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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 174 Sorry

“Why? You want to hit me? You hit me and see if I can make it work for you?” He was a man, was he provoking a woman?

He’s really changed, ruthless, sick and cold.

“Then I’ll marry you, I’ll marry you, can you not separate me from Pippi?” She can’t quarrel with him now, and it’s not a time for anger, no matter what his ultimate purpose and original reason were. She must learn to compromise before him.

On the contrary, Alice’s words made Benjamin laugh, but there was no temperature and coldness. He stepped forward and raised her small chin with a finger. “Alice, who do you think you are? When I want to marry you, you refused. You want to marry now, but I don’t. You said, what should I do? ”

Alice opened his hand and looked at him questioningly, “Do you have to do this?”

Benjamin freaked furiously and flicked his finger that had just touched Alice. The smile on the corner of his mouth was cold.

“Don’t think you can inspire me like this. I can’t leave without returning Pippi to me.”

The corner of Benjamin’s mouth tilted upwards. “Alright, let’s bear it. I don’t really want to return Pippi to you.”

After speaking, he turned to leave. Alice stepped forward and stopped in front of him, “Benjamin, why did you do this? What happened to you suddenly?”

“Just decided not to love anymore,” he said weakly.

She stood in sorrow, he passed her by, the taste and breath were familiar, but he was strange to the whole person.

Alice smiled bitterly and said, “Have you ever loved me? You never love, from beginning to end, in your eyes, I am just a possession in your subconscious, you throw me away again and again, Get me back again and again, that’s not to let go, it’s just an occasional miss. ”

He walked forward all the time, without turning or turning back, until he no longer heard her sad and sad voice in his ear.

Until she left her sight, he sat weakly on the sofa, as if being drained of meridians and draining the body of the soul. She was his most loved and favorite woman, but he became the man who hurt her deeply.

It seemed that the situation was irreversible. Alice seemed to be locked into a black hole by him at a glance. He knew the terrain of the black hole clearly, because the black hole was dug by him.

When Janice saw Benjamin, she was angry. “Benjamin, are you ill? Why did you close Alice? Pippi was lost by you. It is you who should confess in front of Alice. But you are holding Alice like a lunatic. Are you insane? ”

Just now Janice received a call from Alice, stating that Ben would look for the entire villa to be guarded and blocked, and she could not leave the villa for half a step at all.

Jim wanted to persuade Janice to calm down. The most uncomfortable person at this time was Ben. His self-blame was more than that of everyone.

“Well, Ben is doing this for Alice, too. If Alice now knows Pippi is lost, she would be sadder.”

Janice looked at Jim speaking for Benjamin, and smiled coldly and sadly, “Alright, was it really good? You are selfish, she is Pippi’s mother, and the loss of a child is equal to killing her life, so create an illusion for her, make her life worse than death, don’t you think it’s too cruel to her? ”

Penny and Janice agreed with concealing. “In this world, the strongest is the mother, and the strongest is the mother’s love. Tell Alice the truth, she will be distressed for a while, but she will be even stronger. She will do her best to get the child back, even if it takes a lifetime, she will have hope every day. ”

“But if we have always used cheating to create a different hypothesis for her, she will become more broken and desperate, and even force her to use extreme methods to make Benjamin return Pippi to her.”

Everyone fell into silence. Alice would know sooner or later, but they were praying, Pippi could be found earlier.

“Hello!” Alice’s mobile phone dropped on the marble floor, and the sudden voice made everyone look around.

Alice was messy, her big trench coat was torn, her face and hands had obvious scratches, and her wounds were all fresh blood.

She climbed out of the third floor. She chose the fastest way to leave, and that was to jump straight from the third floor. God didn’t treat her badly and did not kill her.

“Alice…” They said in unison, wondering what she had just experienced.

Benjamin strode forward anxiously, examining her body up and down, “How did you come out? Are there any other injuries?”

Alice looked at him blankly, and he took a step back, and his heart had already been suspended from just now, “What were you talking about just now? Where did you get my Pippi? Benjamin, you return me Pippi, Benjamin, you return me Pippi! ”

She couldn’t control her emotions anymore, and finally almost seemed to scream at him with heartbreaking.

