Chapter 374 The future was hopeless

Hearing me say that, Ming’s face had a successful smile. He nodded, “OK, you can go.”


I was flustered.

I knew I couldn’t panic. I had to be firm in my choice.

I was thinking about Lester’s smile. He was a lovely child. What if he fell ill a few years later?

Sean knew what I thought.

He grabbed me and whispered, “don’t be afraid. I’m sure Lester will be fine. Follow me.”


I looked at Ming.

His eyes were full of treacherous smiles.

It seemed that he expected me to do so. I was more flustered.

What should I do?

I didn’t know.

But I didn’t want to stay with Ming.

I thought of the past. I was only interested in work. Sometimes I even felt like a walking corpse.

When I knew Ming and Erin were cheating, I didn’t care.

We were just engaged. If we got married, the future was hopeless.

I decided to bet.

Fortunately, Lester was with Linda.

I made up my mind and didn’t hesitate to take off my engagement ring and put it on the tea table.

It meant I was going to let go of this relationship.

When I did this, I saw Ming’s eyes get complicated.

But it was the best choice. If we were together, we both suffered. We’d better break up.

I put the ring down and turned around and left.

Ming didn’t stop me. His bodyguards didn’t move either.

When I got to the door, the ambulance arrived. Several doctors got out of the ambulance and took Erin away.

There were many cars outside. When I came out, Sean’s people came out and got on two big business cars. Briana and Doris came out with Sean’s bodyguards.

It turned out Briana was Sean’s servant.

I hesitated and got on Sean’s car.

Ming never showed up at the door.

When the car left the community, I felt relaxed. I seemed to have escaped from a cage.

But Sean looked serious. I looked at him and asked, “what’s the matter?”

He didn’t seem to hear me. He stared at the distance and seemed to be thinking about something.

After a few seconds, he seemed to realize that I was talking to him. He turned and looked at me. “What?”

I knew he was thinking, so I shook my head. “Nothing.”

I proposed that we lived in his house in York No.1. Though Ming had a house in this community, it was one of the best in downtown York, so there was a lot of security and it was safe.

I was in the same room with Sean that night, but we didn’t do anything and just hugged and slept.

The next day, I told Linda I had something to do. Then I took Lester from her home and took him with Sean to the research center at the Medical University in York.

A friend of Sean who had just returned home was here. Sean told me she had been abroad. She was hired at a high salary after Christmas last year and she certainly didn’t know Ming.

When we arrived, we went to the Institute. There was only one woman in it. She was wearing a white gown and her skin was bronzed and she wore light makeup.

She turned and saw Sean. She came first and said, “Hi! Sean! Long time no see!”

The woman opened her arms and seemed to want to hug him, but Sean reached out and just wanted to shake hands with her.

The woman realized and immediately shook hands with him. She looked at me. “It seems that this girl is your girlfriend.”

She reached out to me and introduced herself, “Hello, I’m Karen. Nice to meet you.”

“Hello, I’m Becky.”

Karen spoke in a very special way.

She said hello to me and looked down at Lester. “What’s wrong with this little boy?”

“We want you to examine him.” Sean told Karen about Lester.

After listening to Sean, Karen looked serious. “I met the president of Sunshine Inc. He invited me when I was abroad a few years ago.”

“Really?” I was a little nervous.

Karen knew Ming. She…

I found myself very suspicious about anything about Lester.

Karen nodded. “Although the price he offered was very attractive, I refused.”


“Because he said I could only study his things, but I had a lot of my own things to study.” Karen explained to us.

We were relieved.

Lester could be with us during the day so he was happy. He asked me, “Mom, what are we doing here?”

“Check your body.” I squatted down and pinched Lester’s little face. I told him seriously, “after that, I will take you to the dinosaur museum with Dad.”


When Lester asked, he looked up at Sean.

Sean smiled and nodded, “yes, you can go anywhere you want. I’ll be with you all day.”

Then Karen checked up Lester and drew Lester’s blood.

Lester was scared and turned to me. “Are we really going to the dinosaur museum later?”

“Yes!” I nodded firmly.

Lester closed his eyes and said, “Auntie, I’m not afraid.”

When he spoke, there were stubborn tears in his eyes.

Karen smiled and drew Lester’s blood.

After that, Karen immediately took out a candy and handed it to Lester, “it’s a reward for a strong child.”

Lester opened his eyes and looked at the yellow lollipop Karen was holding. He pouted. “I’m a strong boy.”

But he still took the lollipop.

I helped him press his arm. Lester took it apart and starts eating it.

The results of the examination came out in about an hour. Karen read it and assured us, “this kid is in good health at the moment.”

I was relieved when she finished.

Karen paused and seemed to want to say something else. Sean suddenly stood up. “That’s good. We can go.”

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