Chapter 172 Wasn’t she in love with someone else

The amount of cyber-violence Jessica had suffered had grown exponentially before it was inflicted on Amy and Alex. The topic #Amy and Alex get out of the entertainment industry#, #Sorry, Jessica and Ryan# had become the hottest topics rapidly.

The topic #Chris and Jessica, A friend in need is a friend indeed# followed shortly. Chris’s fans not only apologized to Jessica, but also urged them to get married.

Those people who had retweeted Jessica’s post and abused her regretted now. They hastened to log on their Twitter, trying to delete their posts to destroy evidence.

But Tina had already arranged for people to take screenshots of the evidence and sent the lawyer’s letter to the netizens who had reached the sentencing standard.

In the living room, Jessica held a cellphone. There were an ipad on her knee and two laptops on the table in front of her. She read the comments rapidly, and finally vented her frustration.

Ryan just roughly took a glance, and then looked away, whose eyes fell on Jessica furtively. When he saw her excited look, he raised his eyebrows slightly, and the corner of his mouth turned up imperceptibly.

The little girl’s matter had been solved, but things were piling up at the company these days. He got up and prepared to go to the office to do with the backlog overnight.

But his arm was seized as soon as he just took a step.

Ryan looked down and saw Jessica holding his arm tightly. The soft parts at the front of her body were almost pressed against his arm. A touch of red came over his ears. He tried to pull back his hand, but he failed and felt the soft parts were closer to him.

“Let go!” His eyes darkened and his mouth felt as dry as a bone.

“Ok!” Jessica also didn’t mind his cold manner. She put her notebook in front of him with sparkling eyes. “Ryan, have you seen the news on the Internet? We are finally in the clear. It is not easy!”

She pointed to a spot on the screen with her fair finger and gestured him to look.

But Ryan caught a glimpse of a post below her finger.

[A big fan of Chris and Jessica] Crying. Chris didn’t leave or forsake Jessica when she was in trouble. What a romantic relationship! Hope they get married right now!

There were group photos of Chris and Jessica below. Some were the stills from “Spy”. Some were their private group photos. But the two were so intimate in all the photos without exception as if they could only see each other in their eyes.

The post had received nearly two hundred thousand likes.

Ryan’s handsome face fell immediately. As he stared at the smiling Jessica in the photo, the emotion of jealousy grew in the bottom of his heart and swept over his whole body in an instant.

No matter how much he did, wasn’t she in love with someone else?

He didn’t hear what Jessica was saying at the end of the conversation, but left with a sneer and a long face.


Jessica watched his back disappear from sight with a look of confusion. “Isn’t this the time to be happy?” She murmured.

She began to doubt whether the man had a period, otherwise why was Ryan more moody than a girl in her period?

But a phone call from Chris made her forget all this.

“Little Silly, would you like to come to South Town at noon tomorrow?”


Because of the scandal, she couldn’t even leave the house these days. She was so greedy! Now she could finally go out to eat!

In contrast to Jessica’s lightheartedness, Amy was at her lowest ebb. After she came out of the hospital, she went to the filming without worrying about the evening’s press conference.

It turned out that during the filming, the way the staff looked at her was not right.

Amy began to feel uneasy, but she still kept comforting herself. “Penny and Alex said it’s okay. It’s gonna be okay. If the Howards had a solution, they wouldn’t have to wait until now.”

She soon convinced herself.

However, an angry crowd stormed into the set-

“Amy, get out of the entertainment industry!”

“Get out of entertainment industry!”

What was going on? What she did with Alex was exposed? No, Penny and Alex said it would be all right, didn’t they?

But if it was all right, why were these crazy people here?

Amy was standing on a platform which was half a meter high. In a panic, she accidentally missed her step and fell to the ground with a bang.

Fortunately, this was the soil, if it was a cement floor, she would break her bone. Even so, the pain from the tailbone felt unbearable, like she was about to be torn apart from the middle.

“You wicked, shameless woman!”

She lay on the ground and watched a fat woman rush toward her, waving her fist. What should she do? She couldn’t dodge in such a situation!

Her face turned pale. She quickly pretended to be unconscious, whose eyes secretly opened a slit to check the situation.

Seeing that Amy was in a ‘coma’, the crew members was afraid that it would cause death, so the director hurriedly arranged for all hands to stop the crazy fans.

Amy was glad that she was clever, or those madmen would have hit her.

But things didn’t go as well as she thought. When the director arranged for someone to send her to the hospital, someone threw rotten eggs and vegetable leaves on her body. There was even an immoral person who threw dog poop.

Something still steaming stuck to her face. She held her breath, but the smell made her sick. She couldn’t pretend to be unconscious for a while, so she opened her eyes and retched.

Seeing this, those netizens who rushed to the set was burning with rage-

“The bitch pretended to be unconscious!”

“Hit her!”

Amy had a hard time getting to the hospital. The hospital was full of besiegers, so she and those people who had sent her were sneaking, for fear of being discovered by them.

Fortunately, she managed to get to the ward safely.

Amy was greatly relieved, but the wounds scratched by crazy netizens also hurt more clearly at this time.

In less than an hour since the press conference, she had lost two fine jewelry endorsements, three TV drama roles and a movie role, which had taken a toll.

And not only did she lose her fame and resources, but she also had to pay huge damages to jewelers and directors.

She called her agent and the company, but instead of helping her solve the problem, they asked her for compensation, saying that she had violated the contract, which had damaged the company’s reputation and had caused a serious damage to the company. They wanted ninety million dollars in damages.

How did she get so much money?

Amy felt breathless as she watched all the coverage and bad names on the Internet.

Was…was she going to end up like this? No, no!

“You!” Amy suddenly stood up, clutching the assistant with red and swollen eyes, and said crazily, “Didn’t you ever save Jessica? She is a soft touch. You beg her to let me off!”

The assistant got a large bruise on the arm from her pinch. She said in a sobbing tone, “But Amy, you did such a thing, Jess…”

“Shut up!” Amy shook her off with a ferocious face. “Go and beg her now, or I’ll let mother marry you to that lame old man! Go!”

It was her only hope!

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