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Chapter 172 Pippi Was Stolen

Alice typed novels at home for a whole day, completely forgetting that besides her, there was another real life, so that Joan took Pippi out for a whole day and had not returned. She was careless and did not find it.

Outside, Benjamin, Joan, and Chuck and Jim were all mad. They all looked like ants on a hot pot, anxious to find out Pippi.

Pippi had been lost since 10 am, and it was now 7 pm. There was no clue or situation on the police side.

Today, because the weather was good and the sun was good, Joan wanted to take Pippi to the temple outside the city. Although the children were now living together, they have been so noisy and troubled as elders.

When Joan just arrived at the temple, and it may be because of the blood pressure that had been rising in recent days, Joan had always been dizzy. The driver accompanying her grandchildren had to call Benjamin.

Benjamin asked the driver to take Joan to the nearest hospital. Benjamin put down his job and drove Joe to the hospital in less than an hour.

Joan was in the emergency room. Pippi began to be held by Uncle Li, the driver at home. After Benjamin came, Pippi kept looking for Benjamin to hold. Some procedures needed to be handled, and Benjamin’s legs were inconvenient, so he asked Joe to help him. Benjamin was thinking at the time, and asked Pippi to sit in a chair. He and the doctor went to the office to know about his mother.

However, it was a little negligence, when Benjamin came out of the doctor’s office, Pippi disappeared…

In the monitoring of the hospital, it can be seen vaguely that a middle-aged woman took Pippi away. The woman didn’t know what Pippi had said. Pippi nodded only when she was more than two years old and let the woman carry away, and did not cry or make trouble when they left.

The police have determined that Pippi was taken away by the criminals. After being taken out of the hospital, the car turned right. Some of the surveillance on the road and some surveillance of the roadside shop door also captured. The bad woman finally got on a silver van with no license plate, obviously a recidivist.

The monitoring of each section can trace the van to the beginning, and finally find the van in the parking lot of the community, but the parking place can completely avoid the monitoring equipment.

The people in this community were hermetically sealed. There were more than 60 buildings and tens of thousands of households. Wanting to find a child was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Criminals were particularly familiar with the terrain in this area. After getting off the bus, they completely avoided the monitored place, which left the police nowhere to look.

Alice was standing in the living room. The whole house was quiet and completely the same as usual. There was always Pippi’s laughter at any time, but today it was not.

She turned on the light, and there was no food in the kitchen. She poured a glass of water and went to call. It was rare she didn’t answer her phone.

Joan’s mobile phone was temporarily unavailable, which made Alice’s heart hang up. She didn’t know if she thought too much and suddenly had a bad feeling.

According to the usual time, Benjamin should also return. What happened suddenly today? Everything was abnormal?

Fortunately, Benjamin’s mobile phone was connected, and he quickly answered, “Hey.”

His voice was low, as if he was very busy. “The godmother told me to go to the temple when she went out in the morning. She hasn’t come back yet, the phone had not been reached, and I haven’t contacted you.”

Benjamin glanced at the people around him, distressed, “Alice, Mom took Pippi to live with a friend over there for a few days. She called me in the afternoon, so don’t worry.”

“Friend’s house? What friend? I haven’t heard of it before.” Alice was still a little puzzled, and her heart was always upset.

“A good girlfriend of mom just happened to meet in the temple. She hasn’t seen her for many years. It’s more intimate. She has to stay with her for one night.”

“Oh, when are you coming back?”

“I have some things left here, so I’ll go back later.”

“Oh, all right.”

Benjamin slumped along the wall and sat on the cold ground. He lied to Alice. He didn’t dare tell her that Pippi was gone, and he lost her favorite Pippi.

The only thing he prayed now was to find Pippi as soon as possible. If Pippi really was lost, he was a sinner in front of Alice, and he can’t even forgive himself for life.

As a father, he even carelessly lost his child. He really deserved to die.

Alice was still restless after hearing Benjamin’s words, and she called Joan again. This time, Joan took it, and kept her in a lie.

“Well, yes, staying at a friend’s house for two days, Pippi just played a day and just fell asleep. I’ll let him call you tomorrow.”

