Chapter 173 You Will Get Retribution

That day, Benjamin still came home very late, still full of exhaustion, and his original deep eyes were also slack and consciously or unconsciously to avoid her eyes.

Alice looked at him up and down. The first thing he did every day was to take a bath, but he still seemed to have no spirit, just like he was sucked into his soul by something, and his soul was completely absent from home.

“I miss Pippi, godmother said that she will be back today, but I still haven’t heard it, and I never heard Pippi’s voice.” Alice was suspicious, and each of them made her feel very wrong.

Benjamin looked up at Alice. Between the eyebrows there was like a haze that couldn’t be turned away. Suddenly his eyes suddenly became sharp and his voice was low and sharp. “You will never see Pippi in the future.”

Alice’s heart suddenly stunned, and he didn’t understand the meaning of his words, “Benjamin, what do you mean by this? What happened to Pippi?”

Benjamin’s thin lips pressed tightly, “I hid him. Didn’t you agree to remarry me? Don’t ever see Pippi, he is my son.”

Alice looked at Benjamin in front of him in disbelief, completely changed into another person, a stranger, “Benjamin, do you know what you are talking about? What is he is your son, Pippi is also my son. Why did you hide him, and where did you hide him? Tell me. ”

Even if she did not want to believe it, Alice was still panicked. She was really afraid that Benjamin would really break up her and her son.

Benjamin stood in the same place as a statue, without temperature, and remained motionless. “He is fine. You don’t have to worry too much.”

Alice looked at him inconceivably. He was so cold-blooded that he chilled her. He hid her son and forbidden their mother and son from meeting. He even said that the son was very good and she didn’t need to remember it.

Did he still have a heart?

“Why do you do this? What exactly do you want to do?” Is it good? Just when she thought they could finally be together, he changed his face again.

Benjamin gave her a dismissive glance, indifferent to the icy bitterness, “You’re not willing to remarry me and you don’t want me to touch you, isn’t it because you think I’m a jerk? Since I’m so disgusted by you, what’s my trouble? Keep it up to you. If separation is the liberation of each other, then I fulfill you, but Pippi belongs to me. ”

Alice sneered heartily, “Benjamin, why are you treating me like this? What are you talking about? Pippi is mine, whether we are together or not, Pippi is mine. ”

Benjamin ticked the corner of his lips coldly, “How is that? You don’t even have a formal occupation right now. If you go through legal procedures and you still don’t have the ability to raise children, why bother with it, I will pay the maintenance you should pay for.”

He couldn’t go on, every word was bitter, he knew that it was too cruel to her, but if she knew that Pippi was lost by him and Pippi was gone, she would be even more unacceptable.

At least he could give her an illusion. Pippi was doing well. She just hated him, and she should hate it.

He had been thinking about how to tell her in the last two days, maybe this was the biggest punishment for himself.

The response from the police was that it should be a gang that sold children. If it was a kidnapping, the kidnappers will definitely call their families in the past few days, but it had not been for three days.

No matter what happened between them before, she could write off his pampering of her before, but Pippi was her bottom line, and no one was allowed to hurt him the slightest.

She glared at Benjamin fiercely. He had never understood her heart. It was Alright, but she absolutely could not forgive this matter, and she even suspected that from the beginning, he would come back simply to take Pippi away from her, everything else was an excuse.

“Benjamin, I will never let you succeed, your cruelty will be punished.”

Benjamin smiled coldly, and in his eyes he could see the sadness that was difficult to hide. “Yes, people like me will definitely get retribution.”

His retribution was that there will never be a happy and complete home and let him lose her forever. This was the cruelest retribution for him.

Alice got dressed and was ready to go out. Benjamin grabbed her slender wrist with a strong hand, “Where are you going?”

Alice turned back, there was no longer a trace of temperature, “I want you to know that Pippi is mine, and I will never give him to you as a cold-blooded asshole.”

Benjamin pulled his arm back to Alice with a forceful cry, and grunted coldly, “You are not allowed to leave!”

“You cannot control me!” Alice was struggling hard, but his hands were too strong, and she felt that her wrists were almost broken.

Benjamin was as cold as ice, exuding an intimidating deterrent. “I’ll show you. With me in one day, you can’t go anywhere.”

He dragged her in, and even though his legs weren’t too convenient, he was still stronger than her. “Benjamin, let go of me, are you crazy?”

She didn’t know what happened to him? He said he wanted to take his son away, so now that he had decided to take a break with her, why didn’t he bother?

What was the truth of Pippi’s sudden disappearance? She felt unable to believe his words.

He locked her in the room. If she wanted to go, she could jump off the second floor, but she didn’t. She just felt that there were too many doubts.

Across the door, Alice knew that he could still hear her voice, and she yelled at him outside the door, “Benjamin, don’t you just want to get married? I promise you, you can do whatever you want, we are not trouble Now, I just ask you, don’t separate me from Pippi. I can’t live without him. Without Pippi, I would really die.”

Benjamin stood outside the door, why? Why was he so careless while in the hospital? Why can an adult lose sight of his child?

Alice’s begging made him heartbreak. He hated himself. He hated his uselessness. He was very helpless. He lost the child and didn’t even know where to go.

“Benjamin, let’s talk about it. I’ll give you whatever you want, just give me Pippi.”


The guy outside was always silent, and Alice was basically disappointed.

When she calmed down, she first called Chuck. If something really happened, she believed he must know it, but he must have unified the saying. Alice still wanted to hear his tone.

After a few rings, he always answered the phone. “Alice, is it all right?” His tone was light, easy-going and normal.

But it was normal that Alice had greater doubts. “Chuck, Benjamin has hidden Pippi, forbidden to see my child. Can you persuade him?”

Chuck only nodded there. Indeed, they came up with this method together, but they were afraid that Alice would not be able to accept Pippi’s loss suddenly, and he was looking forward to a miracle. Maybe Pippi would get it back tomorrow.

“Are you quarreling again?” Chuck pretended to ask without knowing it.


“Alright, when I see him, I will talk to him.”

“Thank you.”

“Then I’m still busy. Janice had been thinking about you recently. Come here to talk to her when you have time.”


After the call ended, Alice’s hanging heart did not let go. On the contrary, the usual deliberate politeness made Alice sure that no matter what happened, he was aware, but it was obvious, and he also deliberately concealed her.

There must something happen to Pippi.

Suddenly, Alice couldn’t be calm anymore. She was slamming the door of the room, shouting loudly, “Benjamin, open the door, otherwise I will jump from upstairs.”

“Benjamin, open the door!”

The door was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

She only threatened a sentence to jump upstairs, and he rushed in, anxiously. Benjamin, your acting skills became worse because you were afraid.

Alice stood up and stood in front of him, facing his eyes. What she saw in his eyes was pain, sadness, and even helplessness.

She hugged him tightly, and she had the same helplessness. He was stiff all over. She knew that he was hesitant to push her away.

“Benjamin, is there anything happening to Pippi? I can bear it, can you tell me how it is? Don’t treat me like this, don’t make your own claim in my life, I’m stronger than you think, tell me? ”

Her sad begging failed to get the so-called truth, but he pushed it away heartily. He pushed her away impatiently and looked at her coldly. “You are stronger than I thought, but I also discovered that it turned out that I didn’t love you as much as I imagined, so those imaginations didn’t exist. I said, Pippi is fine, without you, this mummy, he would be fine.”

“Benjamin…” She was still reluctant to believe it, and there might be more, she couldn’t accept it.

Alice clenched her fists and really wanted to raise her hand to slap him. No matter what happened, he couldn’t say such things to hurt her.

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