Chapter 175 What should she say

But Ryan didn’t intend to wait for him at all and pressed the close-door button before he came in.

If the door was closed, wouldn’t it be just Ryan and her in the elevator?

Jessica’s heart was pounding with fear. Her eyes were fixed on the Door Open button and her hands could not help trying to move there.

But Ryan suddenly looked at her lightly. Her body froze and her hands had withdrew quickly before her brain could react.

The elevator door closed completely.

The closed space was extremely stressful.

Jessica pressed herself against the wall of the elevator. Out of the corner of her eye, she looked furtively at her brother. She was so anxious that sweat came out of her head. What should she say if he asked her why she was lying?

However, Ryan did not speak until they got off the elevator, but walked towards the Bentley, which was parked not far away, with a cold face.

He did not ask her, but instead of breathing a sigh of relief, Jessica’s heart was in her mouth. She felt as if there were an invisible knife around her neck, ready to snap off her head at any time.

“Ry-Ryan! I didn’t lie to you. Director Burwell said he couldn’t come at the last minute and then Little Bully happened to be here, so we had dinner together!”

Jessica trotted after him and explained anxiously. She stammered at first, but then she spoke more smoothly.

Surely Ryan would believe it? What a great excuse!

When Jessica was giddy with happiness, Ryan, who was opening the door, suddenly turned around. Their eyes met, and she quickly stopped smiling.

He stared at her with dark eyes and, with a loud snort, opened the door and sat in.

Jessica really couldn’t laugh now.

Well, did her brother believe it or not?

She stood there for a dozen seconds. Then she bit her lip and lowered her head as she went the other side, getting gingerly into the driver’s seat.

As a result, she was so nervous that when she put the bag aside, she accidentally dropped the ring box inside.

Jessica bent down immediately and tried to pick it up, but the ring box fell right at Ryan’s feet. He stretched out his hand and picked it up.

“Thank you, Ryan.” She gave a false smile and stretched out her hand tremblingly to take.

But Ryan didn’t return it to her right away. Instead, he looked down and opened the box. The diamond ring inside was dazzling in the sun. Each ray, like a knife, stabbed straight into his heart.

Rolled, stirred and tore, not caring if he hurt.

Was she going to get married with another man so soon? How could she always fall in love with a man so easily, but she was unwilling to give him a chance.

There was not much expression on his face, but Jessica could feel that he was angry, and he was very angry.

When he looked up, and she saw his sullen eyes, she was entirely convinced of the idea.

“Ryan, I didn’t take other people’s valuables. This, this looks very nice, but in fact this is a glass ring, and it’s very cheap!” Jessica had a strong desire to explain.

Her brother had told her not to take other people’s things in order to avoid getting the Howard family into trouble. When she was in middle school, she accepted imported chocolate and crystal ball from two friends. As a result, her brother lost his temper!

“Glass?” Ryan’s sullen eyes moved away from the ring and fell on her.

“Yes… Yes.”


The ring box was slammed shut.

Jessica’s heart missed a beat as it was shut. She clutched the corners of her clothes nervously. She was telling the truth. What was wrong?

“Do you think I am blind? Huh?” Ryan clutched the small purple box with his long and fair-skinned fingers, whose eyes were full of sneer. Such a poor excuse. Did she think he was stupid?

Hearing this, Jessica was stunned, “What do you mean?”

It was not glass but diamond?

“Ha!” Ryan laughed grimly and threw the box to her.

It was clear now. Jessica’s face changed till it turned red. It must be expensive! The Little Bully had got her in big trouble!

“Get off.” Ryan held the steering wheel in his right hand, his jaw tightened, and the blue veins stood out on his neck.

“Ryan, I…”

“I’m asking you to get off the car. Can’t you understand?” Ryan suddenly turned his head to look at her, his eyes covered with dark clouds. He was like a beast in the dark, and would tear her throat apart the next second.

Those rumors on the Internet that should be clarified had been clarified, so he planned to take Jessica back to the old house at noon, to explain it to his grandma, so as not to stress her out.

But she lied to him, had dinner with other man, and said yes to the proposal.

When he thought about it now, he was ridiculous!

Jessica swallowed hard when she met his angry eyes. He looked so frightening that she did not dare to say another word, and immediately opened the door and got out of the car.

As soon as the door closed, the car started, nearly clipping her.

Her legs were weak with fear and she stepped aside quickly.

The Bentley soon disappeared from her sight.

“… Alas.” With a wistful sigh, Jessica opened the ring box, glanced at it, and closed it again.

The Little Bully really screwed up!

At the same time, Chris who just got in the car sneezed for several times. He frowned and took out a tissue to wipe his nose. What the hell? Was he getting a cold?

“Perhaps Jessica found out that it was diamond, and was so happy that she missed you.”

Fat Brother’s eyes narrowed with laughter.

“I don’t need her to miss me!” Chris replied contemptuously, but the corners of his mouth turned up. She was discerning.

Jessica took a taxi home, who complained about Chris all the way inwardly. If it hadn’t been for Chris, she wouldn’t have made Ryan angry. What should she do now? She didn’t know how to placate her brother when he was angry.

“Jessica, you’re finally home!” Jessica’s mother was outside the villa. She was overjoyed to see her get off the car.

Jessica was surprised and asked as she walked along, “What’s up, Mom?”

“It’s so cold. Would I be outside if I had nothing to do.” The mother took her hand and pressed her, “Let’s go to the old house to see your grandma. Hurry up and get on the car.”

Jessica had stepped one foot into the car, but when she heard this, she put his foot down again.

“Why don’t you get in here?” The mother sat in the car and looked at her in surprise.

“Mom, can I… can I not go?” Grandma was so disgusted with her these days, if she went there, grandmother might say some very unpleasant things about her!

Anyway, Jessica didn’t want to go at all.

The mother was sorry to hear that but she was also amused. “What are you afraid of? It’s a good thing!”

How could anything be good when she had go to grandmother’s house. Jessica didn’t believe any of it, but her mother kept saying that it was a good thing, so she felt shy to refuse, and finally got in the car uneasily.

When they got to the old house, the mother was still comforting her, “It’s really a good thing. I don’t lie to you.”

“I see.” Jessica gave a perfunctory answer. She made her brother angry because of the Little Bully earlier, and now she was dragged to the old house by her mother. she should have checked the almanac before she went out today.

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