Chapter 174 He must kill him (her)

“You peeled and pushed them towards me. Aren’t you just showing off nakedly? Little Bully, I was just fifteen minutes late. How can you do that to me?”

Jessica grumbled indistinctly while eating crayfish.

“You are so naive and narrow-minded that woman who falls in love with you must be blind.”

Hearing this, Fat Brother almost spit the crab meat out of his mouth. Jessica was so insensitive.

Chris choked with rage. Which bastard said that when you peeled the crayfish for a woman who liked to eat crayfish, she’d understand what you meant? Come out! He must kill him (her)!

“Yes, I am showing off to you. Be jealous!” Chris laughed evilly and stuffed several crayfish into his mouth.

Jessica looked at his ‘proud’ appearance and then looked angrily at her hands which were red because of peeling crayfish. In future, she would let the one who peeled crayfish for her be her boyfriend.

After a meal, she touched her belly and belched.

“Look at you!” Chris gave her a sidelong glance and threw some napkins to her. He said in disgust, “You look like you’ve never eaten in your life.”

Jessica was full up and satisfied, so she didn’t bother to quarrel with him. It was about time. She wiped her mouth, applied lipstick and stood up to put on her coat.

“Here you are.” Chris came up to her with an awkward look and thrust a box into her hand.

Jessica was not reserved at all in front of him, so she opened the small box directly. It was an oversized diamond ring inside.

Why did he give her this?

Jessica looked at him in surprise with her mouth slightly open “You…”

“I don’t like you. It’s just that we’re a nominal boyfriend and girlfriend and the company wants to hype it up. That’s why I’m giving you this ring. Don’t misunderstand.” Chris looked impatient, but his ears and neck were red.

“Hype it up? I know that. I’ll give it back to you after I take a picture.”

Jessica put on the ring and was ready to take a selfie. But just as she adjusted the angle, Chris slapped her phone away and said irritably, “Did I ask you to give it back to me?”

“So you…so you want me to buy it? You want to rip me off as a middleman? !” Jessica was shocked. The Little Bully had great potential to become a profiteer!

“Shut up.” Chris splayed his fingers across her face and said angrily. “Glass. It’s not very expensive. Keep it.”

“It was made of glass. I wondered why you are so generous. This glass looks like a diamond.” Jessica had a lot of diamond jewelry, but actually she was not keen on this, so she couldn’t tell the difference.

Fat Brother laughed so hard that there were tears in his eyes.

“All right, put it away!” Chris roughly took off the ring from her finger, put it back into the small box, and closed it. “Keep this thing.”

After a few seconds’ consideration, he added, with a long face, “If you lose it, you’ll die!”

“Isn’t it a glass? I’ll give it back to you.” What if she lost it by accident?

“I won’t get back what I gave away!” Chris gave her a glare and roared at Fat Brother with a sulky face. “Stop laughing. Where are my clothes?”

“Here, here you are.” Fat Brother wiped the tears from his eyes.

They packed up, ready to go.

Jessica led the way. She opened the door of the private room briskly, carrying her bag and humming a racking tune which she thought was pleasant to hear.

The door of the opposite room opened at the same moment.

Ryan walked out coolly with a black windbreaker draped over his arms, who was being complimented by a greasy middle-aged man.

Their eyes met in silence.

She stared at Ryan’s handsome and delicate features. Her brain shut down for a few seconds, and then it raced. What the hell, why was her brother here?

Her face changed and she kicked the door as fast as she could. She had sworn to her brother that it was director Burwell who asked her out!

“Hello, Ryan!” Jessica called sweetly, and kept praying inwardly.

“Don’t spoil it, Little Bully. Don’t spoil…”

“Shit, are you crazy? Are you a psycho?” She had not finished praying for the second time, but Chris covered the nose that was hurt by the bump, and went to her side in a rage.

Jessica watched Ryan’s handsome face darken. She laughed awkwardly and drew back two steps in spite of herself.

The way Ryan looked now was so scary! She wouldn’t have lied if she’d known he was here at noon!

“Well, Ryan, I have to see Chris off at the airport, so… I gotta go now. ”

Jessica turned around and wanted to drag Chris, but the latter asked confusedly, “What? I don’t fly!”

“…” Jessica closed her eyes and patted her forehead three times in pain.

Why did Jessica pat herself on the head? Chris frowned at her and said with hesitation, “You… have a headache?”

“Yes, I’ve got a headache, a terrible headache!” Jessica said, gritting her teeth.

With her back to Ryan, she heard his aloof voice behind her. “Jessica.”

And now she was done for!

Jessica took a deep breath. When she turned around, she had already put a smile on her face. “Hey, brother, anything else? If nothing else, I’ll take my leave.”

Ryan ignored her words, but just glanced coldly at Chris. Then he withdrew his eyes and said to Jessica, “Come here.”

“OK…” Jessica could only go over reluctantly.

Ryan looked down at her and said to the middle-aged man, “I will arrange for someone to contact Mr. Roberts for future cooperation.”

“All right. Thank you for giving me a chance to cooperate with your company.” The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up. He was grinning from ear to ear.

“Good-bye.” Ryan looked placid and just nodded to him in a distant way.

The middle-aged man said hurriedly, “Good bye.”

“Let’s go.” Ryan turned his head to Jessica and said coldly. He turned and headed for the elevator.

He said no harsh words, not even an unkind one, but his tall figure had a faint chill which made one shudder to see.

Should she run away while her brother was not looking?

Jessica licked her dry lips and started walking in the opposite direction quietly. But as soon as she took a step, Ryan became aware and turned to look at her coldly.

It was as if he were looking at a dead man.

“What are you doing?” His voice was cold and piercing, and it hurt when stabbing at one’s body.

“Me? I… I was tired because of eating, so I moved my body, haha.” Her heart sank. She made a few radio gymnastic movements with an awkward smile, and followed him slowly and fearfully.

The two of them went into the elevator.

“Come on, keep up.” Chris said to Fat Brother behind him and wanted to go in with a frown.

He couldn’t explain it, but he didn’t like Mr. Howard, especially didn’t like to see him with Jessica.

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