Chapter 375 Hurt him and herself

I realized Karen had something to say, so I asked her, “what’s the matter?”

Karen seemed to understand Sean, “no, but he’d better come to have a medical examination every year. If I’m here, I can do it for you for free.”

I knew she wouldn’t tell me so I gave up.

Then we went to the dinosaur museum. Lester had a good time in the giant dinosaur skeleton.

When he was talking to the commentator, I saw Sean reading the text messages on his cell phone. When I saw Karen’s name, Sean put the phone away.

I grabbed him. “What did the doctor say?”

“Nothing.” He shook his head. “He’ll be fine.”

“You’re lying.” I looked up at Sean and bit my lips, “tell me. If I don’t know, I feel bad.”

Sean hesitated and eventually handed me his cell phone.

I saw Karen’s text. Lester was healthy at the moment, but she knew Ming’s technology was very advanced and even more advanced than that of the Medical University Institute.

So if he injected Lester with the latest and unrecorded virus and it had a incubation period, his blood would be normal. Only they could detect it.

Karen’s text made my heart thump.

I thought of Ming’s triumphant expression and panicked.

Ming didn’t hurt my son, did he?

I couldn’t be absolutely sure about it anyway.

Sean got his cell phone back. He saw that I was flustered. He put his arm on my shoulder and put me in his arms and said, “don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

I should believe in Sean.

But he didn’t understand the profound field of medicine. Even if he wanted to promise, he may not.

I could only bet.

After that day, life returned to peace. I could leave Lester at home and let Doris and Briana take care of him.

In these days, I went to work during the day and went home at night to play with Lester.

The first formal project contract for our studio was signed and we started designing.

I worked with Linda and made rapid progress.

Sean would go home and play with Lester as long as he didn’t have social intercourse.

It was peaceful. It seemed that this was what it was and that nothing had ever happened.

But it only lasted a week.

It was a normal day, but all social platforms posted a message.

It was about people’s favorite nude photos and videos.

All social platforms began to spread the photos.

Chloe was the first to see it. She shouted at us in the office to see it. I was just curious.

But when I stood behind Chloe and watched the video on her screen, I was stunned.

The background of the video was so familiar to me.

It was the maid’s room of the house I used to live with Ming, and this background was Erin’s room!

Sure enough, when the video began to play, it showed a couple having sex. The video was apparently secretly filmed. Ming and Erin were naked and changing positions.

Erin and Ming were filmed clearly.

Ming hugged Erin and kissed her and called her Erin over and over. “Erin, I love you. I want you.”

His tone was very gentle.

If I didn’t know the truth, I might really think Ming loved Erin.

This video was very long.

It may record their whole sex making process.

“Turn it off.” Linda soon discovered the problem and said it first.

Chloe found out, too, but she was single and curious. But she had to follow Linda’s orders.

Chloe turned off the video and looked at me and tentatively said, “Becky, Ming’s size is big…”

“Work.” Linda interrupted her directly.

In the video, the size of Ming was really clear.

It was really big.

I froze for a long time and asked Chloe, “who sent it on to you?”

“A friend of mine. It seems to have spread all over the Internet,” Chloe said. “It seems that someone has released it. At that time, I didn’t expect that we know this person…”

It was all over the Internet.

Of course I knew who this person was.

I went back to my seat and opened the social network. I found that it really spread.

Erin had registered accounts on many websites and published this information. But many social networks only had screenshots and photos of herself.

Erin had a self portrait, and the rest were of her abdomen.

It got punched and kicked by Ming’s bodyguards and became scarred.

There was also a picture of the clothes she was wearing that day. Its crotch was all blood.

Erin complained in words.

She wrote about why she went to our house as a servant and how Ming cheated her love and body. Finally, when she was pregnant, her baby was killed.

I skimmed and understood that Erin had planned the revenge himself. No one helped her.

Because her logic and writing was confusing.

And she didn’t say the point, so although some people scolded Ming, more people scolded her.

There was a lot of scary content.

“Mistress should die!”

“Why didn’t you get killed? You’ve destroyed other people’s families. You have to die.”

“Your baby shouldn’t be in the world. You don’t deserve to be his mother.”

And so on.

Erin hurt him and herself.

But even so, the damage to Ming was very great.

After all, he became a bad man.

When it came to light, before I called Sean, he called me and said, “don’t worry. I’ve got public opinion under control. They won’t notice you and Lester.

“Thank you.”

I knew he just needed to do it.

It had nothing to do with him or us. It was only about Erin and Ming.

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