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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 87 The Death of Gade

In the sky, two students were facing off.

Glenn’s nose and mouth were showing because the Ashen mask had been broken. He watched his rival’s bull-like strong figure, and noticed a trace of thunder force moving around him.

“Thunder Axe Gade,” said Glenn.

Gade wore a black metal armor, revealing only a pair of eyes which gave off red lights. The armor was covered with protruding barbs that was surrounded by elements of varied attributes. On his back was a one and a half meter long axe, which had scarlet energy swimming around it as if it was something alive.

“Ashen Mask Glenn. Did you expect us to meet again?” Gade grunted in a calm voice.

However, Glenn knew that this was the moment of peace before the storm.

Glenn had recovered from 80 percent of his wounds but his mask was damaged and his giant animal was still in a repair state in his mind, while Gade was fully combat ready.

They both had been engaged in a fight and Glenn was aware of his opponent’s offensive power which could reach more than 150 degrees…

Glenn’s face looked intense. “Fortunately, I still have that trump card—-the Friendship Key.” Glenn soothed himself by taking a deep breath: “It seems this battle is inevitable though.”

Gade made a muffled sneer. “You refused to join the four major organizations. You’re not ranked among the top ten. And yet you’re on the wanted list, then it’s natural you would be hunted by the four of us.” Gade held out his hand quickly and in a flash his axe fell into his hand.

A huge noise boomed and then Gade’s purple thunder force was raging about. It was moving so fast as if the nearby air was being pressured together and would explode at any time.

Knowing that battle was unavoidable, Glenn stretched out his hand and his End Sound dagger landed into his hand.

He watched Gade’s axe which was even bigger than his own body as he produced the indistinguishable flame on the dagger. His face could be seen in the reflection on the dagger.

The two warriors stood off in the sky.

Judging from the face of it, Glenn was completely at a disadvantage—-He was in a loose cloak, with no wand in his hand excerpt for a weird-looking dagger while Gade was in a set of armor with an axe, not to mention his burly figure.

“Glenn, why were you in 20 Drops of Blood’s territory before?” Gade seemed to be on the verge of initiating a charge. The thunder force around him seethed as if trying to drill into their owner’s body. In the next second, a ball of thunder force formed in the air and became more solid by the second.

“Is this what it would look like if one could be at the second tier of the top ten?”

Having obtained an initial analysis on his opponent’s strength, Glenn replied lightly. “It’s none of your business where I have been. You won’t stop hunting me until I can make it to top ten. So why are you…”

Thunder force descended from the sky before Glenn finished the sentence. Glenn came up to it with his dagger.

Sounds of metals clanking were heard.

Glenn was pushed backwards over ten meters. But he was relieved. “That assault only had 75-80 degrees of power.”

On the other side, Gade, who had appeared to have obtained the upper hand, assumed a surprisingly dreadful look in his eyes.

“How could it be?” He glared at Glenn. “If not for the fact that I took the initiative and had the reinforcement of thunder force and the axe, I would have been the one forced back…It’s ridiculous.”

Glenn sneered, showing a thoughtful expression. “My strength has grown to such an extent after ten years of hard practice?”

After having realized that, Glenn eyes turned cold and was about to counterattack. However, his body couldn’t move as if he had been paralyzed. “The thunder force was a rare sign that could paralyze enemies?”

Gade recovered from the shock. He mocked Glenn after catch his expression. “What a pity to idle away your life while you have the potential to be among the top ten? You’re so wasted…In this case, today you’ll die here and be a waste forever. “

As Gade was launching an offensive, he found a cluster of fire burning on his chest. He immediately tried to put it out using his thunder force, but it grew more violent. He could feel the heat on his skin beneath the armor.

He produced more of his thunder force to suppress the fire, however, the fire burned more intensely as if the thunder force was oil.

Glenn was still clumsy in his moves. He laughed at Gade in his mind. “The Inextinguishable Flame would just die out naturally after a moment if it’s not dealt with magical force. And his armor would kill it any time. A careful eye would have noticed this…”

The big ball of thunder force with the inextinguishable flame in it became huge. There were savage wilderness in Gade’s eyes now.

“Glenn, let’s see who will die today.” Gade yelled.

The ball of thunder force exploded and in the next split second, he was in front of Glenn, the glare of his axe making the hair on Glenn’s body prickle.

Glenn smiled in the next second. “Matters are much simpler when handling a bull that doesn’t use its brain.”

The gravitational and repulsive formula being calculated in his mind, Glenn was repulsed off by over ten meters from Gade.

A huge noise resounded. Gade caught up with his axe in hand.

Glenn seemed to be unworried. He distorted his body and was ten meters away.

Another loud sound resonated.

Gade caught up again. “You can’t run out of my control.”

Instead of continuing to run, Glenn took Gade on with his End Sound dagger.

Sounds of metal clashing echoed. Then Glenn whisked off again. He was paralyzed again yet was still laughing at Gade.

“The Inextinguishable Flame has been drawing on the ‘nutrients’ of the thunder force and the strong energy moves are about to explode. He is doomed.” Glenn smiled. “He is killing himself. The sorrow of sorcerers not using their brain.”

“You…” His eyes behind the helmet flashed with a tint of panic and confusion.

There was a method to rescue himself though. He could separate himself from the part of thunder force that had “caught” on flame.

Gade headed off into the sky with a booming sound without any hesitation, trying to complete the separation.

Glenn was dragged fast to Gade the second the latter jumped into the air. It was the use of the gravitational force! Glenn used his still numb hands to carefully control that force.

“Glenn, why are you…” Gade finally got afraid of the storming thunder force and the flame within.

Glenn’s hands were swifter as the thunder force’s paralysis effect on him was becoming weaker and carefully controlled the distance between him and Gade.

“The wanted list…If the four major organizations’ heads were killed one by one by me, would I still be on that list?”

“You’ll fail!” Gade shouted back as he flew in full force, trying to get rid of Glenn.

Glenn’s lips crooked. “When the time is right, I’ll do it…”

With the flame giant as his assistant, Glenn would be able to hunt and kill the second tier students among the top ten now.

As he was talking, Glenn noticed the Inextinguishable Flame was about to reach the limits that Gade could bear.

“It’s about time.” Soon, a golden eye appeared on his forehead.

The escaping Gade suddenly felt his blood churning up, and then the thunder force ball before his chest exploded. Soon he had been consumed by the flame.


A blinding light flashed and the next second a deafening sound came from the distance. A huge cloud of fire with a diameter of seven to eight meters was burning, and the heat waves stormed outwards.

Glenn pulled back his hand with the bat fire still burning. He then squinted. “There should be some badges on his body…”