“I’m sorry…” She lowered her head in remorse in front of him, as if he had returned home that night with the first look and helplessness of her.

Alice held his arm firmly, “Benjamin, why should you say sorry, where is my Pippi?”

“I lost him, sorry, sorry…”

Lost, how could it be lost?

Alice’s hand slipped along Benjamin’s arm, and the whole person fell to the ground, with an expression of embarrassment, which was abnormal for everyone in these days.

He lost Pippi, so in other words, Pippi has been lost for three days and has been lost since going out that morning.

It’s been three days. What did that mean?

“Alice…” Molly was squatting beside her. At this time, she didn’t know what words to comfort her. Both of them were mothers, and knew that children were important to a mother.

Alice’s world had been quiet, it was too calm before the collapse, and there was only one voice in the ear that repeated endlessly, “Pippi lost, Pippi lost, her Pippi lost…”

Suddenly she stood up. Her eyes were dull and expressionless. She didn’t look at anyone, didn’t say a word, and turned around. Benjamin held her from behind, “Sorry, I will definitely find Pippi, I will find Pippi.”

If Benjamin didn’t speak, didn’t confess, didn’t guarantee, maybe Alice just left like that and never broke down, but his little voice was now a sharp dagger, which can easily cut off her whole body. The tight string.

She became very strong, freed from his arms like crazy, “Let me go!”, She looked back coldly and stared at Benjamin who hadn’t stood still for a while, sadly smiling, “I am now I’d rather believe that you hide my Pippi. ”

After speaking, she turned again, “Don’t follow me, I won’t let myself be Alright, I will also take care of my Pippi.”

Benjamin didn’t stop her, but he kept secretly following her behind. He was really afraid that she would be in trouble. She went to many places by herself, and she was looking for Pippi.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Benjamin had to stop and bought a glass of warm milk. She sat on the curb on the side of the road. He walked over and sat quietly beside her. The milk was handed to her.

Alice glanced down and didn’t answer, because she hadn’t eaten or drunk for a day, and anxious to get angry, her throat was dumb, “I don’t blame you.”

Both eyes were looking forward. How hopeful that, next second, their Pippi appeared in the crowd, smiling at them sweetly.

These days, Benjamin was too frightened, and her sentence was not strange, making him heart-struck, “I blame myself.”

He was too useless to look at even a child.

Alice hated his previous concealment, but also understood that he was helpless and guilty at the time. He suffered not only the pain of losing a child, but also the pain of desperate self-blame.

She raised her hand and put her small hand on his big hand. “Our Pippi will definitely come back.”

He backhanded, holding her hand in the palm of his hand, his fingers intertwined, ‘Pippi, you have to come back, dad must find you. ‘

Benjamin’s mobile phone was ringing in the clothes button. Alice wanted to let go of their two hands. Benjamin refused to let go and handed her the milk in the other hand, and Alice had to hold it.

It ‘s from the police station. Benjamin now wanted to answer but dared not answer. Last night, a police officer told him to go to the hospital to confirm whether the boy was Pippi. Looking at the injured child, he was too sad to speak, Pippi could be hurt afterwards.

“Hello, this is Benjamin.”

“Come over here at the police station. Just now our police caught a den selling children. One of them should be Pippi.”

Benjamin held Alice’s hand tightly, his whole body was stiff, and even the mobile phone in his hand was dropped, he had not realized it yet.

“What happened?”

Alice’s heart hung into her throat, and Benjamin’s response scared her into disappointment. Even his hands were too powerful, making her feel that her fingers were about to break.

He picked up his mobile phone and pulled Alice towards the parking direction. The driver Joe looked at them from a distance and saw that they were ready to start, had started the engine and waited to start at any time.

“Go to the police station.”

After getting in the car, Benjamin said to Joe, Joe has always been very anxious, “Is there any news of Pippi?”

Alice was nervous and shivering. She didn’t dare to ask. She just wanted to reach the police station in a second.

“Not sure yet.” He knew that the answer was cruel, but it was like being disappointed and overwhelmed like he had been a few times before.

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