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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 175 Come On, Boss

The car stopped at the gate of the police station. Alice got out of the car. Benjamin followed her and called out, “Alice…”

Alice looked back at Benjamin and couldn’t understand why he called her, “What’s wrong?” Her heart was up and down, and the expression on his face made her even more disturbed.

Benjamin walked over and took her hand, “Pippi, will definitely come back.”

Alice understood what he said, and was afraid to go in later. If Pippi was not found, she would not be able to bear it.


The two went in together, and a police officer who knew Benjamin came over and said to them, “Come with me here.”

In an office, several policemen in police uniforms held a kidnapped child in their arms, and even a pair of twin boys, which were sold by their parents.

Benjamin and Alice did not find their Pippi in a few children, and several parents came in successively, all of which were stolen by the traffickers in this city in the past week.

The current traffickers were really too rampant, and some can grab children directly on the street. They were bad people, and they should be killed.

Alice was sitting in a nearby chair lost. Benjamin patted her on the back and comforted her. The more silent she was, the more uncomfortable she felt, and he was distressed but helpless. Let him fully understand that before swearing to himself, he would give Alice everything she wanted. It turned out to be his self-talk, he was just an ordinary person, and there were some things that were really powerless, and you can only wait, accept, and face them.

A police officer came in with a little guy in his arms and said with a smile, “This little guy has such a clean habit as a young man. He just wanted to go to poo. I let him go to a public toilet. He didn’t want to. In the end he chose the director the built-in toilet in the office. He was pleasing the few people who were in the meeting. ”

“Mummy…” The little one recognized the mummy sitting among the many people at a glance and called out loud.

He was too young to know what happened to him in the past few days, but only knew that he hadn’t seen his mother, father, and grandma for several days, and the aunt who took him away had never allowed him to cry, and he said that he missed Mummy, and that aunt said that he would take you to find Mummy.

He finally saw Mummy, and the little guy was very happy. He wanted to leave from the police uncle’s arms, ran with two short legs and ran towards the parents, “Mummy, Mummy…”

Alice was already crying with joy, tears eyes watching the cute little boy running closer and closer, two little hands dangling like wings on both sides of the body, the smile on the fleshy little face was very happy.

Alice squatted down and hugged the little guy firmly in her arms. She didn’t know if it was a psychological reason. She felt he was lighter and thinner.

He usually loved cleanliness, but now his two chubby little hands had black dirty things in his nails, which was the reason for not washing his hands frequently.

Pippi squeezed tightly around Mum’s neck, “Mum, Pippi misses you so much.”

With tears in her eyes, Alice held her child’s face and stared comfortably. “I miss you too, I miss you so much.”

Pippi reached out and took his dad’s hand. Actually, he was a little scared to see his dad. He suddenly couldn’t find his mummy. It should be that he didn’t listen to his father at that time and didn’t listen to his words well.

He lifted his head high and looked at his tall dad with regret. “Dad, I was wrong.”

When he saw his son coming back, he was grateful for God’s mercy for him, and looked at the little guy with relief.”

The little boy’s unintelligible blink blinked almost the same as his father’s eyes. Looking down at Mommy, he didn’t understand the world of adults. He didn’t understand what they said. Anyway, he would be happy if he can see Dad, Mommy.

The boy happily circled father and mother. The police officer and Benjamin dealt with the matter and said something. They were very glad to find these children and make these families beautiful again.

At the police station, Benjamin originally wanted to hold Pippi. He was also afraid of Alice being tired, but Alice did not allow him to approach Pippi like protecting a priceless treasure.

It was estimated that Benjamin’s will make Alice remember his carelessness for a long time, and it will be difficult to take Pippi out and so on in the future.

The little guy was still holding his mum’s neck with great perseverance. It can be seen that in the crucial moment, mother was more important than father.

Benjamin called Chuck. “We found Pippi.” After a few words, he ended the call.

Joan heard that Pippi was found, and she kept crying. If Pippi really lost and couldn’t be found, she had a dead heart. After all, she always thought that it was her old lady’s fault that she was clearly in poor health. She had to take care of the children stubbornly.

It’s Alright now, Pippi was found, her baby grandson was all right. It was she, a little bit faceless to go home to see Alice.

After getting in the car, Benjamin smoked a wet tissue to help Pippi wipe his dirty little hands. He must have had a bad day these days. Just after getting in the car, he crawled into Alice’s arms and fell asleep.

Benjamin reached out and tried to touch Pippi’s small face, which was evaded by Alice’s defense, and she was still angry at him.

“I promise, I will never be careless again, I will never lose my baby son again.” The son came back, and he dared to vow to promise.

“No way.” Alice indifferently returned to him.

Alice gave him a scornful look and said to Joe driving in front of him, “Joe, stop in front of the hotel, and, please, let Amy go to the villa to help me get Pippi and my things. Take it and send it to the hotel first. ”

This…made it difficult for Joe to drive.

Benjamin stopped, “Joe, don’t listen to her, go straight home.”

Alice snorted coldly, “Forget it, that castle, I still won’t go.”

Benjamin smiled bitterly. The irony in this sentence was too strong. He knew she was angry at those words he had said to her, “Don’t take it too seriously. Those words were not true.”

Alice didn’t believe it. It was so hurtful and at the time. If it was not true, then his acting skills would be great.

“How can that be not true if you were lying? I think those words were originally what you didn’t say in your heart, but now I know, I’ve never been entangled with you.”

“…” Benjamin was speechless, and he couldn’t beg her in front of Joe.

“What’s the matter, let’s go home and talk about it. Even if you need to pack things, it’s better to pack yourself. In case you deliberately say that something has left the house, you actually want to see me.”


Joe, who drove in front of them, smiled secretly. He didn’t park in front and went directly to the villa.

After getting out of the car, Benjamin wanted to hold Pippi again, and Alice still didn’t allow him to hold, “No.”

Joe, who helped them open the door, cheered on his boss. “Come on, boss.”

Benjamin sighed and patted Joe’s shoulder. “You go back, be careful on the road, I’ll do my best.”

Seeing Alice was ready to be separated from him, Benjamin was really anxious in his heart.

Alice put Pippi back to the room to sleep comfortably. She just got up to help him take off his jacket. He wanted him to sleep more comfortably. The little guy thought she was leaving, and his two small hands tightly wrapped her arms.”Afraid, Mommy, Pippi is afraid.”

Alice’s heart hurt for a while. For the child, he may just feel that he hadn’t seen his father, mother and grandma in the past few days, but the fear was deep in his heart, he just can’t express it.

Alice lay beside Pippi and patted him, “Don’t worry, mother is her.”

Slowly, he may hear the voice of his mother. He felt that my mother was always by his side, and he slept more sweetly.

Benjamin warmly washed a towel and brought Pippi off his jacket and pants. Then he leaned halfway on the other side of Pippi, and his deep eyes looked at Alice, who was full of love.

“Remarriage tomorrow?”

Alice stared up at him. Is there a man shameless than him? She just lost her child a few days ago, and he said so badly that he never loved anymore. Now that the child was back, he made such a request directly.

“No, marrying a man who didn’t love me at all was not the same as jumping into a fire pit. I’ll choose a new father for Pippi.”

“Those words were shits. My wife will not care much, will you? And I use the rest of my life to prove my love.”

“Forget it, why waste so much time just to prove love or not, if you only find out that you can’t do it, isn’t that all life in vain.”

“Then I don’t care whether you marry or not, I will live with you for the rest of my life, anyway, as long as you want it, just tell me.”

Alice looked up at him mysteriously, being proud in his heart, “This is what you said.”

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