Chapter 171 Miss Rosen can answer now

Jessica gave him a reassuring look.

Fiona watched the scene with a faint excitement in her eyes. She thought today was doomed to no harvest, but did not expect this little bitch took the initiative to walk into the trap!

“Miss Rosen can answer now!” Fiona motioned to the cameraman behind her to turn on the equipment.

Jessica smiled, “A mere verbal statement is no guarantee. You may not believe me when I tell you the truth. In two minutes, the press conference will begin. We will release the evidence, and then everyone will understand.”

“Well, I’ll see what evidence Miss Rosen can produce later. Don’t try to smear them again. We won’t believe any more negative things you say about them, and it won’t whitewash your reputation.”

Fiona had already firmly believed that she could not turn the tables, so she spoke without ceremony.

Jessica grinned. “I know that, so you don’t need to remind me. Do you have anything more to say?”

Ryan’s face softened as he saw Jessica smiling like a little fox. She was usually calculating once she showed this face.

Fiona didn’t take Jessica seriously. She said with her chin up, “Everybody knows all the dirty jobs you’ve done without saying. If I asked you one more question, I guess you would say that the evidence would be released later. So I have no further questions.”

“Good, reporter Fiona is finished asking, and it’s my turn.” Jessica was kind of thirsty and wanted to drink some water after saying so many words. But she couldn’t unscrew the lid.

Ryan took it with a cold face, unscrewed it and put it in front of her.

“Thank you, Ryan.” Jessica said in a small voice.

Ryan looked at her smiling face. His mouth suddenly felt as dry as bone when his eyes fell on her red lips. He merely said, “Well”, and looked away.

Seeing that Jessica didn’t take her seriously, Fiona said crossly, “You’re holding a press conference today, not me. I’m just a reporter at the conference. I don’t know what you have to ask me.”

“You are a reporter, but you are also an employee of the Howard group, aren’t you?” Jessica asked with a smile.

Fiona had considered this question before she came and answered without any psychological burden.

“I’m here today to generate revenue for the newspaper, and I’m here for the good of the company. If you Howard group dismiss people you don’t like at will, who will dare to go to work in the Howard group in the future?”

“Revenue?” Jessica smiled.

Fiona asked angrily, “What are you smiling for?”

“Because of your selfish desire, you maliciously discredit the image of the President of the Howard group, which has caused more than tens of millions of losses. How much money do you make for the newspaper by publishing such a scandal? How can you have the nerve to say it’s to generate revenue for the Howard group?”

“Well… Well…” Fiona’s face suddenly changed, and she didn’t know how to argue back.

Jessica continued, “Let’s not say whether those reports are true or false. Even if it is true, you, an employee of a company belonging to the Howard group, ignored your boss’s orders and stabbed him in the back when he asked not to report any relevant news.”

She glanced at the crowd and said earnestly, “Do you dare to hire such a person?”

Of course not! Who dared hire such a person who would probably stabbed you in the back!

People in the audience discussed animatedly, whose comments made Fiona blush. She pointed to Jessica. “You… You’re lying!”

“I am lying? Wasn’t it because we worked together and you had a grudge against me, so you ignored your boss’s orders and reported the news?”

“…” That was right, but how could she admit it now?

But before Fiona denied it, Jessica turned to look at Ryan. “Ryan, do I have the power to fire someone from our company?”

Ryan didn’t answer, but he called the head of the newspaper instantly. “Fire Fiona.”

“!” Fiona was so stunned that she almost fell. “You… You can’t just fire me. I…”

Ryan was impatient and sneered, “It’s our company. Why can’t I fire you? If I asked the head of the newspaper to leave, he should leave, not to mention you. Don’t use the trick of moral abduction.”

He didn’t know she was an employee of his company before Jessica said that. If he had known, he would have fired her earlier.

“You’re wise, Ryan.” Jessica complimented him, which was another fierce stab to Fiona.

“You have seen clearly what happened just now, and you must have your own decision in mind as to who is right and who is wrong. Please bear witness to our family. If she slanders the Howards, please help to do us justice.”

“Oh, by the way, she got fired today and should be applying for a job at one of your companies. As a person who has worked with her for more than a year, I have to remind you.”

“She is a narrow-minded person, who is so cruel that she dares to frame her own boss, and you… you should make your own decisions, and I will say no more.”

What company would dare to hire her after the bitch said so?

Fiona blushed with anxiety. “Jessica, you…”

“Throw her out.” Ryan didn’t give her a chance to get close to Jessica, but ordered the bodyguard next to him with a cold face.


It was already ten past seven when Fiona was thrown out, and the press conference had officially begun. Tina motioned for the reporters to be quiet and arranged for the staff to play the video.

The press conference was a great success. The topics that the reporters drew up at the beginning, such as “The Howards failed to prove their innocence again”, “The wealthy siblings commit incest” and “The promiscuous life of the wealthy”, were all useless. “The inversion of Jessica and Ryan’s affairs” went viral on the Internet as a trending topic.

It caused a stir on the Internet.

“Did you watch the video? Alex lost the use of his limbs and that thing, and he was still thinking about sex. It’s so disgusting to see Amy having sex with him!”

“The last poster, is that the point? The point is that when they had sex, they were still talking about framing Ryan and Jessica! We’re all the tool of them!”

“There were nine videos, nearly three hours, and I watched them all. Alex personally admitted that he had cheated on Jessica during their relationship. He cheated on Jessica and was dumped up. How dare he say that Jessica is petty? What kind of values? Surprised!”

“They failed to rape and coerce Jessica, and they put the blame on the victim… Oh, my god! I cursed Jessica and Ryan before. What a fool I am!”

“A friend of mine was a member of the crew and he said that during the filming of ‘Spy’, Alex did sexually harass Jessica several times. Chris helped Jessica at that time, and it was probably in that situation that they fell in love.”

“As a cheap man, Alex deserves to be beaten into a cripple! If I were Jessica’s brother and had the power of the Howard family, I would kill this brute!”

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