Chapter 376 I wanted to kill her secretly

Lester was at home all those three days. Because Sean controlled public opinion, most people didn’t pay attention to us.

Even if we were mentioned, it would soon be deleted.

If someone mentioned us, he would be scolded by people hired by Sean and netizens.

Lester and I were treated as victims for three days and no one scolded us. Whoever mentioned us would be scolded. “They are miserable enough. Don’t mention them.”

So at present, the main characters were Erin and Ming.

But a lot of media commented on it. Although most of them blamed Erin, more people blamed Ming.

After all, he took the initiative. Erin was just a servant.

If he didn’t take the initiative, it wouldn’t happen.

Many people thought Erin was just a 20-year-old girl and immature. When she met Ming, who was gentle, considerate and rich, she was seduced.

This kind of comment gradually spread on the Internet.

Other media began to make the same comments.

The power of the Internet was great. In just a few days, Ming had changed from a gentle doctor to an immoral villain.

When I read these comments, I couldn’t help worrying.

If I were the main character, even if I was strong, I would probably collapse.

But although Ming was scolded, he didn’t comment. I even wondered if he had gone abroad and didn’t care about what happened at all.

Linda and I had been designing that teahouse recently.

We were very tacit, and the style of this teahouse was completely familiar to us.

So we were very relaxed when we designed.

That night, the drawing of the tea room was almost finished. In order to finish it, we two worked overtime.

After the drawing was finished, we found some flaws and modified it.

It was over eleven when we got off work.

Linda wanted to take me home.

But as soon as we went out, we could smell a lot of wine.

I turned around and looked for the source of the smell. I saw a man leaning against the corner of the wall. He sat there and did not move.

Linda and I were shocked.

We looked at each other and decided to go together.

Linda took out her phone and turned on the flashlight.

I saw the man lying in the bright light was the famous person on the Internet recently, Ming.

Why was he here?

I was sorry to see him like this. I hesitated and walked over and pushed him. “Are you awake?”

He looked up and saw me and his mouth twitched. He smiled and said, “are you glad I’m like this?”

I didn’t expect that we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, but Ming said that to me.

I didn’t know why Ming thought that. We were not enemies. How could I hope he was so miserable?

I frowned a little. “Get up. It’s cold here. I’ll give you a ride home.”

Ming shook his head and wryly smiled, “home? You left me. I don’t have a home.”

His words upset me. I wanted to help him, but Ming was too heavy. Even if he was awake, I may not be able to carry him. He was drunk now so I couldn’t do that.

Linda stood by. “Call the police.”

“No,” I thought he was a celebrity. In case he went to the police station, he would be noticed by many people, “try again.”

Linda and I dragged Ming into our studio, and we put him on the sofa.

I was sweating.

Actually, I was not sure if Ming was really drunk or acting now. Maybe a lot of bodyguards were waiting for us.

After all, he was now a failure and was likely to do something terrible.

I said to Linda, “you go back first. I’ll call Sean and get him here.”

“I’ll be with you.” Linda didn’t want to leave me here alone.

“It’s OK. I’ve been with him for a long time. I know him.”

Linda was persuaded and left.

After Linda left, I wanted to call Sean.

But when I just took out my cell phone and was ready to dial, one hand suddenly took my cell phone.

I turned around in fright. I saw Ming awake. He took my cell phone and looked at me.

But his eyes were dazed. He was really drunk.

I was relieved when I confirmed that he was drunk.

But I was a little nervous. I was afraid it was a conspiracy.

When I was worried that Ming would do something, he suddenly sat on the sofa and smiled bitterly. “You have been happy since you left me, so no one needs me.”

“No.” I said subconsciously.

But I didn’t know why Ming said that all of a sudden.

Ming’s eyes were dazed. He looked up in my direction. He didn’t seem to be looking at me. He said, “sure enough, I’m superfluous wherever I am. No one will like me. You know what? In fact, when I was a kid, my mother often scolded me.

She scolded me for being useless and incapable of keeping dad’s heart in check. She said I couldn’t do anything well. So when I was a kid, I was more serious than others. I hoped to be praised by my mother. I tried my best to be the first in grade, but my mother didn’t praise me. But as long as I made mistakes, she beat me and scolded me and said I was useless.”

I stood there and listened to Ming. There seemed to be a helpless little boy and a ruthless woman in front of me.

It turned out Ming was so pitiful when he was a kid.

I took two steps forward.

Ming didn’t look at me and went on, “when I was a kid, I knew I was the son of Jessop Family. I often read about Jessop Family in the newspaper. I didn’t care. When I was in the third grade of high school, Sean began to be reported.

Since then, my mother had scolded me more often and compared me with Sean. I also took the first place in grade and won many awards, but she forgot all about it. She would hit me when I answered back.

After my college entrance examination, she knew that I might leave her. She wanted me to do business and be better than the other kids in Jessop Family. At that time, I secretly applied for the medical major.”

I was very sad to hear that.

But there was a strange smile on Ming’s face. After a long time, he continued, “I wanted to kill her secretly.”

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