Chapter 171 I Haven’t Told You Yet, I Love You

When John Ran got up in the afternoon, Penny was still asleep. He didn’t call her and went to the hospital alone.

Penny was awakened by her own alarm clock. There was still a long way to go to the night shift. She slowly got up, washed, and ate, knowing that the person must have gone to the hospital. A hard-working person would easily succeed, so he was the director.

After going out, Penny did not go directly to the hospital, but went to a barber shop and changed her hair style first, but because of time, she only repaired a bang.

After arriving at the hospital, John Ran could see her changed. Was there something wrong with her mind? What makeup did she put on this night shift, and that bangs, didn’t she think it’s blocking her eyes?

There were only two of them in the duty room. He asked her, “What’s wrong with you?”

Of course, Penny knew what he was asking. If he didn’t ask, she would die. “Your little girlfriend said I’m out of date, so I’ll keep myself fresh and fashioned.”

John Ran’s face was cold, and his nose was sneered. “You are a 30-year-old woman, and it’s nothing compared to twenty people.”

“John Ran, what do you mean by that? Do you think I’m old? I was also 20 years old. At that time, didn’t you also say that I was the best-looking?”

What kind of man would it be to talk to her?

This guy John Ran said blankly, “It seems that when I was young, my vision was really poor.”

“You…” She didn’t want to be fooled by him.

Penny who returned from the rounds carefully washed her hands over the sink. John Ran didn’t know where to go. He should go to another ward or the emergency department.

She was sitting alone in the duty room to sort out the patient’s information. Although she had made up for sleep in the afternoon, she was still prone to sleepiness at night. She lay on her desk for a while and seemed to dream about the taste of food. Penny was very angry. It must be his little girlfriend who sent midnight again.

Her heart was defamatory, just continued to pretend to sleep, so as not to open her eyes to see them showing affection, she would not be uncomfortable in heart and not crazy.

She didn’t feel tired when lying on the table. But now she woke up but felt like she wanted to move around, and the food was so fragrant or so tempting, no wonder everyone said that if they wanted to tie a man’s heart, grab his stomach first. It seemed that this little girlfriend really had ability.

Her belly screamed incoherently in her stomach. She couldn’t bear to raise her head and was about to speak, only to find that he was sitting opposite her.

“Where’s your little girlfriend?” Penny asked sourly in his words.

John Ran did not look up at her and refused to answer her question.

Penny rolled her eyes at him, and between them, if everything was made clear and understood, it was also his fault that he was treated her worse.

“John Ran, if she didn’t love you, how could you so arrogant in front of her.”

She stared at him eating alone, her unbelieving stomach still cooing, and murmured with dissatisfaction in her mouth, “Wouldn’t you just buy one, right? We are still colleagues, and you also do this too……”

Before Penny’s words were finished, he seemed to be play magic. He didn’t know where to get another takeaway and put it on the table.

Penny didn’t hide her happiness. He used to take out food, like a child who got a gift. “You have a conscience.”

Pulling her chair to his desk, sitting next to him, when she opened the box, there was an unspeakable sourness in her heart. He was buying her favorite food. Didn’t he know, the more he did, the harder it was for her to let go?

There was only one thing that he had never known. Penny carefully peeled a few oily prawns from the lunch box and put them into his lunch box one by one.

With a wry smile, he said, “In fact, I don’t like to eat shrimp. I always ordered it every time because you like to eat it, and it’s more troublesome to eat shrimp, so I can stay with you for a while.”

She just told this little secret, and suddenly her heart was a lot easier. She couldn’t tell why, maybe she hope they can treat each other frankly and live their true selves in the future.

At that time, she didn’t know if she was stupid. She really didn’t like to eat shrimp at all. She always felt very troublesome, but as long as she ate with him, she never feared of trouble.

John Ran stared at the peeled shrimps in his lunch box, and couldn’t help smiling bitterly. He didn’t eat the shrimps, but clipped them outside.

Penny pursed her lips, thinking he was abandoning her, so he didn’t eat.

She only heard him say somberly, “I’m allergic to shrimp, and every time I accompanied you, I will go back to taking anti-allergic medicine, and in severe cases, I will have an injection.”

How could this be? Isn’t he more stupid?

When they were in love, they thought that the prawns with oil soup were their favorite dish to serve, but the truth was that one did not like to eat and one was allergic to it.

Because they thought they knew each other very well, their miss became a fault.

In the silence of the two, the nurse came anxiously and knocked on the door. “Dr. Ran, the patient in bed 17 suddenly had a rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, and difficulty breathing…”

Penny only had one bite of the meal in the lunch box, took a disinfection wipe and wiped her hands, and the two hurried out together.

It was two hours after the first aid process was over. Penny was sweating on his forehead. The wife of the 17-bed patient saw her husband pushed out again, and Penny smiled at her after taking off the mask. She never cried. But she finally cried.

Penny hugged his family members and comforted him. The kind of waiting for a general sentence was really tormenting and could make one’s nerves collapse to the tightest. The final result, whether it was collapse or relaxation, was torture of spirit.

After returning to the duty room, Penny had no energy at all, holding the table and sitting on a chair, and wanted to take a good rest.

A glass of water and a pill were placed by her hand, and his indifferent voice spread lowly, “Eat.”

He knew that she had a stomachache.

Penny looked up at him, but he didn’t stay away for a second, and was about to walk away.

Penny grabbed his big hand hanging to his side, and his body was clearly stunned.

She clenched his hand and said softly, “After choosing this profession, I will face death every day. I used to think death was normal and there was nothing to be afraid of. The last operation I performed in England, the patient died on the operating table, I panicked. I was so scared of death for the first time. ”

“I suddenly thought, if I would die in the next second, what would I regret most? I quickly thought of the answer, and I haven’t told John Ran, I love him, and never stopped.”

She took his hand, afraid he would refuse to hold it as tightly as possible, but he still ruthlessly took his own hand from her palm.

She couldn’t keep it if she wanted to.

He lifted his feet and continued to go out. Penny had no choice but to slip off the chair and squatted on the ground with a pale face buried in her legs and her hands pressed on her stomach.

John Ran turned abruptly, squatting beside her nervously, “What’s wrong? Is it a stomachache? Are you still a child? Take care of your stomach like this?”

His blame was warm and strong, and Penny looked up, looking at him with a small face, “It hurts, it really hurts.”

“You deserve it!” He helped her to stand up with a cold face, obviously worried, and resigned.

“Then you don’t feel bad?”

“…I have a good heart.”

Yes, this distress was not bad, wasn’t it? There was really no mood. How did such a person find a girlfriend?

Penny pushed him away angrily, “Who wants you to care about me.”

John Ran’s eyebrows twisted to see her stubborn look, but also unhappy, “Who cares about you.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Penny took the medicine, drank a cup of warm water, and her stomach felt better, but she wasted the takeaway just now, and all she took was a bite, and she was still hungry.

And that person, he was iron heart to prepare to draw a line with her. It should be the little girlfriend who liked him very much now, also said that the little girlfriend was young and beautiful, and also cooked soup for dinner every day.

And she, except to trouble him, could not do anything.

Benjamin loved to be abused, and was still chasing his wife. On this day, he thought that he had stolen Alice’s identity certificate silently. He can only use the same method as before and married her.

As a result, when the Civil Affairs Bureau found Alice’s identity certificate from his clothes button, it was gone.

Benjamin never figured it out, how did she discover his plan.

Go to work with peace of mind, and it’s inevitable that she will go home at night, but why he was more and more interested in seeing her proud in front of him, she smiled happily. He thought it’s all right.

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