“Alright, you guys have fun.”

Joan answered the phone, and Alice was only a little relieved.

Ben returned from the outside, but it was not the same as the previous few days. Today he looked particularly tired.

He took off his coat and hung it on a hanger. When the four eyes met, his deep eyes seemed to be mixed with a thousand words from that moment.

Alice walked over and stood in front of him, “Is there anything?”

He looked down at her, full of guilt, and couldn’t say what he wanted to say. He reached out and hugged her tightly in his arms, caressing her soft hair. “It’s Alright, just a little tired.”

Alice didn’t push him away, because he didn’t just look a little tired, he was very tired. He usually wore spotless clothes. Today, he wore somehow inexplicable, dust on his pants, and some messy hair. She thought something happened to him today.

She patted him comfortably on the back, “Go wash your hands and eat first.”

Benjamin didn’t let go of her and hugged her tightly. If he was in the hospital, he also held Pippi tightly, without leaving him alone, so he would not be stolen.

Uncomfortable, afraid of being discovered by her, he said in a deep voice, “I’ll take a bath, you eat first.”

After letting her go, he didn’t look at her again, nor did he take the cane leaning against the wall, step by step, going upstairs as if bearing all the guilt.

Alice didn’t know what happened to him today? But it can be seen that he was sad, helpless, and even liked a lost child. She wondered what to do?

Alice originally wanted to wait for him to have dinner with him after a shower. After waiting for a while, he didn’t come out and called him in his room, but he was already sleeping in bed.

She thought he was uncomfortable. She stretched out her hand and stroked his forehead. He didn’t have a fever. Maybe it was just too tired. She wanted him to rest well and covered him with a quilt. When she was about to get up, a sudden force on his arm let she flung into his.

He hugged her tightly, he really held her tight. Alice was struggling, thinking he was going to play tricks again, “Benjamin, hurry up and let me go, I haven’t eaten my meal yet.”

He didn’t sneer, nor was he so noisy as usual, a low voice spread over her head, “Let me hug you, please.”

His sad tone made Alice’s heart soften at once, and she really didn’t struggle anymore and let him hold it.

He regretfully said to her, “Alice, I’m sorry.”

Alice thought he was apologizing for the previous thing, and she said no on the surface, but forgive him long ago, “Then you have to love me well in the future, and you are not allowed to play the missing game like you did before. Don’t let me worry about you. ”

His big hand touched her head meaningfully, silent, and did not speak, and Alice felt that his actions had already expressed his willingness.

“Benjamin, are you unhappy today? Is it about work?”

Her concern made him feel even more guilty and distressed, “…It’s Alright.”

“If I’m too busy at work, I can go to the company to help you.”

“No, it will be fine.”

Alice frowned. The emotion between his words always made Alice inexplicably upset, because he was so tired that he occasionally felt sad, right?

He was really tired, and soon fell asleep. He didn’t even eat dinner. Alice got up from his arms and looked at him as he slept. He fell asleep and tightened his brows, and said that he was fine. .

Alice raised her hand, and the soft and smooth fingertips gently helped him to smooth the deep eyebrows. When his eyebrows stretched, she was satisfied with a slightly upturned mouth, and whispered to him in a nightmare. Well, the family is happy together and never separate again. ”

Help him cover the quilt, close the curtains and turn off the lights, Alice left his bedroom lightly, wanting him to sleep well, so that he can work well tomorrow.

As soon as Alice closed the door, Benjamin on the bed opened his eyes. He stared apologetically in the direction of the door, anxiously killing himself.

He picked up the phone and call Chuck, asking him about the current situation. There was still no clue. The police were still investigating.

For the next two days, for Alice, it was normal but also abnormal. Joan used various reasons to say that Pippi was inconvenient to answer the phone. Even if Alice demanded it, she could not talk to Pippi.

Benjamin came back later, but went out earlier in the morning. Every day when she saw her things, she always had a lingering expression.

And friends, they had suddenly become very busy these days, as if she was alone in her busy life, and they were not willing to take her into their lives.

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