When Murray and Margaret and I got to the underground garage, Linda’s car was parked there. We got in the car and went out from the underground garage. We bypassed the reporters and reached the neighborhood where Murray rented his house in York.

Murray was not poor. Although he didn’t live here, he rented a big house. It had luxurious decoration and complete furniture.

Margaret had been very quiet. She seemed to know something had happened or she knew we were good to her, so she cooperated very well.

She did whatever we asked.

But she held her dolls tightly.

When Margaret was in the hospital, the nurses took care of her. Murray was careless. He couldn’t take care of himself, let alone Margaret.

I hesitated and said, “I’ll ask Sean to find some familiar servants for us.”

Murray nodded at once. “Yes, you can call him now.”

I called Sean and he agreed.

He said he would bring the servants in the afternoon.

After I hung up, Murray said, “we won’t live here for long. I’ll take Margaret back in a few days. Maybe after she lives there for a while, she can think of the past.”

I said, “I’ll go back with you.”

Linda pouted at once. “Someone told me the other day that she would finish all the projects with me, but now she’s leaving. Women are fickle.”

I looked at her and was a little embarrassed. “I’m afraid I will drag our studio down.”

“No.” Linda sat on the sofa. “Your gossip is not as shocking as Ming’s. There will be new gossip later. No one will continue to pay attention to you. What’s more, only people in York know you. Few people know you outside of York.”

Linda said a lot. I knew she wanted me to stay.

Murray listened and said, “you’re young. If you flinch at small things, what will you do in the future? You can hide in Sceaux all your life. In Sceaux, I can introduce jobs to you. You won’t starve to death.”

“…” I looked at Murray.

I knew he said it on purpose.

He also hoped that I would not leave.

I lowered my eyes and shook my head. “OK, I won’t leave.”

I had left once. I wouldn’t leave this time.

Linda was finally relieved. She said with a smile, “OK, Swallowtail Butterfly just started. We just finished the first project. You can’t flinch.”

I got up and went to Linda. I put my arm around her neck and said, “I’ll work with you all my life.”

When I finished, everyone laughed.

At this time, I found that Margaret, who was sitting beside me, was also giggling.

When I looked at her, Murray looked at her, too.

Murray saw her giggle and laughed even more happily.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so pessimistic. Everything would be better.

The next day I learned that I was optimistic yesterday.

It was just the beginning.

From the day the first news appeared, as Linda said, there were new revelations every day.

The first one was about Well Family.

Well Family wanted a son and sent Margaret to Moore Family for study. Many years later, Margaret came back and was pregnant with twin daughters and was delirious. Well Family wanted her to miscarry, but she gave birth in advance. They sent the children away!

And it was very detailed.

When I read it, I was shaking with rage.

I couldn’t believe my mother was treated so unfairly by her closest family!

Recently I found that sometimes the closest people do the most cruel things.

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